A/N Just to make things clear, both Byakuya and Gin will still mostly be in-character, just with a few tweaks to them that should be understandably clear.

It had seemed like a good idea at first, Gin had thought. He could have his revenge on Aizen for what had happened to Matsumoto and be done with it. However, it wasn't expected for Sōsuke Aizen to become more aggressive and cruel towards him than ever.

There wasn't much that Gin couldn't handle. Nevertheless, Aizen's actions had soon made their way onto that very small list.

Yells and hits had always been a part of Gin Ichimaru's life with Aizen, but never had it been like this. It seemed that the silver-haired Shinigami couldn't even walk past the brunet without being attacked and called horrible names for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

There had even been incidents that Gin never wanted to speak to anyone about, the reason for this being that he was mortified about the things that had been done to him in the privacy of Aizen's office.

As Gin sat in his bedroom, silently awaiting his next 'visit' from Aizen, he wondered what had made him so special. Tosen, nor any of the other Arrancar, were ever treated this way.

Maybe… for whatever reason it may be… everything was Gin's fault…


Byakuya Kuchiki was standing by the koi pond in his garden, lost in thought. Renji hadn't been to the Kuchiki manor yet to hand in his report, which only aggravated his bad mood. He hated things not being done on time, and Renji was the worst for it.

Byakuya's mind drifted back to the betrayal that had happened all those months ago. It had been such a stressful time for him and his squad, so who could blame him for wanting a bit of peace and relaxation out in his gardens?

As the Kuchiki sat down by the pond's edge, his mind wondered over to Hisana. He couldn't help but feel the pang of loneliness shoot through him like poison. He struggled to keep himself collected, wanting nothing more than to have his late wife here by his side again.

As his shoulders quivered from the sadness he was trying to hide, Byakuya couldn't help but let a tear drop down his cheek. Sometimes, being strong for too long lead you to those moments where you just couldn't hold in your pain any longer.

"Hisana…" Byakuya whispered as he scrunched his eyes shut and let the tears fall freely. He knew that no one would bother him in his gardens, so his privacy was ensured. He couldn't remember the last time he had cried, but the overwhelming loneliness made itself present persistently now. "Hisana, why…?"

Byakuya knew that once he had shed his emotions, he would go back to acting as if nothing was wrong with him, all the while trying to numb his pain. Sometimes he wished that someone would come along and take his hurt away, but how was that going to happen when his first instinct was to push everyone away?

"Hisana…" Byakuya's moans of pain were a heartbreaking sound to hear. It was enough to make one wonder just how much suffering the man really was hiding from everyone.