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Fakir was watching Princess Tutu dancing with Mytho. He saw Rue, crying at the sight.

"No, Mytho, you're supposed to love me! You made me your princess, not Tutu!"

"I do, and I did. What is going on? I can't stop dancing!" Princess Tutu looked to Fakir, her eyes pleading.

"Fakir! Help me! I can't stop." Tears were coming out of her eyes.

"Duck!" He tried to move, but he couldn't move at all. "What?" He realized they all had strings. Rue and Fakir started dancing together.

"No! Fakir!"



"Rue!" They switched partners, so now Fakir was dancing with Princess Tutu, and Mytho was dancing with Rue.

"Fakir, what are we going to do?"

"I don't know Duck, I don't know." They heard laughing. It was an obviously female voice, of a girl about their age.

"That's much better. These two couples look better together than the other two." They looked up and saw two huge brown eyes. "These two will do just fine though. I don't need the other two." Rue and Mytho disappeared, out of sight. "Now, what to do, what to do? So many different things that I could do, and it's hard to choose. A kissing scene would be nice." They moved closer together and were kissing. "No, that's too simple. Maybe an argument." They moved apart and made motions like they were arguing.

"But I'm not upset with Fakir about anything."

"And I don't have anything against Duck."

"How about a betrayal?" Mytho appeared again, and then he was kissing Tutu. Tutu looked like she wanted to leave, because whomever it was doing this couldn't control their eyes, and Tutu's eyes said that she didn't want to do this. Mytho's did as well, but the rest of them looked like they wanted to. Rue appeared, and fell to the ground crying. Fakir clenched his fists.

"That's just terrible. Duck!"

"Don't make Mytho kiss her! I'm his princess, not Tutu!" Mytho and Rue disappeared again.

"Then why not a fists fight! That would be fun!" The Lonhengrin sword was lying on the ground. Fakir picked it up and tried to kill Tutu. "A fight over deceit, and deceit from his one true love. Now that's an interesting story!"

"No! Don't make me do this! DUCK!"


"I don't want to hurt Duck!"

"You won't simply be hurting her, you'd be killing her. A tragic love story, that ends with you both dead in the end."


"FAKIR!" Like the Ghost Knight, he cut Princess Tutu in half.

"NO! DUCK!" He lifted the sword up, and this time he wasn't trying to go against the strings. He stabbed himself through the heart with his sword, and started to die. "I agree with whoever is pulling my strings! I can't live with the fact that I killed Duck." He shot up out of the bed. "DUCK!" He looked frantically until he saw Duck, sleeping in her little basket with blankets, or, no longer sleeping, but half awake. "Oh thank god. It was just a dream." Duck fully woke up.

"Quack?" She tilted her head. He smiled.

"No, nothing's wrong Duck. It was just a bad dream." She jumped on the bed and looked at him, with questioning eyes, obviously wanting to know what the dream was about. "It's okay, you don't need to know what happened. Just go back to sleep." He lay down on his side, facing away from Duck. She climbed over his side, and cuddled up against him, and looked up at him. He smiled, and rubbed her head.


"Thanks Duck." They went back to sleep.

In the morning, Fakir woke up and realized his arm was on something. When he saw what that was, he fell out of the bed, blushing and embarrassed. On the bed, there was Duck, as a human girl, and very much naked. Looking away, he covered her with his blanket. Then he left one of his shirts on the bed, a large one, so that it would cover fully. She had gotten a slight gain in her upper regions and lower places of her body, since she had, in fact, not been dancing for almost two years at that point, so she had gained the body of someone older. Her hair had also become longer, going past her own feet. He didn't recall writing Duck back into her body. None of his stories had worked. And he certainly didn't write her turning into a naked girl while they were both sleeping. He went into where he still had some of his mother's old clothes and grabbed them for Duck. Then he heard a shriek.

"Called it." She came running downstairs, wrapped up in her blanket.

"FAKIR! When did I become human? Did you do this?" She stopped. "We didn't do anything, did we?" He blushed.

"We didn't do anything idiot!" He threw the clothes at her. "Now put these on, before Caron wakes up and thinks we did!" She ran into Fakir's room and quickly put on the clothes he gave her, which fit rather loosely. It was a white shirt with a red dress over it, and white undergarments.

"Fakir, I'm dressed now." He came in. "So, what did you write?" He shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know." She walked over to his bookcase. "Hey! Don't read those!" She picked up a book that said the Fairy and the Duck. It had a magical fairy princess that needed to switch places so she wouldn't have to marry a nobleman of her father's court, and so she swapped places with a duck, which, as a reward, became human permanently after the duck falls in love with the nobleman. "This story is all about me." She read another one, where true love's kiss turned a duck into her desired form. "And this one too." Another one was where a brave knight used forbidden magic to turn a duck into a human, to have her pretend to be his bride so that he could escape marrying a horrible and hateful noblewoman, only to make her his real bride. "Fakir, are these all about me?" He nodded, blushing madly. "These are so sweet Fakir!"

"You weren't supposed to read them idiot." She giggled. Over the years, idiot had actually become a term of endearment.

"But they're so good! And you are so sweet Fakir. I never knew you felt for me like that. It's really sweet." She started dancing.

"Duck, why are you dancing?" She grabbed him and pulled him into a pas de deux.

"Because I haven't danced in two year! This is so much fun!" He started smiling. He went along with her dancing, including a lift. Caron came in.

"Fakir, what is that Duck!" He realized Duck was there, as a human, dancing with Fakir.

"Isn't this great Caron? Duck's a human again."

"Well, if she's a human, then there's something wrong. I'm just as happy for you both as anyone, but when things don't make sense, there's something wrong. I don't want you both to end up hurt." They stopped dancing.

"Caron's right. As happy as I am that you're human again, I don't want to find out we've become someone else's puppets. The story ended, so has another one started?"

"That's what I think. Maybe we should look into this." They heard knocking. "I'll go get it." He left the room and went downstairs, only to be completely shocked. "That's impossible!" Two people came upstairs, one with white hair and orange eyes, and the other with black hair and red eyes.

"Mytho? Rue?" Fakir hugged Mytho and Duck hugged Rue. They pushed them away.

"While we are happy to see you too, there's something wrong here. We were just in the middle of a negotiation when we found ourselves right outside of your home."

"And the danger of that is Drosselmeyer. He might be returning."

"Or it could be someone else?"

"Well, until we figure something out, why don't we get reacquainted? We'll do it in this room, and you two do it in another room." Rue shoved Mytho and Fakir out.

"Hey, this is my room!" She closed the door.

"Why'd you do that Rue?" Duck sat down on the bed.

"Because, right now, there's something I need to tell you. And don't tell Mytho."

"Well, what is it?" She sat down on the bed.

"I'm pregnant." Duck stood up.


"I stopped dancing because my royal duties took up most of my time, but as one knows, once a woman stops dancing, she goes through certain changes. And those certain changes allowed me to become pregnant with Mytho's child." She put her hand on her stomach.

"That's amazing Rue!"

"Yes, it is, but if we've been dragged into another story, then that might put the baby in danger, especially if I'm forced to dance. It's a terrible idea to be dancing while you're pregnant. And so many other things." Tears fell down her cheeks. "I don't want to lose my child. And worse, what if Mytho hates me because I lost the baby?"

"He wouldn't hate you! It wouldn't be your fault! Who is doing this is the one to blame! But you won't lose the baby!" Rue smiled at her.

"You're always so hopeful, even though you don't have Mytho's heart shard of hope anymore. I guess you were always just so hopeful." Duck smile. "Now, why don't we do something about your hair, and then we'll go shopping for some new clothes. You look like you're wearing someone's mother's clothes." She looked down.

"Yeah, and with my clumsiness, I'll probably trip over it." Rue got behind Duck and started styling her hair.

"So, how have you and Fakir been lately?"

"Oh, I turned back from a duck into a human this morning, but I've mainly still been a duck. I've been living with Fakir while he's been rewriting Drosselmeyer's stories. After school, I just swim on the lake while he writes, then he calls me to him and we come home. It's the same process everyday. He still goes to the academy, and it seems that Pike and Lillie are confused because I'm not around, but they don't remember me, and a lot of people, like Mr. Cat, turned into regular animals. And Mr. Cat finally got a Mrs. Cat, so he can't use his threat anymore even if he was the way he was before." Rue smiled.

"Interesting. Are you going to re-enroll at the academy?"

"Yeah, I wonder if Pike and Lillie will remember me once I get there."

"I don't know. Once the story ended, everyone went back to how their lives used to be, before we interfered, except for me. Once the Raven kidnapped me and raised me on his blood, he forced me to become a character. But the story is back between the pages of a book, although it seems a new story has come out of this old one. There." Rue stood up. "Your hair is done." It was styled similar to how it used to be, only there was a braid circle around her head, behind her bangs, and then it turned into a braid that went behind her head. She still had that piece of hair sticking straight up, though.

"It's different."

"Yes, but so are you, and so is everyone."

With Mytho and Fakir

"Well, that was just strange."

"Mytho, they're girls, they always do weird things. Idiot."

"So, what's been going on?"

"Well, Duck turned into a human this morning."

"Wasn't Duck always a human?"

"What do you mean? Oh wait, you never found out."

"Found out what?"

"Duck was Princess Tutu." Mytho was very shocked.

"And why did no one tell me?"

"Well, after a while it seems somewhat obvious, but Duck and Tutu are two very different people. Their appearances are also slightly different. If it weren't for the fact that Duck had Tutu's pendant, then I never would've figured it out. Anyways, Duck's been stuck as a duck these last two years, and this morning, she was suddenly a girl again." Fakir looked troubled by something.

"What's wrong Fakir?"

"Why would you say that?"

"It's the look on your face. There's something wrong." Fakir then proceeded to tell Mytho his dream from the night before.

"And then I slashed Duck in half. Just like the Ghost Knight."

"That is some ominous dream. And the outcome doesn't look good."

"I did feel betrayed by Duck, though, but not enough to kill her. I felt betrayed by the fact that she let someone push her around like that. But what if that's what's going to happen?"

"How about this, I'll try and not kiss Duck. I'll only kiss Rue." Fakir smiled.

"That would be much appreciated. But still, what happened in my dream was really unnerving, and really bleak."

"Well, unless it's seen fit, we won't need to tell Rue or Duck, not unless it's absolutely necessary."

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