This was a challenge from my friend Bec to write a story that has a chicken(s) in it somewhere. This is what I came up with.

It had been the last thing she had expected when he told her he had a gift for her. She had expected something small yes, but she had also expected something inanimate but of course she should have known, he was full of surprises. When he came to me bearing my gift I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the little black ball of fluff situated cosily in his cupped hands. He had given me a chicken, a little one week old black silkie that I never knew I could have such love and affection for.

Every day I watched her grow, I watched her scratch around in her little pen and listened to its sweet, harmonious little chirps. I would hold her in my hands and look at her as she looked at me with little eyes that seemed to be filled with wonder. As she grew, so did our bond and so did the questions that had been nagging at the back of my mind – why had he given me this, what had he been thinking when he decided this chicken was the perfect gift? But as I stand here holding her in my arms, caressing her soft silky black fluff and listening to her soft little chirps, I find the answer I had been searching for. As she picks out all the little blossoms that have been blown into my long auburn hair by the wind, I can't help but wonder why now of all the moments in time, he had chosen the moment he had to disappear from my life.

He had disappeared from my life in an instant, like he had been a leaf taken up and blown miles away in the wind, never to be seen again. The laughs we had shared each day, the long conversations that were never boring, being able to stare endlessly into his deep brown eyes and see the fire that burned within, had all faded away and were now just distant memories. I had taken for granted his kindness and loyalty. I had ignored his always-caring gestures and his constant support. I had ignored his feelings, my feelings. I had failed to see the love for me within him and the love I felt for him from within me. Now all I had left of him was his gift, my little black silkie who I loved and cherished. Who I had bonded with as time passed us by.

Now I knew why he had given her to me. She represented what we had. The love and the bond that he and I shared, but it had taken me all this time to realise this and that is why he was gone. I had waited to long, I had been scared of my feelings, afraid of what may or may not have been. I was scared to live, scared to feel, afraid of getting burnt and ending up alone again and now, because I was afraid, I was still alone in my little world that seemed to be ever continuously spiralling out of control. If only I had taken a leap of faith when I had the chance.