A/N: Considering its Thanksgiving tomorrow and its about family and all that, I wanted to make something for this pairing (and I won't be on tomorrow) and its based off a headcanon that I thought of when I talked to my dear KizamiKurosaki friend, seta souji uvu

And this fic is AU I guess, in this story they get out alive and Kizami and Kurosaki get married (and of course Kurosaki is wife in the relationship C:) but anyways, like my other fics- this is not related to the others but enjoy!

Kizami let out a long yawn, it was already one in the morning and he had barely come home due to his work. Getting out the key to his own and Kurosaki's house, he smiled at the thought of his lover sleeping already and he would find some food on the counter with a little note that said "Here's your dinner Kizami!" and Kurosaki's signature at the bottom.

Months ago after they had graduated high school after they got out of the cursed school alive, the two males had become a couple. Then in the last years of their college terms, Kizami had decided to propose to the small male and of course, Kurosaki did.

Being the wife in the relationship, Kurosaki stays home being a house wife though he can't cook a lot of stuff.

Kizami slipped off his shoes and the entrance and the house was dark, only a small light came from the living room's lamp.

The black haired male smiled, he went to the kitchen and found dinner on his plate, the note told him to re-heat it but he ignored that for now as he went to the living room.

As he expected, his "wife" was right there on the couch sleeping with a blanket draped over him. The TV was on too on some random kid channel. Kizami leaned over to brush out some loose strands of Kurosaki's hair that was messy on his forehead.

"Kurosaki...," He whispered lovingly. His eyes trailed down to the marriage ring that was on the smaller male ring finger, one that matched the one Kizami had around his neck in a necklace.

The dark blue haired male on the couch shifted a little and opened his eyes sleepily, "Ki...zami?" He asked and gave a tired smile.

"Why aren't you asleep in our room? It must not be very comfortable here on the couch," Kizami chuckled.

"Mmm, I was waiting for you." Kurosaki replied, he looked at the TV which was still on before looking into brown eyes.

Kurosaki opened his mouth to say something but he was cut off by a kiss on his lips from Kizami. It was a soft loving kiss, not a forced hot one.

Kizami smiled against the kiss and pulled away, he looked at Kurosaki's expression who was blushing a little but his eyes were full of love.

Kizami gave a happy sigh and nuzzled Kizami's neck. He allowed himself to get on Kurosaki and shifted to a comfortable position for the both of them.

A long, comfortable silence passed by and Kizami thought Kurosaki had fallen asleep once again but when he went to check, he wasn't. The male next to him was staring at the ceiling.

"Kurosaki?" Kizami asked, hoping to snap him out of his daze.

It worked and Kurosaki turned to look at his husband, "Yes?" He asked.

Kizami smirked, "I love you," he answered and placed a kiss on Kurosaki's neck affectionately.

Kurosaki could feel his heart racing, after hearing those words so many times, he never got used to it and it always made him feel like a school girl.

"Love you too..." Kurosaki said and closed his eyes, he moved closer towards Kizami and he went back to sleep.

Kizami placed two arms around Kurosaki's waist, holding him protectively and closed his eyes as well and fell asleep.

A/N: Oh my god, this was a lot of fluff wasn't it? This is the most fluff I've ever written actually .u.