Hello. It's certainly been a long time, hasn't it? I could go on about the things that have happened in my absence and give a hundred excuses, but it wouldn't matter. I'll simply say that I am deeply sorry for not having the courage to write this story anymore… The topics included in it have become far too personal to me, and, as such, I don't feel fit enough to continue. I just don't feel comfortable leaving it out in the open anymore. I will be taking down all chapters, though those who still wish to read what is left may PM me and I can send you what there is. Also, if anyone wants to adopt this story, you may also inquire via PM.

I apologize if I have offended anyone with this story… When I was writing it.. I was, well… I wasn't myself. I was trying to force myself to be someone I wasn't, while taking out my real thoughts and feelings in the story. And for that I am sorry. It was wrong of me. It is no excuse, and it does not right any of my wrongs, but I believe that I still owed you all an explanation, at the very least.

I feel as though I should also mention that I am no longer very active in the Hetalia fandom. I doubt I will write again, but if I do I don't think it would be Hetalian.

I'm sorry.

For the last time, I bid you goodbye. And thank you, if anyone is reading this.

-Lonely Little Black Rose