The ambulance responded almost immediately after Dylan had called them. They shot a sedative on Kazemaru's arm but was very difficult as Kazemaru started trashing even more. The sedative was strong enough to put the tealnet to sleep for a good six hours.

Mark and Ichinose went with the medics and Dylan and Domon went straight to the Inazuma Japan's building, forgetting that they have their phones with them.

"Ichinose!" Endou said as the who Inazuma Japan team burst in the waiting room. "Where is he?"
"He's still there," Ichinose said as he pointed to the emergency room.
"What happened? What did the doctor say?" Midorikawa asked. He was too worried for his best friend.

Mark and Ichinose shook their heads.

The doors of the emergency room opened, and a doctor went out of the room along with a clip board on his arms.

"Kazemaru Ichirouta?" The doctor said.
"I'm the coach of the team where Kazemaru is." Coach Kudou said with a frown on his face. Using Endou's words, his voice tensed even more. "How is he?"
"You must be patient enough to him for the upcoming days. He might get angry at you even for no reason at all or might have sudden mood swings. Observe his behavioural changes. He needs all of you. Your support. Avoid having physical contact with him for a while, we don't know what his reaction would be, that is if he trusts you again. He's under a severe case of trauma. He couldn't recognize people, like what happened to Ichinose, Domon, Mark and Dylan. It would be a little difficult to deal with him for now." The docotr said.
"what do you mean, sensei?" Fubuki asked, confusion was very obvious on his face, just like the others.
"Kazemaru-kun... has been raped." the doctor said,

Everyone had really shocked look on their faces, especially Midorikawa and Fubuki, Kazemaru's best friends.

"His screams and external injuries alone are already showing what really happened to him." The doctor said.
"Could we visit him?" Aki asked.
"Yes, but please be careful of your actions. He might misinterpret it and might think that you are going to assault him and start another fit. Even though he's under a sedative, he's still a bit strong to fight it. Room 301." The doctor said as he left.

As they entered the hospital room where Kazemaru was, they could feel the heavy and depressing aura that was in the room.

Midorikawa clenched his fists tighter. Who ever this sick bastard that did this to his friend, he would make sure he would pay very dearly.

Kazemaru, who was wearing a light-blue hospital gown, was sitting on the bed. Bandages covered his arms, especially around his wrists. He was staring straight at the end of the bed, not making any move, not even moving his eyes when they entered.

In fact, it was just like he wasn't aware that they had entered.