There she stood and looked at the brown brick building. So many memories flooded back, both good and bad. She dived into her bag and pulled out a black brush before running it through her silky, brown hair. Wanting to make a good first (well second) impression, the girl fasted her top button of the white shirt and tightened the tie and smoothed down her black skirt. The girl took a deep breath before striding into the school playground…

Inside, the girl headed straight to the office. She felt sick and panicked and felt herself go red. Inside the office was a young woman, who didn't look much older than her, filing her nails. It was Janeece.

''Excuse me.'' The girl piped up

''Yeah?'' Wondered Janeece

''I'm here to see Mr Byrne.'' The girl told her

Janeece opened her little diary and flicked the pages to find the right date. She then found the page and scanned it to find appointments.

''There's no one booked in here.'' Janeece sighed ''Are you sure because-''

''Ah, Lindsay.'' Michael interrupted, opening his office door ''Come in.''

Lindsay followed Mr Byrne into his office. It definitely changed when she was here before. Everything in the office was modern and posh. Lindsay took a seat opposite Michael and glanced at the floor whilst twiddling her thumbs.

''Now Lindsay.'' Michael spoke ''I know it's going to be difficult fitting back in since some of the pupils who were at this school then are still here.''

''I'm dreading it.'' Lindsay admitted ''Especially seeing Emily again.''

''Don't worry, as you have me and the senior management to help you.'' Reassured Michael ''You'll be in Mr Clarkson's tutor group.''

Someone knocked on the door and Sian came into the office with a friendly smile on her face.

''Hello.'' Beamed Sian ''I'm Mrs Diamond and one of the deputy heads. I'll be with you for the first few weeks whilst you settle back in.''

The bell went and fear struck Lindsay. What would people say? How would she cope?

''Are you OK?'' Sian asked

Lindsay didn't say anything but nodded slowly. Janeece came in with a sheet of paper with a timetable printed on it.

''Thank you Janeece.'' Grinned Michael ''Your first lesson is Maths with Mr Chalk.''

''Come on.'' Encouraged Sian

Lindsay picked up her bag and followed Sian. Lindsay saw floods of people going up and down the stairs and tried to block herself from sight by walking behind Sian.

Once they reached the Maths room, everyone was messing about, throwing paper and pens around.

''Can you stop it?'' Mr Chalk asked, helplessly

The class ignored his request and carried mucking about. Sian walked in at that precise moment with a cross look on her face.

''That is enough!'' Sian shouted

Everyone froze when they heard Sian's voice and they were shocked when they saw Lindsay.

''Isn't she…'' Lauren whispered to Amy

''Yeah it is.'' Amy said

''Did they let you out for good behaviour?'' Finn wondered, cheekily and the class fell into laughter

''Finn.'' Warned Sian ''One more remark and you will be in the cooler for the rest of the day. You're all Year 13 and I expect you to set an example to the younger years.''

''Yes miss.'' Finn sighed

''Well Lindsay.'' Daniel smiled ''if you'd like to take a seat over there.''

Lindsay scurried quickly to the desk and felt 20 pairs of eyes staring at her. She slumped herself into the seat and avoided eye contact with everyone.

''Now then.'' Began Daniel ''Let's get down to some Maths.''