Sam and Gabriel get Dean and Cas to play Twister. Established Destiel and Sabriel.

Rated T

Dean fumbled with the key to Bobby's house. Cas was pecking little kisses down his neck and whispering such dirty things in his ear. Eventually the door opened. Cas spun Dean around to face him and their mouths collided. The two stumbled into the house, kicking the door shut behind them.

"Bedroom?" Dean panted.

Castiel nodded in agreement. They turned to head towards the stairs when an unusual sight meets their eyes.

"Game of Twister?" Gabriel asked innocently.

The floor space had been taken up by a large Twister mat. Gabriel and Sam were currently tangled up in a mess of limbs. Sam, who was laughing, slipped and collapsed across Gabriel's legs, causing both to collapse.

"What's Twister?" Castiel asked, turning to Dean.

"It's a game Cas. You spin that and it tells you were to put your left or right foot, or your left or right hand. Then you have to put selected body part on the correct colour. If you fall over you lose." Dean explained.

"It sounds like fun, can we play?" Cas begged excitement clear in his voice.

"I thought we were going to play our own little game?" Dean flirted, giving a wink.

"Gross." Sam muttered as he got up.

"Let my little bro learn the joys of Twister! Besides, surely you want to be tangled up with him?" Gabriel said.

"Please Dean!" Cas said like a little child.

Dean sighed and looked into Castiel's stunning blue eyes. They were as clear as the blue sky yet as wild as a raging river. They were full of love and happiness, but beyond that was the power that truly lies in an angel. Cas looked so adorable (Dean only ever uses adorable to describe Castiel because…well… just look at him!) trying to do Sam's puppy dog eyes. 'When did I get so soft?' Dean thought.

"Fine." Dean gave in.

Cas smiled and planted a soft kiss on Dean's cheek. Dean shook his head at the Twister board before bending over and spinning for Cas.

"Right hand red angel." Dean said.

Cas bent down and placed his right hand on the little red circle. Dean bit his lip as he got an amazing view of Castiel's ass.

"Angel?" Sam scoffed.

"Better than being called Sweet Tooth." Dean countered.

Gabriel stepped forward to put his left foot on blue and said "I like Sweet Tooth. Calling Cas 'Angel' is like me calling Sam 'Human'."

"Whatever." Dean grunted.

Sam spun for Dean.

"Left foot yellow." Sam said.

Dean stepped onto the mat and rested his hand on Cas' back.

It did not take long for the four friends to get in a mess. Gabriel was leaning on top of everyone, Sam had his older brothers butt in his face and Cas was stuck between Dean's legs and Sam's arms.

"How did this happen?" Sam moaned as he moved his right foot onto the green circle.

"Don't ask. Hey Cassie, left hand red." Gabriel said.

Cas reached his other hand up and over, stretching his body, so he now hand his cheek resting against Dean's.

"There you are." Dean whispered, leaning against Cas.

"Oi Samsquatch, left foot blue." Gabriel groaned. (He no longer had Cas to rest on)

"Impossible!" Sam protested.

"Just do it! I'm getting leg cramp." Dean barked.

Sam sighed and tried to move his gigantic leg. He lost his balance causing everyone to collapse.

Cas and Dean landed on the bottom, their legs tangled together. Sam lay across them and on top was Gabriel. Dean let out a groan, Sam a weird cry of pain and laughter, while Gabriel was laughing his head off.

"Idgets." Bobby muttered from the doorway before turning and leaving. Tonight now seemed like a good night to stay at a bar.