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Year 13 were in form with Mr Clarkson, who was taking his register.

''Madi Diamond!'' Tom called

''Here sir.'' Madi Replied

''James Green!''


''Shannon Gardener!''

''Yes sir.''

''Lindsay James!''

There was no reply from anyone. Tom looked up and darted his eyes around the class, hoping to find Lindsay sat in a corner.

''Has anyone seen Lindsay James?'' Tom asked his class

''No sir.'' They chorused

Tom went back to his register. Maybe it was to do with the kiss yesterday between them and she was too embarrassed to come in. Tom made a mental note to himself to consult it with Sian and Michael.

In fact, Lindsay wasn't embarrassed of coming into school. She was at home running her arm under some warm water. Why? Because this morning Scott was annoyed Lindsay woke him up at 6am and didn't see the point of Lindsay going to school. Lindsay tried to stick up for herself.

''What is the problem?'' Lindsay asked ''I mean you don't have a job or anything.''

Anger filled Scott's eyes and he disappeared into the kitchen. Moments later, he reappeared with a sharp kitchen knife. Lindsay wanted to run away, but she found herself rooted to the spot and numb. Lindsay then noticed blood gushing from a single wound in her arm and she felt dizzy, shaken and light…

Half an hour later, Lindsay managed to regain consciousness. Her arm was surrounded in a blood of pool and it felt numb and weird. It definitely hurt. Lindsay managed to pick herself up and walked into the kitchen to the medical supply drawer. She rummaged around to find a bandage-asprin, paracetamol, antibiotics. There was plenty of tablets but not one bandage. Lindsay had to make use with tissue roll and micro pore and headed to the sink. She turned the tap on and ran her arm under the warm water. Lindsay was horrified with the amount of blood coming from the single wound in her arm. 5 minutes later, Lindsay changed her shirt, applied the tissue paper and sellotape. It wasn't exactly great as a bandage, but it had to make do. Lindsay noticed the shining, silver ring on her left hand and doubts filled her mind. Just why was she marrying Scott? Scott said he loved Lindsay, so why hurt her in a vile way? Lindsay could hardly say no to Scott otherwise she could get worse.

A 15 minute journey to school turned into an hour walk. Lindsay had to keep sorting her arm out and plus it was awfully painful. Lindsay headed inside and walked down the corridor. Luckily, she had a free lesson so there was no rush. Amy and Lauren stood on a corner and saw Lindsay.

''Are you OK?'' Lauren wondered

''I'm fine.'' Lindsay replied

Lindsay had gone a chalky, white colour and Amy and Lauren were scared. They knew she was unwell. Moments later, Lindsay had fainted to the ground.

''Amy, go get Mrs Diamond!'' Lauren ordered, obviously panicked

Amy jetted off around the corner and burst in on Sian's Year 7 class.

''Amy, you should have kno-'' Sian began

''Miss, Lindsay's collapsed in the corridor.'' Interrupted Amy

''Crikey!'' Gasped Sian

Sian followed Amy to Lindsay. Once they got there, Michael and Nikki were crouched beside the motionless figure.

''What happened?'' Sian wondered

''It looks like she's been stabbed.'' Answered Nikki and placed her hand on Lindsay's forehead ''She's cold. Anyone got a jacket I can borrow?''

Michael took off his blazer and wrapped Lindsay in it to keep her warm and Lauren gave her coat to help her.

''I phoned the ambulance.'' Michael told Sian

Siren noises came from the background. Matt's Year 11's were distracted by the doctors rushing down the corridor.

''Why are they here?'' Shona and Rhona asked in perfect unison

''I don't know.'' Matt replied

''Let's check it out.'' Denzil smiled cheekily

They all poured out into the corridor and looked at the dead-like figure on the stretcher. Emily's jaw dropped as she realised who it was.

''Lindsay!'' Emily screamed, running down the corridor

''Not now Emily.'' Michael told Emily

''But it's Lindsay.'' Emily pointed out, confused why no one would tell her

''It's OK Emily.'' Sian reassured

Emily collapsed into Sian's arm's and cried her eyes out.

''I'll go to the hospital.'' Nikki said

''What about me?'' Emily asked

''I'll phone your mum and she'll take you.'' Sian replied

Emily was angry and upset no one told her Lindsay wasn't here. She was 16 not 6 and could have handled it. Emily began to wonder if her mum knew if Lindsay was back in Rochdale, never mind Waterloo Road.

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