"Eyes on the road!"

"I'm a little – ah, distracted," James said in a hushed voice, unsure of why he was keeping his voice down, considering he and Chris were the only people in the car.

Chris mumbled something in response, but James could barely make it out. After all, Chris's mouth was, for lack of a better term, full.

"Why did you – mmph, Chris – have to do this n-now?" James asked, his voice high and his eyes wide in an attempt to concentrate on the task at hand.

The blonde's reply was muffled and staccato as he continued to bob his head up and down by the steering wheel. "You said – you couldn't wait to get home – so I figured – why wait?"

The vibrations from his words drove James crazy, and he found himself gripping the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were turning white. "I-it was just an expression, but – oh god, don't stop," James got out, biting his lip.

He tried to turn his attention back to the long stretch of highway in front of them, which was thankfully mostly deserted. James's nerves were on fire and he could barely see through the lusty haze he was in, but he managed to keep his eyes on the road – and his hands on the wheel, rather than tangled in Chris's hair, urging him to take him in deeper.

Chris didn't need to be told, however, to know what James wanted, and he slid his mouth as far down James's length as possible, swallowing hard and gliding his tongue along the shaft. James grit his teeth and clenched his eyes shut for a moment, before forcing them back open as he came, seeing stars decorate the otherwise boring highway.

James leaned back in his chair and panted softly. Just as he began to regain his senses, he heard the soft whine of a police siren coming from behind the car. One glance in the rear-view mirror confirmed it; he was being asked to pull over.

"Shit," he groaned, turning on his signal and pulling over onto the shoulder. "I told you I couldn't concentrate with you doing… that. That cop probably thought I was drunk off my mind."

Chris smiled sheepishly at James, trying his best to look apologetic.

The police officer tapped on the window lightly, and James reluctantly rolled it down. She began her typical spiel, asking for his license and registration, before glancing into the passenger seat.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sir, I must have been seeing things," she began.

"Wait, what?" James asked, taken aback.

"You're in the carpool lane, and from where I was pulled over, you looked like the only person in the car. I must have missed you," she said, glancing at Chris.

Chris's face flushed and he instinctively reached up to wipe his mouth, suddenly very aware of what he'd just done. James inconspicuously glanced down to see that his fly was still wide open, and he awkwardly crossed his legs, mortified.

"Sorry for any inconvenience, gentlemen. You can be on your way, now," the police officer said, either unaware of the incredibly obvious clues of their activities, or simply remaining professional and not bringing them up.

"Yeah, no problem," James muttered softly, rolling the window up and buttoning his pants once she'd returned to her car.

As soon as it was safe, Chris burst out laughing. "Oh my god, the guys are never going to believe us."

"You plan on telling people about this?"

"Here, here, quick – switch seats with me. I'll drive and we'll see if we can get another one to pull us over."