New drabble. Unbeta'd.


Chapter 1

The principle tried to break us apart, but it wasn't until security got involved and hauled me off of Sandy Carmichael that I stopped throwing punches. I was livid and spit in her face before they carted me off to the office.

The bitch should have kept her mouth shut. She didn't listen though. It really was her own fault she got a fist to her pretty face.

Renee didn't see it that way, and when she picked me up after I got suspended from school for a week, we didn't head home. When I got in the car, I saw my bags had already been packed.

She had warned me not to fight anymore, or she'd send me away. My mom couldn't handle me, and now she was remarried, and I was too much for her to handle.

I was being forced to go live with my dad, the Chief of Police in his tiny town.

We pulled up to the airport, and my mom handed me a plane ticket. "I'm sorry, Bella, but maybe it'll do you some good to stay with Charlie."

I didn't want to hear it. I knew this would happen. Renee just wanted an out. She wanted to be free and not burdened with a teenager anymore.


She left me on the curb with my bags after a hug and a kiss to the temple. I watched her drive away.

I stared at the ticket and hung my head, deciding if I should board the plane or not. I could run away, but living on the streets didn't sound appealing.

A smug grin appeared. I was bored in Phoenix. Maybe raising hell in Forks was just what the doctor ordered.




New drabble. I'll try to stick with daily updates. I also have a full length fic in the works called The Celestial Way. Check it out. It's an ExB forbidden love story. Link on my profile.