Things Unsaid

by Trycee

Time-Line: Season 7: Closure. Told from Scully's perspective. Mulder learns more about his mother, Teena, after her funeral from her relatives.

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-files, this is written for fun, not profit.

I wasn't sure he'd make it through the funeral. The Mulder who had rejoiced that he was free from the burden and guilt of searching for his deceased sister was replaced with the Mulder who had collapsed when he learned his mother had indeed committed suicide. This Mulder was vulnerable, clingy, and unresponsive. I found myself spending the entire day with him as he made arrangements for his mother's funeral, forcing him to shower just to find him sitting in the tub, unashamed while the water flooded his downstairs neighbor's apartment, again. I had to help him up and cover him up though he didn't seem to care that I was seeing him naked. I'd seen him naked as he'd seen me. All he cared about was that I guided him and was there for him.

I took on a role that I never thought I'd be in, that of his caretaker. Actually, I've been that all along, haven't I? But this was me, helping him put on his underwear and shoving food into his mouth, as he sat there numbly as all that he had lost finally sunk in. He would sit at times with me pinned to the side of the couch as he nearly covered me over with his body, not saying a word, as tears streaked his cheeks. I'd rub his back and lend myself to him for strength while I whispered to him saying, "It's okay, Mulder. Stay with me."

It was one such time that Skinner came over and he said nothing. I lightly pushed Mulder off of me but he still didn't move which concerned me even more. I stood up and looked at Skinner who looked embarrassed for us but I wasn't. I needed to do this for however long it took. He could see from my expression that I was NOT going to explain the intimate way that Mulder and I were handling his mother's death. I was NOT even going to acknowledge it. He just sighed and asked me, "How's he doing?"

Mulder still looked zoned out. "He's not doing well," I said. "I'm thinking of prescribing him a high dosage anti-depressant."

"You think it will work?", he asked, concerned.

"I think he needs it," I sighed. "He's lethargic at this point. He needs to finish his mother's funeral plans and from the way he is," I said, glancing at Mulder who was still staring at the ceiling. "It's not going to come together. I have to admit, I've never seen him like this before."

Skinner nodded, his jaw rotating the way he typically did when he was worried. "Is there anything you need?"

"Yeah," I said. "I think I want to take him to my apartment. I think he needs a change. He's been staring at the same walls for three days now since we came back from California."

Skinner reached up and helped Mulder to his feet. "You get the door," he ordered.

Mulder stayed in my guest bedroom as the prescription began to work. He began to make arrangements and finally the day of the funeral came, nearly a week after Teena Kuipers Mulder had selfishly removed herself from her son's life, once and for all. We stood together as tears clouded his swollen eyes. His heart was aching and all he wanted was me to hold him. He draped over me, crying into my hair. I didn't care who saw us this way. I was there for him. I wrapped my arms around his waist, trying to hold him up as the minister said the prayers and they began to lower her into the ground. I could see the crowd of people. I was grateful not to recognize any Syndicate that might hide in the shadows though I knew I couldn't be sure of the identity of everyone present. The Gunmen were present. They had quietly patted Mulder on the back but kept their distance. Skinner too was present and I could see he was concerned for the both of us. With Mulder not fully functioning, it meant that I too wasn't functioning and so all of our cases, reports and expenses were on hold.

But a few people struck me as different. A dark-haired man was crying just as strongly as Mulder while his wife tried to console him. His sons were looking in Mulder's direction with their own spouses by their side. After the minister had finished, we began to walk back to the car. I had my arm around Mulder's waist, as if I could hold him up. The same family that I had spotted called out his name. "FOX!"

Mulder turned us around to face them. I slowly removed my arm from his waist but looked up to him trying to see if he recognized them. He looked at them and then to me and I knew he did not. The man was just as tall as Mulder with jet black hair. Tears clouded his dark brown eyes as he stretched out his hand to shake Mulder's reluctant hand. "I'm so sorry, Fox. We've lost so much."

Mulder cocked his head to the side and with Mulder's memory, I was surprised he didn't recognize this man who seemed so sure he knew Mulder. "Do you remember me?", the man asked. "Of course you don't, you were two years old the last I saw you."

Mulder glanced down at me and then back to the man. "I'm sorry," he said, his voice hoarse from crying. "I don't know you."

"Tom Kuipers."

Mulder looked surprised. "Tom Kuipers?"

"I'm your uncle," he said, as his eyes filled with tears again. "Your mom and I had a falling out when you were a boy. We hadn't seen each other since."

Mulder said nothing. Tom smiled and nodded to me, acknowledging my presence. "This is my wife, Janet and this is my two sons, Tom Jr and Corbin."

Mulder nodded but I could tell he was being cautious. "This is..."

"Your wife?", Tom interrupted. "How are you."

I smiled shyly and glanced up to Mulder. His eyes met mine and for a brief moment, I couldn't speak but then I turned and looked back at the man presenting himself as Mulder's family, one he knew nothing of, and tried to explain. "Ah, no...I'm his partner," I said, saddened.

I was sad. So very much and for so long have I wanted to say something other than, I'm his partner. I wanted to say wife, girlfriend, lover...anything but partner. A girl could dream...

Tom and his wife looked confused. "What do you mean?"

"His FBI partner," I explained further. "Mulder and I are FBI Agents."

Tom smiled and looked at both of his sons and then back to us both.

"I'm sorry," Mulder began. "But I never knew about you."

Tom looked hurt but swallowed it down. "Your mother and I always clashed. "

I looked at Mulder to see what he wanted to do about this 'new mysterious uncle' and he looked down at me, suspicion showing clearly in his message to me. "We're gathering at Teena's home. Would you like to come?", I asked.

"I've never been to her home," Tom sighed. "If it weren't for a few friends of mine, I would not have known my baby sister died."

"You can follow us," I answered for Mulder.

We walked on with the 'Family' following behind us. Mulder had sprung to life and took the wheel and pulled off, making sure to keep the 'Family' in sight. I looked at Mulder and he looked at me and I dialed Skinner's number. "Sir?"

"Agent Scully, what's the matter? Is it Mulder, I was just leaving the parking lot."

"Sir, we need some information. A man approached Mulder and he was told that he was Teena's brother."

Without skipping a beat, Skinner asked."Name!"

"Tom Kippurs is all we know as of yet."

"I'm on it," Skinner said. "I will meet you at his mother's house, hopefully by then I'll know something."

When I hung up, Mulder was on the phone with the Gunmen. He hung up with them and turned to me. "They're gonna look into what they can."

"What do you think this is? Do you believe him?"

"My mother had alot of secrets, Scully. A secret uncle wouldn't be beyond her," Mulder sighed. "Or it could be some Syndicate members we know nothing about."

"Are you okay?", I asked, wanting to touch him but he touched my hand instead. "I need you," he said, so honestly, I couldn't say anything in return. "But, I'm going to be," he said.

I squeezed his hand. "You will."

I was the one organizing food in Teena's home. I wasn't used to her kitchen and this was after I had arranged for her home to be cleaned of all the duck-tape and evidence from her suicide. I had questioned myself if I should hold the reception here but Mulder assured me that it was okay. So, here I was shoving food into the fridge in the kitchen that was used as a weapon to kill his mother, and I felt like I was intruding. I felt as if she were standing around me watching me and it made me uneasy.

Mulder sat in the sitting room, surrounded by people who were all talking to everyone but him. I could see Tom Kuipers shaking hands and talking to others. He appeared to be geniune though I was very suspicious. Mulder suddenly stood up and retreated to the basement. I followed him and watched as he searched through stacks of papers and boxes. He grabbed a flashlight and then looked up to see if anything were shoved into the posts of the basement. He found a stack of envelopes covered in dust. He blew it and we nearly choked from the dust. He stared at the lettering. "What is it? What does it say?", I asked impatiently.

"It's from Tom Kuipers to Teena Mulder."

My eyebrows raised as I watched him pull out a letter and photos. He stared at the pictures. It was Christmas photos of the 'Family' upstairs. He quickly read through the letters, showing me each photo that appeared to be from the 60's and 70's from the way it yellowed, each one showing a different massive home in the background or a grand stairwell, showcasing the wealth of the family.

Mulder sighed. "I know you are like me...suspicious. This could've easily been planted here for me to find and these photos faked with today's technology, as you know."

"I do," I agreed.

"Let's get back up there," he said, pocketing the photos and letters.

I followed him out of the dark into the light of the home and parted with him as he approached the man named Tom Kippurs. "May I speak to you?", Mulder asked.

"Sure," Tom said, following him out the front door.

There was a stone bench seated along the side of the garden Teena had recently updated after her stroke. Mulder sat down and stared out at the view of his mother's home. "Tell me something, where have you lived all these years?"

Tom sighed. "We still live in Ohio," he said. "Where your mom is from," he sighed. "Look, I know it's probably strange for you to find out you suddenly have family."

"Strange isn't the word," Mulder said, eying him cautiously.

"Look. She was my baby sister. I had fond memories growing up with her. But after you were about two years old, she never wanted to see us again. I never even saw your sister."

Mulder pulled out the photos. "I found this."

Tom grabbed the photos out of Mulder's hand. He didn't react as he handed them back to Mulder. "She never responded to my letters, phone calls, nothing. Even when our father died, she was not there for the funerals. She dismissed her entire family," he said, standing up.

He looked down at Mulder and reached into his pocket. "I would like to get to know you," he said. "I want to invite you to our home back in Ohio. Both you and your girlfriend," he said, before turning to walk back to the front of the house.

I was standing at the doorway and was surprised to see Tom heading my way. He smiled at me and then walked past me back into Teena's home.

"Mulder?", I said.

"Right here," he said, looking up to me.

I placed a hand on his shoulder. "You okay?", I asked for the millionth time.

He smiled. "Sure, I guess. If its true."

We turned to see Skinner pulling up to the home, dressed in a gray trench-coat. He spotted us and walked over to the bench. He pulled out a piece of paper. "Teena Kuipers had one sister and two brothers. Her sister died at birth, and one brother named Kenneth is also deceased. He died last year of natural causes."

Mulder looked at me and I was shocked as well. "The other brother is indeed Tom Kuipers. He is the owner of a Medical Firm."

Red Flags were raised in both of us as we looked at each other and then back to Skinner. "He's married and is the father to two sons, Tom Jr and Corbin Kippurs. It all looks legitimate but I would still be cautious. The whole medical facility thing", Skinner said. "Caught my eye too."

"He's invited us to Ohio. Me and my girlfriend," Mulder smirked.

I must've turned beet-red in color as I glanced up to Skinner who didn't flinch, he only looked uncomfortable. I really hoped he understood that Mulder was joking.

"Well," he said, clearing his throat. "Did you want to open this as a case or pursue it personally?"

"A case," Mulder said. "We may need some FBI resources, depending on what we find. If this Tom guy is really my uncle, then I would like to know who he is but if he's another hybrid, we need to know what they want."

I stared at Mulder a moment. I wasn't sure if he would be able to handle another hybrid, another lie, but he was determined which meant, I unfortunately had to go along with it.

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