"Yeah. Yeah. I'm coming. Bye Fubuki. Tell that to Midorikawa, not me!" Kazemaru said as he laughed then hang up his phone and kept it in his pocket.

Not long after, he was able to take a cab. "To the Inazuma Japan building please."

After many turns of the driver, Kazemaru noticed that the driver sped up and went past the Inazuma Japan's building.

The driver took Kazemaru to a familiar yet deserted place, as it was night-time.

"W-what are you doing?!" Kazemaru screamed as the driver continued driving very fast. "Hey!"

Without second thoughts, Kazemaru opened the door and jumped out off the vehicle. He made a run for it but the driver swerved and went after him.

Kazemaru realized that they were at the Unicorn's place already, the America's team. If he took right... he would be able to go to the building where the Unicorns stays.

But before Kazemaru could succeed in turning to the right, the driver blocked his way using the cab and went out off the vehicle and got the tealnet by the wrists. He carried Kazemaru to a dark, dead-end alley, where he was sure that no one would find them for the night.

"Let me go! Help! Hel-!" Kazemaru desperate screams turned into muffled screams as the driver covered his face with a cloth. It was just any normal cloth, mind you. He was just careful if the tealnet decides to bite his hand and could escape.

He gagged the tealnet roughly before he roughly tied the tealnet's wrists to a broken street light pole without even caring if he hurts the latter or not.

"Screaming is useless. They are already at their sweet homes, taking their rest." The driver whispered to Kazemaru's ear as chills ran down Kazemaru's spine.

Kazemaru tried to scream again as the driver kissed his neck. "you know what, save your voice. You'll need it once you start begging for more. I promise that... we'll have fun!"

'Please... This is just a horrible nightmare..! Someone... please help me get away from this monster!' Kazemaru thought as tears ran down his cheeks.

The driver took off the gag off Kazemaru's mouth, but before Kazemaru could scream for help, the driver placed his lips over the delicate ones very, very roughly.

And the driver continued his sick desires all night.

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