The next day...

"No. Sorry Aki. We haven't seen Kazemaru yesterday. Try calling the others and I'll try to contact him." Domon said as he hang up.
"What is it about?" Ichinose asked as they, with Dylan and Mark, walked around the America's town.

There stalls of fruits, cooked food, vegetables, games and more were built. They decided to check it out, since they have nothing to do, as it was their precious day off.

"They said that Kazemaru didn't went to their building last night. They asked me if we happen to see him. Aki is trying to call some other teams. I'll try to contact Kazemaru on the other hand." Domon said as he speed-dialed Kazemaru's number.

A few rings before they heard something ringing. A ringtone by the sound of it, not far from where they were standing.

"Trying hanging up," Mark said as he had a frown on his face.

Domon did what Mark told him. As soon as he hang up, the ringing stopped too. Then Domon tried calling again. The ringing came back.

"The sound came from that dead-end." Mark said as they walked towards the source of the ringing. As soon as they were near enough, they heard choked sobs.

Domon and Ichinose's eyes went wide but their frowns went even deeper as they recognized who it was and saw their friend's state.

The 4 Unicorn members ran straight to the sobbing figure.