Chapter 10

Saturday was uneventful. On Sunday, I woke up around nine with the urge to see Edward, but there was no way I was going to church. God would smite me as I walked through the doors. No thanks.

With an aggravated sigh I stayed in bed, listening to Charlie tinker with the coffee pot downstairs in the kitchen. He was loud and stomped back up the stairs, assumingly to get something he'd forgotten and then with heavy footsteps, I heard as he descended and walk outside, letting the door slam behind him with force.

He seemed eager … too eager.

I know from last night that he would be picking up Sue Clearwater on his way in to visit with the Lord. A sharp pang of jealousy bubbled in my chest. I rolled my eyes at my own pathetic jealousies. Sue hadn't done anything to me. It wasn't her fault that my father was inept and out of his element when he took me in.

Charlie was trying; I had to give him at least that, and Rome wasn't built in a day. Rebuilding our relationship wouldn't happen overnight.

I didn't want to care enough to be angry at Charlie. I did fine without him for years. Determined not to think about it, I dozed again until noon and woke with a grumbling stomach.

I grabbed my cell phone off the beat up nightstand my dad had acquiesced from his lady love as I eased myself to a sitting position. Sue had an older daughter off in college now named Leah, and she had no use for the bedroom furniture left behind.

Renee left me a text earlier this morning. She was always up before the sun doing yoga or some other form of exercise. She had tried to get me to participate with her, and I did occasionally, but as a teen, sleep was my highest priority. She sent her love, and that aggravated me even more. She didn't love me. Renee shipped me off the first chance she got.

My phone buzzed in my hand. I had a new text.

Come outside

The number was unfamiliar, but the area code told me it was local. With my interest piqued, I replied, Who is this? How'd you get my number? If you're a psycho axe murderer, my dad is a cop.

Your daddy isn't home now, sweetlips. Come outside.

Sweetlips? My dangerous curiosity got the better of me, and I got out of bed not bothering to change from my pajamas. On my way to the door, I stopped and grabbed Charlie's favorite shot gun he kept hanging proudly from his gun rack in the hall by his fishing gear.

I huffed and peeked out the window, but didn't see anyone standing out there. Then my cell buzzed again with an incoming text.

I see you. Time's a wastin'

I swung the door open and yelled, "Well, creeper, me and my gun here don't see you." I lifted the gun high up and cocked it, aiming while I stepped out onto the porch, inching forward slowly while I scanned the area looking for my creeper.

A few seconds passed, and I saw no one. No car sitting on the curb, no animal hiking up its leg to take a piss on my lawn … nothing.


I screamed, and with a knee jerk reaction, I pulled the trigger. The gun packed a punch, and the kickback knocked me to the ground landing me on my ass. My heart was thundering. My eyes flew to the person who snuck up on me. It was Edward. He was holding his ears with his face scrunched up. My ears were ringing too.

"You fucker! I could have killed somebody." I got back up on my feet and punched him in the arm.

"Well, shit. I didn't think you'd come out here with a gun!" He yelled back, though I think it was more out of not being able to hear himself speak than out of anger.

We both surveyed the area and found the bullet lodged into the railing of the porch. No one was hurt. My heart slowed down as the adrenaline left my body.

"What's with the stalker routine?" I turned on my heel and went back into the house, leaving the door open for Edward to follow. I put the gun back and was not looking forward to telling Charlie about the incident.

Maybe he wouldn't notice?

"It's called flirting with the intent of surprise." He replied and rubbed the back of his head with a shaky hand. It was hard to miss the tiny tremble of his fingers as they ran through his thick hair.

"No, it's called being a creeper. How'd you get my number? You couldn't have knocked like a normal boy?" I stalked off into the kitchen for a drink. I watched the tea dribble into my glass, and I was saddened that it wasn't liquor. I could have used some at the moment, because my nerves were shot to hell.

"I asked Charlie for it after service today. I decided I didn't want to wait to see you until tomorrow."

Well shit. That was sweet, and it made my heart soften. I was nearly swooning, how ridiculous.




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