Gin's first class for the day hadn't been a very impressionable one. As soon as he and Byakuya had walked into a Health class, their male teacher immediately begun hitting on them.

Byakuya was calm about it, unlike with the girl from before, and coolly excused he and Gin to their seats. It hadn't taken long for the students to start flirting, males and females alike, but news of how Byakuya had handled the female student from the corridor had spread quickly, causing them to back off when they felt Byakuya had had enough of them.

The break wasn't bad, though. Gin and Byakuya were sitting with Ichigo and his group out on the grass underneath a large tree, the Ichimaru half-asleep.

"What class do you have next?" Ichigo asked casually.

"Gym." Byakuya didn't take his eyes off the silver-haired male who was currently resting his head in his lap.

"Erm…" Ichigo frowned.

Byakuya's face rose to stare at Ichigo's. "Is that a problem, Kurosaki?"

"I just don't think…" Ichigo struggled to find the right words. "…I'm not sure if that class will be okay for Gin, Byakuya."

"And why is that?" Byakuya's hand started petting the silver locks beneath him.

"…Well, first of all, there will be changing into the uniform…"

"I hardly see what is so bad about that." Byakuya closed his eyes as he focused on the hair beneath his hand.

"No, I mean… in front of other males…" Ichigo whispered, though it was still audible to everyone around him anyway.

"O-oh…" Byakuya bit his lip as he thought about this. Gin's injuries were still as fresh as day one… And what if he didn't want to change in front of others? "…What else should we be worried about?"

"There's the actual class itself," Ichigo pointed out. "The teacher's an inconsiderate asshole and I highly doubt either of you will be able to perform properly."

Byakuya glanced at the male who was using him as a pillow. He was careful to use the male's last name, trying to keep up an act in front of the others. "Are you awake, Ichimaru?"

Gin murmured something incoherent before he snuggled in closer to the Kuchiki.

"I will see what I can do for him," Byakuya whispered. When he looked at the Kurosaki, the human was shocked to find such a deep emotion in the stormy-grey eyes.

They conveyed a deep concern, perhaps even uncertainty, but most of all, Ichigo could see the love in them. Ichigo briefly wondered if that was how Byakuya had ever looked at his late wife or even Rukia.

This interaction between Byakuya and Gin was extremely out of character for both males, Chad, Ishida and Inoue knew. If Gin was merely a spy for them… why was Byakuya acting as if he actually cared for the younger…? This was the same man who was going to let his sister be executed before he decided fuck the laws at the last second.

The other two males, Keigo and Muzuiro, were sitting with them, oblivious to this fact.

"Umm…" Inoue begun, unsure as to how to ask this. "…Kuchiki-taicho…"

"Why are you calling him 'captain'?" Keigo asked as he sucked on his juice-box.

"And is he related to Rukia?" Muzuiro asked.

"Rukia is my sister," Byakuya confirmed, but ignored the brunet's question.

"We've never heard her talk about a brother before," Keigo said. "Is that how you know him, Ichigo?"

Ichigo nodded. "Yeah."

Byakuya had never liked being the centre of attention, and he certainly didn't like it now. He pulled Gin into a sitting position before he stood up. He rested his friend against the tree and left without a word.

Glances of uncertainty were shared around the group.

"Where's he going, Ichigo?" Keigo questioned. Ishida, as distrusting as ever, nodded.

"He's probably just going for a walk," Ichigo said. "He's not used to being around so many people and talking like this."

"Why?" Mizuiro asked. "Rukia is very out-going; he seems extremely anti-social."

"That's because he is anti-social," Chad pointed out.

"I heard a lot of people have been bothering them today," Orihime said. "Maybe he's just upset about that?"

"Bothering?" Ichigo looked at the girl.

"Yeah. Even the teacher tried to hit on them. People have been flirting with them and that girl who sleeps with everyone tried to grope Kuchiki-taicho."

Ichigo frowned. "He must be upset. I should go and talk to him…"

"It would probably be better for you to leave him alone and talk to him after school…" Chad suggested. "You know… in case he gets angry or something."

"Oh…" Ichigo nodded. "Yes, good idea. He had better come back soon; the bell will go in a minute."


When it became time for Gin and Byakuya to head off to the stadium for their Gym lesson, the Kuchiki's mind was reeling as he tried to find a way to get them both out of the class. He could always tell the truth and say that Gin had injuries he didn't want others to see, but that would only cause more problems for them. Or he could always…


Byakuya sighed mentally as he glanced down at Gin. His voice had made him lose track of his thoughts.

"Yer seem…" Gin looked down and licked at his lips as he tried to find the right word for it. "…distant…"

"I am thinking." Byakuya offered one of his most genuine smiles reserved for only three people.

"What about?" Gin smiled back.

"That I will let you sit this class out, but I am thinking about how I can make that happen."

Gin's smile widened. "Really?"

"Yes. But I do not know how I can do that. I will talk to the teacher for you."

Gin's smile dropped. "Yer not gonn'… Ya know… tell him, are ya…?"

Byakuya shook his head. "Of course not."

Gin's smile returned. "Thanks…"

As the two opened the door to the locker room, they were ready for a lot of things – but not for every head in the room turn to them.

"…" Byakuya glanced over his shoulder, wondering if there were someone behind them, but there wasn't anyone there. He frowned.

Gin found the attention to be very unsettling; especially when all eyes followed their every movement. He moaned in discomfort. When Byakuya wrapped an arm around his shoulders, he flinched.

Byakuya's frown grew; Gin was usually good with letting him touch the younger. He sighed and dropped his head onto the taller male's shoulder.

"They're fucking hot…" Someone in the room spoke. There were murmurs of agreement.

"If they do anything, I'll stop them," Byakuya whispered as he started to move again. "Let's sit down."

Gin nodded. The two sat against the wall for a few minutes, trying to ignore the stares directed at them.

"What is everyone looking at?" A rough voice growled from the doorway. Byakuya and Gin looked up to find a large man with grey hair glaring around the room. The man's eyes soon locked onto the two Shinigami. "You two must be my new recruits. Sensei-Moto."

Byakuya sighed as Gin squeezed his hand harder than ever. He understood that this man would be intimidating to someone who had been through what Gin had, which was why he found it so hard to relate to what was troubling the poor boy; he hadn't been through something like that.

"Byakuya Kuchiki." Byakuya kept eye-contact, refusing to bow before a mere human. "This is Gin Ichimaru."

Moto looked the two over for a few minutes before he nodded. "Hope you're good on the field."

"I would rather we not participate," Byakuya said without hesitation. He refused to show submission as the man's glare hardened. "Gin has a crippling social anxiety and requires my assistance."

"Does it look like I care about that?" Moto growled. "Get changed and meet us out there in five minutes!"

Before Byakuya could say another word, the teacher had left. The students followed him, leaving the two alone.

"I guess we have no choice." Byakuya placed his bag down on the ground before he pulled his shirt off.

"W-what are ya doin'?!" Gin scrambled to grab his pants, a blush staining his face red.

Byakuya raised an eyebrow. "I am changing in the required uniform, Gin. You should do the same. He is not going to allow us to sit out."

Byakuya returned to his task, oblivious the way Gin's eyes raked over his body. He became curious when a hand suddenly came into contact with his side, however.

"What are you doing?" Byakuya questioned calmly as he looked at Gin.

Gin blushed as he removed his hand. "…I, uh…"

A faint smile crossed Byakuya's lips. "It is alright, Gin. You may… touch me."

Gin's blush darkened at these words. He ducked his head before he spoke in a hushed tone. "…May I… tonight…?"

Byakuya nodded, knowing that it was probably something Gin needed in order to heal. He waited patiently for Gin to dress himself in the sports uniform and then lead him out to the stadium.


Byakuya was not happy at all. Gym was a horrible class. He was sure that no matter how much he hated it, Gin despised it more.

"Ichimaru, what are you doing?!"

Byakuya's eyes narrowed at their teacher. They were playing some stupid game called Basketball or something – and neither of them had any idea whatsoever about what the hell they were supposed to be doing.

Gin frowned and looked at his feet. He was sick of being yelled at by this stupid man. Of course he was going to move when people came running at him… He wasn't going to be catching that damn ball, either. So far he had managed to be yelled at for running away when others came near him or fleeing from the ball – apparently he had punched the ball away to the opposing team, but that didn't matter any to him.

"He's really sucky, isn't he?" One of their classmates said to Byakuya as Moto chewed out Gin. "It's like he's too scared to even be on the field. Should have known; he's all looks and no skill. Probably got given everything his whole life."

Byakuya grit his teeth at these words. He purposely moved himself away from the student, knowing that it was best, and headed towards Gin. He wrapped his arm around the younger's shoulder and lead him off the field.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Moto shouted at them.

"To the benches." Byakuya was calm and didn't even bother looking back at the others. He ignored his teacher and took Gin towards the seats.

They sat down together, Byakuya's arm holding Gin close. Said Ichimaru's head was resting on his elder's shoulder as memories of Aizen played through his mind.

"This was an abhorrent class," Byakuya spoke as he watched the others, "but I am confident in assuming that the rest of the day will make up for this, Gin."

Gin sighed before he nodded. He moved closer to his guardian, seeking reassurance. "…I… I trust ya, Byakuya…"

Byakuya smiled. As the two sat in silence for the rest of the class, Byakuya's mind was focused on what had happened earlier in the locker room between them.

The feeling of Gin touching his bare skin had felt amazing. It made him feel things he hadn't felt since Hisana had died. He wondered… Was he… gaining feelings for Gin…?