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Kizami woke up in the middle of the night when he heard his partner besides him squirming and was he... crying?

The dark haired male leaned over, making the bed springs squeak from the sudden movement, and peered at Kurosaki's face. He frowned, sure enough, the other boy was crying and mouthing something.

"Kurosaki, wake up," Kizami said and shook his significant other shoulder. Kurosaki squirmed even more and snuggled against Kizami's bare chest, crying onto it.

"Kurosaki," Kizami said once again and finally the said boy woke up. His eyes were red and watery, "Kizami!" Kurosaki said in a panicky tone and began sobbing. Kizami hugged Kurosaki, wrapping his arms around the small waist of the boy.

"The usual nightmare once again?" Kizami asked calmly while staring at Kurosaki with sleepy eyes. Kurosaki bit his lower lip and nodded.

Weeks ago, Kurosaki had been having nightmares of the school they were previously trapped in, Heavenly Host Elementary and had been waking up at random times of the night but Kizami was always there to hold him and soothe him back to sleep.

"Its okay, we're out of that school," he assured Kurosaki and Kurosaki stopped crying. "I guess you're right," Kurosaki said biting his lower lip and sighed.

Kizami rested his chin on top of Kurosaki's head and closed his eyes, "Lets just go back to sleep" he said tiredly before yawning.

"Alright," Kurosaki responded and soon closed his eyes, his breathing evened out and Kizami knew that his lover was asleep and glanced down at him, opening one eye and saw that Kurosaki had a faint smile on his lips.

Kizami chuckled and fell asleep as well, still holding Kurosaki protectively in his arms.