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Chapter Two: Erase Me

Tanya Denali.

The one name I never wanted to hear again.

Unfortunately, I heard it any time that I turned on the television.

I met Tanya Denali in my second year of college. My brother, Emmett, felt that I was too worried about my schoolwork and needed to take a break, live a little. He took me out to some silly little club where the music was too loud and too annoying.

"Emmett," I said, "this is ridiculous. I don't want to be here."

"Oh, relax," he told me. "You gotta enjoy life."

I rolled my eyes at him and was about to tell him that I was just going to go home because I was definitely not having fun, until I looked to my right.

I glanced over and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. Standing with a couple other girls was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was tall, with long strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a short strapless dress. However, there was something else that really caught my attention.

She looked as miserable being there as I did.

I was instantly drawn to her. Anybody who appeared to have the same feelings on this place as I did must have been a kindred spirit of sorts.

"What are you looking at?" asked Emmett, following my stare. "Oh, shit, she's hot."

"Em," I chided, while not disagreeing. He was right.

"Well, don't just stand here with me," he goaded. "Go talk to her, ask her her name, ask her on a date, ask her if she wants to sleep with you."


"Okay, maybe not that last part. You can do that at another time."

I looked over at the girl again and saw that she was looking my way. Our eyes met and it was something like magic.

Once her friends were gone, I, for once, took Emmett's advice and went over to introduce myself.

She told me her name was Tanya, that her friends dragged her here, that she wanted to go home as soon as she got here.

I laughed. "Well, my story is essentially the same, but it was my brother doing the dragging."

For the rest of the evening, until her friends are ready to leave at least, we talked about nothing and everything. I could not explain it, but I was feeling some pull to Tanya, one that I had never felt before with anyone.

As she was getting up to leave, I took a chance. "Would you maybe want to go out to dinner with me tomorrow?"

Nodding slightly, she smiled. "Sure, I'd like that." She reached into her purse and grabbed a pen. Taking my hand in hers, she giggled. "I don't have any paper, I hope your hand will do." She proceeded to write her number on my skin. When she was finished, she looked at me. "When I see a weird number calling me, I'll know it's you."

She waved and ran off with her friends while I sat there in a daze. I could not remember a time when I was so in awe of a woman, but then here comes Tanya. She was beautiful.

Over the next few weeks, we went out together most nights. I learned that she was in college, studying to be a chemistry teacher because it was what her parents wanted. What she really wanted to do was act. She would take whatever local theater gigs she could get, hoping that she would not have to live a life of science after all.

We dated all through college. She met my family, I met hers, everyone liked each other, everything was going well.

Two days before graduating, I made a huge decision: I was going to ask Tanya to marry me. It seemed like the natural thing to do. We were young but in love. I could not imagine living a day without her. She made my life complete.

I bought a ring and made a plan.

After graduation, our families were going to have a huge dinner to celebrate. I figured what better setting to propose than around everyone we loved.

About a half hour into the meal, I told everyone that I had something to say. "For the past couple years, my world has revolved around Tanya, and I plan on it being that way forever." I looked at her. "I love you," I said. I got out of my seat and then down onto my knee, pulling the ring out of my pocket. "Tanya, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" she said, starting to cry. "Of course!"

Three months later, we were married. Things got even better when we both got jobs perfectly suited with our majors. Tanya began working at a high school, just ten minutes away, and I got a job editing at a book publisher. We bought a decent house and everything was going smoothly.

One evening, a few months later, Tanya and I were having dinner when she told me she had something important to tell me.

"I'm pregnant."

Those two words were everything. We were going to have a baby. We were going to be a family. We were getting the life we had dreamed of having together.

Shortly after Anthony was born, it was obvious there was something different about him. It became even more apparent when he was not starting to walk when it was usual for other babies to start, when he was not talking when other babies his age would. He was delayed in seemingly everything.

None of this mattered, however, because he was perfect the way he was. We loved him no matter what.


I broke myself away from the memories. I did not want to think about Tanya any more than I absolutely had to. And if I could get away with it, I would never think about her, period.

Anthony did not know about his mother. He never asked about her. It was just him and I, and he never seemed to mind. He had enough love from me, his aunts, his uncles, and his grandparents that it appeared that love from a mother never crossed his mind.


The next day, just as she had promised, Alice was at the house at six.

"I was hoping you'd be a little late," I told her, still busy getting ready.

"Oh, Edward, aren't you silly? You know that I am nothing if not prompt." She flashed a grin at me. "Now where's that nephew of mine?"

Right on cue, Anthony came running out of his bedroom. "Aunt Alice! Aunt Alice!" he shouted before bolting right into her arms for a hug.

"Hey, buddy! You ready for the most fun, exciting day you've ever had?"


Alice turned to me and smiled widely. "What about you, brother? Are you ready to have some fun?"

I walked over toward her and put my arm across her shoulders. "Oh, I don't know, sis. Is torturing me what you call fun? Because if so, I don't know how excited I can be about this."

"Hmph. Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, Edward."

In about fifteen minutes, we were out of the house and into Alice's car. She didn't stop talking the whole way.

"I have to buy something for Jasper. Our one year anniversary is in two months and four days so I can't delay getting something any longer. I don't know what all I'm going to get him though. I know I'll get some war documentaries. You know how interested he is in stuff like that. Edward, do you think it would be too much to buy him a motorcycle?"

"A motorcycle?" I repeat.


"Can't he buy one for himself?" I liked Alice's boyfriend but it sounded a bit ridiculous for her to buy him a motorcycle just for an anniversary.

"Of course he can buy one himself, silly. But it would be really special coming from me. He'd be so happy, I think."

"Alice, I think that's too much. Those are expensive. Even if you were going to buy a used one..."

She stopped my talking instantly. "Well, I'm certainly not going to be doing that."

"And by saying that, you sound incredibly stuck up."

Sighing, she says, "I can never win with you, can I?"

"Nope...Besides, what do you think he's getting you? A Jaguar? A Rolls Royce? A Ferrari?"

She gasps. "Do you think he would do that? Oh my god, what if he buys me a new car? I don't have any issues with this car but it is getting a little old. I mean, I got it when-about two years ago. Wow, Jasper has never seen me without this car. Maybe he hates it and will buy me a new one..." She squeals. "Oh, now I have to buy him a motorcycle!"

"Alice, you know how I hate to burst your bubble but no one actually said that he was going to buy you a new, expensive car. However, if you don't start paying attention to the road, he may chip in to pay for your hospital bill."


"Aunt Alice, I'll buy you a new car," Anthony chimed in.

"Thank you, dear, that is very kind." All of a sudden her eyes lit up and she broke out laughing.

"What now?" I asked. She was getting on my nerves. Not that I expected anything different out of today.

"If I were to get in a wreck, do you think Jasper would buy me a new car then?"



"Just shut up."

When we arrived at the mall and got out of the car-which Alice managed to keep unscathed-Anthony immediately latched onto my sister, holding on to her tightly as we walked into the large building.

"Okay," she began. "What are we looking for today?"

"Nothing!" said Anthony.

"You're funny," she replied, giggling a little. "Of course we're looking for something."

"But I don't need anything," he whined, stomping his foot.

"Yes, you do. We're going to get you some clothes for school." When she saw that he was going to protest, she went on. "Don't you want to look nice for all the new friends you're going to meet? Who knows? You may meet the girl you're going to marry at school."

"In kindergarten?" I wondered.

Alice slapped my arm. "Hush, you never know. Love can develop very early. I read it in a magazine."

"A magazine for five year olds?"

"I thought I told you to stop talking." She turned her attention back to Anthony. "Anyway, as I was saying before your dumb dad decided to be so rude...wouldn't you like to look superb when you meet new people?"

"What's superb?"

"Wonderful, handsome, lovely."

"Aunt Alice, you already tell me that I'm handsome so why do I need new clothes?"

I looked at my sister and saw her eyes widen. "He's got you there, sis," I said, chuckling.

"Well, don't you want to feel good and confident? New clothes give you that feeling," she said once she finally collected herself.

"I already feel good! And I don't know what that other word means!"

Alice just sighed very loudly. "Sweetheart, why are you making this so difficult? I just want to be a good aunt and buy you nice things."

"Will you get me toys, too? Ones that Daddy won't get me?"

"Alice..." I warned. Anthony got enough toys. I did not want him to become a complete spoiled brat...like Alice, who got everything she wanted, no matter what. As kids, whenever she desired a new bike, she received one. If she said she wanted a new Barbie doll, despite just getting one the previous day, it was bought. Expensive prom and homecoming dresses were nothing if it was for Alice. Extravagent birthday parties with DJs were never out of the question. If Emmett or I were to ask for something new everyday, we would have probably gotten yelled at. But since she was their only daughter, our parents could never say no to her. It probably explains why she thinks her boyrfiend will buy her an expensive, brand new car. Whatever Alice wants, Alice gets.

"Of course, Anthony," she replied to my son. "Just direct me to the toy aisle and we'll get it. But only if you let me buy you clothes."


When Alice finally looked at me to see the glare I was giving her, she only said, "What? It is my job as his aunt to buy him things you won't."

"You do know that it's doing things like this that make a child resent his parent? Because his aunts and uncles and everybody else defy his parent by getting stuff that he said not to?"

"Quit being so dramatic. Anthony couldn't resent you if he tried, right buddy?" she said, looking at my son. "You would never hate your dad, right? Because he's the best dad in the world. And just because he tells you you're not allowed to have something doesn't mean you hate him?"

"Right!" replied Anthony with an elaborate nod of the head.

I ran my hands through my hair. "All right, Alice, you've made your point. But remember, because you're the best sister in the world, you have to buy me anything I want, too."

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