Watched the wizard of Oz yesterday. And this came from it. Enjoy.

Miss you the most

I had been stuck on that post for ages. Hopeing than someone, anyone, would help me. Every time a person would come by I'd plee fro help.

''Pardon me sir, but may I ask for your help?'' They would keep walking. ''Ma'am? If you would be so kind as to help me?''

But no one would stop, that is, intill I meet Dorthy. I relize now, with my brain, that a person from Kansass was kinder that my own people in Oz. Soon after helping me, she became my best friend. I wanted to save her from anything! Even a lighted match.

But when that evil old witch took her, I was ready to light than place on fire myself! With the Tinman and lion behind me all the way of corse. But then she turned the tabels and saved my life! When I was on fire she grabed the bucket of water and tossed it like crazy. It was only really good luck it hit the witch to.

Then that phoney wizard made me want to scream out loud! He refused to help is even after what we had been through. But again luck was on our side, and Todo found the real Oz.

The amazing joy I had when Oz offered me my brain was, well, amazing! But then I relized that Dorthy had to go. My best friend was leaving me. I did still have the Tinman and Lion, but Dorthy held a sepical place in my heart. She was the one who stoped, who helped me. She was the one who cared enough to take an washed up scarecrow off his pole. And now she would have to go.

I wouldn't hold her back, but I would sure miss her.

I think I miss you most of all.

That was were Dorthy was wrong.

I would miss her more.

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