Summary: In the Steins;Gate world line, Okabe gives Mayuri something she's always wanted.

"Here." Okabe says holding out his fist.

Mayuri looks up from her latest cosplay in mild confusion. Comima had come and passed, and thankfully, in spite of all his worrying, Mayuri was still alive and unharmed. Daru and Myuri's weird looks (well, weirder than normal anyway) were totally worth his increased serious paranoia. They still shot him glances every once in a while when he did something totally OOC but he just started muttering about Steins;Gate's choices and they didn't question it, to his face at least.

"Okarin?" Mayuri asks again. "Are you alright?" She's got her palm out under his fist, but her eyes are glued to his.

"Yes, Mayuri. I'm fine." He pauses for a moment to let her pleasantly surprised face engrave itself into his memory before coughing. "I mean...I was wondering, lab member double-oh-two, if you were worthy of such a gift as this! Or if my giving it to you would throw us into another world line!" He dramatically states, posing under a spotlight, strategically placed for moments such as this one. Her surprised look melts into a soft smile before switching to one of worry.

"If you think it's dangerous, Okarin, maybe it's best if Mayushii doesn't get this gift..."

"No, no...I think we'll be alright, just this once." He says, opening his hand to let the gift fall into her palm. "Now, don't loose it, Mayuri." She's surprised at the little thing's weight.

"Okarin!" She gasps, shocked. "It's a metal Oompa!" Daru turns from the computer to get a look at the spectacle.

"Is it rare?" He asks feigning ignorance.

"It's Super Rare!" She says jumping up from her seat to give him a hug.

"Are they worth a lot?" He asks as Mayuri backs off to look at the tiny metal cutie in her hands.

"Yeah! They go for about 10,000 yen..."

"Ten Thousand YEN?" Okabe asks 'surprised'. "I changed my mind! We've moved world-lines, double-oh-two! Quick give it back before the Organization finds us!"

"No way Okarin! This is Mayushi's gift!" She says holding the Oompa close to her chest.

"But if the Organization finds us we're doomed!"

"Mayushii will just have to take extra good care of her Metal Oompa! Right, Daru-kun?"

"Don't listen to her, Hack! The organization is dangerous! More dangerous than her attachment to a gift!"

"Not cool, Okabe. You should have done your homework before giving it to Mayushii. It's her's now." Daru says, disappointed in Okabe's behavior.

"Well...I suppose if you guard it with your life, Mayuri..." He begins, trailing off when he realizes just how much he DOES NOT mean that statement.

"Of course!" Mayuri says sitting with a content smile. Okabe sighs in defeat before making his way to the TV where he plops down in front of it, ready to restart his third-degree on Alpaca-Man.

AN:/ I love Steins;Gate and I hope to write many more pieces for this wonderful series.

Next chapter: That fateful day seven years after the end of the anime, Daru asks an important question.