Let's just say that this story is for all of my beloved fans, having now over 6000 views and for my beloved mother who is now in hospital due to having 2 Hernia's in her left leg, 1 in her right and 3 in her tummy. She is in a lot of pain and I wish I could do more than just go to school and hope for the best TT-TT But this story is mostly for my mom and my viewers, love ya mom, get well soon!

Irritation Has Only One Cure

Shadow was standing, his arms crossed over his chest, and leaning against a beautiful blooming tree. He sighed in the peaceful silence and closed his eyes, happy to finally be in peace from all the commotion in the city. He opened his eyes and watched as the lime green long grass swayed in the calm breeze. The other trees on the hills looked happy and undisturbed; they're leaves rustling ever so gently.

The clear light blue sky was lit by the bright golden sun and promised no rain. Shadow let out some breath and closed his eyes again, happy for finding this spot which was empty. Shadow could wish for nothing better right now…


His eyes opened slowly and the red orbs looked around. Nothing. He shrugged and went back to his peaceful slumber.

Swish… Swish!

The black eyelids flashed open just in time to see a tint of azure blue wiz by, he cursed under his breath as the devil himself stood right in front of him. "Well hello Shadow, fancy meeting you here" Sonic smirked. Shadow growled, "Leave me alone Faker, I'm in no mood to talk, especially to you" Sonic wagged his index finger at him, "Tut tut tut, C'mon Shadow, you're better than that. Say a proper hello" Shadow's eyes narrowed.

"Fine, 'Hello annoying little bastard, mind going away from here and not shout in my face? If you could, I'd be incredibly grateful since I'm in no mood to have a conversation with a total idiot' How'd that sound?" Sonic looked emotionally hurt, "I was only joking you know…" he whispered. Shadow sighed, "Sonic, please. Just… Go away, I'm not in the mood to talk at the moment" Sonic snorted, "You never want to talk to us anyways" Shadow groaned and flapped his arms at his Rival, "Shoo!" he ordered.

Sonic started to growl, "No actually, I'm going to stay here and annoy you some more cuz you're really pissing me off right now!" He started to do some annoying noises and yells, whilst jumping in the air to catch Shadow's attention when he looked away or tried to ignore him. Shadow gritted his teeth as Sonic started to run around the tree he was leaning on whilst flapping his arms as if he could fly. He took in deep breaths and clenched his fists in anger, how the hell could this blue idiot deal with himself?!

"Sonic!" he yelled, "Stop it now!" Sonic stopped in front of him, "Why?" he asked and put his hands on his hips, "Cuz you're acting like that pink hedgehog right now" The azure blue hedgehog smirked, "Am I finally catching your attention?" he teased. In a flash, Shadow had his hands on the Faker's shoulders, "You have no idea" he muttered. Sonic then smiled at him, Shadow smirked back, "You're so childish you know that?" he tilted his head to the side, his eyes half lidded.

Sonic laughed, "That's me for you then huh?" Shadow shook his head, "Is there any way to make you shut up?" he asked him. "Nope" he stuck his tongue out at him. Shadow's smirk grew, "I think there is something to stop you being so irritating…" Shadow's hands snaked up to Sonic's neck which sent shivers down the azure's spine, "I think there's this…" Shadow whispered…

Shadow lightly pushed Sonic's head towards him. His eyes closed completely as Sonic's widened in shock.

Time stopped…

Earth stopped…

The wind stopped…

For Sonic of course, for when Shadow did something to him, something that he never thought the Ultimate Life-Form would do.

He kissed him.