AvatarCat12: I've recently seen a play my cousin was in; it was Alice In Wonderland. So that game me an idea: What if I created a crossover of the 1951 Disney movie and Garfield, my favorite comic strip?

So that's what I'm doing right now. The chapters won't be that long, but they'll be filled with funniness and randomness. Why? Because Garfield will be in Wonderland! Plus, if anyone has any ideas for the next chapter, I'd be glad to hear 'em. But anyways, let's go on with the disclaimer for now.

Disclaimer: Lewis Carroll and Jim Davis own Alice In Wonderland and Garfield, not me.

Publishing Date: November 21, 2012

Enjoy Garfield In Wonderland!


Down The Rabbit Hole

"Boring!" Garfield yawned, cramming a random bird into his mouth.

He, his owner Jon, and Odie the "dumb" dog were out for a picnic in the park...but without any T.V., fridge, or bed, it was boring to Garfield. One good thing about the park, however, was lying down in the grass...which he liked to do often.

"Garfield, I'm off to get the extra cookies from the car," Jon told Garfield. "So don't get into the lasagna while I'm gone. And don't mess with Odie, okay?" At that, he ran off to where the car was parked at.

"Don't you mean the cookies are in your wuss-mobile?" Garfield called after him, even though he couldn't understand him a lot. To Odie, who was panting and smiling as usual, the tubby tabby muttered, "Can you believe that guy? He's leaving us all alone with only a basket and food...but the latter's cool."

Odie barked and licked his face.

As a result, Garfield kicked him off the table, muttering, "Drool, drool, drool, that's all you do. And by the way, I wish we could live in a big house with loads of food, cool games, and all the such, you know? I could...live my life! Take it up a notch!"

At that, he stood up on the table and started dancing. In the meantime, as Odie joined him, Garfield started singing to the song "Holla" by the Baha Men.

"Hey, oh!

What's good wit' you now?

Hey oh, (Hey!)

You know what to do now!

Holla! Holla!

We got the rhythm!

We got the most fun!

Like this, we gonna drop the beat

Rock the house, get you up on your feet,

Get away from the rat race,

It's a paaarty!

Like that, we gonna raise the roof,

Let the music do its thing to you,

Play ahead and get it started,

Move your body!"

"You too, Odie!" Garfield called before he continued dancing and singing.

"Come on now take you for a ride

Drop the top and dance all night

Life is good so let me hear you holler!

Hey, oh!

What's good wit' you now?

Hey oh, (Hey!)

You know what to do now!

Holla! Holla!

We got the rhythm,

We got the most fun!"

Garfield didn't hear Jon come back yet, for he gave a shrug and said, "I'm guessing he's been mauled by a pack of dweebs along the way. But anyways, let's get this party started!" So he dug his paws into the lasagna and ate half of it, singing still.

"Jump back, a-brush side to side,

Roll your booty 'round from left to right,

Look at you, here we go now,

I think you got it!"

Odie barked.

"That's right, where you take it though,

Up, up, up is where you want to go,

The kick box, feel the bass talk,

Now baby, work it now!

That's exactly how we do,

Bringing the party to you!

Life is good so let me hear you holler!

Hey, oh!

What's good wit' you now?

Hey oh, (Hey!)

You know what to do now!

Holla! Holla!

We got the rhythm!

We got the most fun!"

Finally, having enough for now, Garfield plopped down onto the table, Odie doing the same and panting. It sure was fun dancing outdoors...but it was even better to dance in front of the T.V. with the Baha Men.

"Ruff! Ruff!" Odie suddenly started barking, his long tongue flopping around as he raced around the fat cat.

"What is it, Odie? Did your brain bite your tail?" Garfield laughed at his little joke.

Odie kept barking.

Garfield sighed. "Look, Odie. Whatever it is, it can wait until after my nap. So do dogdom a favor and go climb a...a...what the HECK?"

For racing in front of the picnic basket was a white rabbit running about on his hind feet. He was wearing a red suit with a monocle and...holding a golden watch in his paw. When he looked down at the watch, he jumped a few feet in the air.

"Oh my fur and whiskers! I'm late, I'm late I'm late!" he chanted, hopping away.

"Okay, for a sec, I thought I saw this from somewhere. We gotta catch up with him, Odie." So Garfield ran after the rabbit, calling, "Hey rabbit! Wait up!"

But the rabbit kept running, chanting,

"I'm late, I'm late!

For a very important date!

No time to say hello, good-bye!

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

Garfield and Odie still ran after him, Garfield panting, "Odie...I think I see it now. I think that rabbit's from that old Disney movie about a girl named Alice. Hey rabbit! Will you slow down already?!"

But the rabbit STILL kept running, chanting,

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

I'm overdue! I'm really in a stew!

No time to say goodbye, hello!

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

And at that, he ran into a small hole in the hill.

Garfield finally paused at the entrance of the hole, Odie stopping beside him and panting very loudly. This made Garfield think it over; he had actually seen the White Rabbit, a character that must have drunken coffee six times a day to get started. He snorted at the concept, thinking, So what? I can drink a hundred a day!

Out loud, he muttered, "So...all we gotta do is walk into this hole and explore, right? Sounds easy enough." But when he got into the hole, he bumped his head against the ceiling, cursing, "Darn it! Sorry 'bout the language, but this is what I don't like about nature. They don't have any house renovators anywhere! Why not pimp this place up like they did Extreme Home Makeover, huh?" He turned around to see if Odie was there, but it was too dark to see him.

"Odie? Where are you, you dumb mutt?" Garfield grumbled.

However...he saw a familiar dingle ball bounce in front of him, confirming his worst fear.

"Oh no...Odie, don't-"

Too late. Odie had rammed into him, knocking them over a ledge and deeper into the hole. And before they disappeared from view, Garfield shouted very loudly, "THIS IS ONE REASON I HATE DOGS!"

To be continued...


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