Kiseki's everyday talk.

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Summary: Just the everyday conversation between the GOM and their shadow during middle school. Momoi included. Some are fluff and some are comedies. No pairing, just friendship.

Chapter 1: It's just boy talk part 1

There were some things that have been bothering Kise for a while ever since the practice started. For example, he wondered why there was a miniature Buddha statue sitting on the bench among the first string members. But that question soon answered after seeing his teammates reaction like it's an everyday occurrence. From that, it's safe to assume that the statue belongs to a certain green-haired shooting guard.

So his next wonder went to their captain who brought a pink colored towel with him today. He saw that the other members seemed wondering the same thing but decided to remain quiet for the sake of their dear lives. Wise move, he mused.

At last, he wondered the thing that bothered him the most that day. It was Aomine's pants. After the practice was over, he approached Aomine who was talking to Kuroko near the gym's entrance.

"Aominecchi," called Kise, "I've been wondering about this for a while… you've been wearing baggy pants quite a lot lately, aren't you?"

After hearing Kise's random comment, Kuroko stared back at Aomine and noticed what Kise was refering to. Aomine was indeed wearing an extremely large white pants. Moreover, he was also wearing a long black T-shirt that covered most of his body to the above of his knee. It was quite an unusual choice of outfit for someone who prefer to move fast on the court. "Ah Kise-kun is right, that's really large."

Strange thing is, Kuroko didn't realize this until Kise mentioned it. He wondered if he was too preoccupied with their training to notice.

"With that size, wouldn't it only make you harder to move?" asked a voice from behind, which belongs to Midorima. The team's miracle shooter made his way to them while carrying a miniature Buddha statue in his hand.

"Huh? Ah yeah," answered Aomine while scratching his neck. "Lately, whenever I get excited, I feel mine growing hard, you see..."

The other two raised their eyebrows, looking rather surprised with the unexpected answer. Meanwhile, Kuroko remained expressionless as he pondered something.

"Unwanted erection huh?" presumed Kuroko, surprising both Kise and Midorima even more with his remark.

"Kurokocchi, so blunt!" exclaimed Kise.

As if he's used to Kuroko's blunt response, Aomine continued without caring for the subject of their conversation. "Well yeah, problem is… I'm not even aroused. It's weird."

"It must be caused by overflowing hormone," deduced a charismatic voice that just joined in their conversation. The others looked to their sides and found Akashi walked towards them with a pink towel in his hand and a soaked red towel in his other hand. Murasakibara was following right behind him while munching his potatoes chips. Akashi gave the pink towel to Kuroko and instructed him to give his thanks to Momoi. With that, all of Kise's wonders have been cleared.

"Right," uttered Midorima, trying to justify Akashi's words, "there's no need to worry. It is normal."

"So troublesome," Aomine scowled darkly.

Murasakibara tilted his head in confusion, "It never happened to me though."

"Murasakibaracchi is still young in so many ways," concluded Kise with a nod.

Not satisfied with the answer, Murasakibara turned to Akashi. "Has it ever happened to Aka-chin too?"

Akashi smiled meaningfully, "Oh why do you ask? Do you think I'm disabled?"

Feeling threatened, Murasakibara quickly shook his head, "Mmm nope you're not."

"Ooh certainly not, my lord," added Kise rather hastily, fearing of tasting the red-haired captain's wrath.

"How bout you, Tetsu?" Aomine turned his attention to his partner.

"Hmm... just about few days ago, I..."

"Ah there you are guys!" exclaimed Momoi who just suddenly barged into the gym with a cheerful face, not realizing that she had just interrupted the boys talk, "what are you talking about?"

The boys looked at her with deadpanned expression and replied in unison, "It's NOTHING (desu, nanodayo, su!)"

"Eh? R-really." Momoi sweatdropped, wondering if she just asked something bad.

"Well practice is over. Let's get prepared and go home," said Akashi before he walked away, heading into the boys locker room.

"Agreed." Midorima followed Akashi and the others joined them soon enough.

"I'm hungry," protested the sleepy Murasakibara as he walked side by side with his teammates.

"Me too." agreed Aomine, "Let's go grab a burger, Tetsu."

Kuroko nodded, but then he remembered something, "by the way, there is a new Maji Burger Restaurant opened near the school."

The team's ace gave him an eager grin as a response, "Oh that's nice. We don't have to go roundabout ways then."

"How about it everyone? Want to go there after this?" asked Kuroko.

Excited of going somewhere with his friends, Kise quickly chirped, "With everyone? Count me in!"

"Only if we visit the convenience store along the way first," stated the tallest boy.

"That is not a problem."

"Then I'll be coming as well." voiced Akashi, causing Midorima to give him a curious glance.

The said captain always busy after school with many extra activities and this is one of the rarer times where he's willing to tag along with them after school.

"I don't have any appointment today so let me accompany you guys," suggested Midorima.

Momoi stared at Kuroko with expectation, "Can I come too?"

"Of course," answered Kuroko while he waited for Aomine to open the door to the locker room.

"Okay, I'll go get my bag then!" rang the happy Momoi as she scrurried out from the gym.

Once the door was shut tight, Aomine suddenly circled his arm around Kuroko's neck and pulled him closer.

"So, Tetsu. What happened few days ago?"

Kise's face soon lightened up with a beaming smile, "Oh I'm really curious too!"

The other three guys seemed to show an interest as well except that they didn't show it as extravagantly as Kise did.

Kuroko simply smiled slightly and replied, "I will tell you later."





It's just boy talk part 1 – END

Author Notes: Sorry for the short chapter. I intended to publish this in one chapter but turned out it was longer than I thought so I had to break it into 2 chapters. Yeah, there is a continuation of this talk, still the same topic. Anyone interested in reading it?