Dean was lying on the cheap motel bed. Sam had gone out, most likely to talk to that bitch Ruby, and left him all alone. He sighed and stared longingly at the ceiling. Where had it all gone wrong? Suddenly there was a swoosh of wings.

"Hey Cas." Dean sighed.

"Hello Dean. I got you a present." Castiel greeted.

Maybe things weren't so bad. His angel… wait, since when was Cas his? Anyway Castiel had gone out of his way to get him a present so he sat upright politely.

"What you got there?" Dean asked, nodding at the box in Cas' hand.

"I baked you a present. I remember you saying how you always wanted to try 'Weed Brownies' so I baked you some." Castiel explained.

"Wow thanks man! Pass one here." Dean said eagerly.

Castiel beamed at Dean's positive reaction. Dean took the largest brownie and took a bite out of it.

"Holy shit Cas!" Dean exclaimed, spitting the retched 'food' out.

"Dean those are weed brownies. They are neither Holy nor any form of excrement." Castiel said, somewhat confused.

"You used ACTUAL weeds. Like…what is this? Dandelions and shit!" Dean yelled.

"I'm sorry Dean. I just tried to please you." Castiel whimpered.

Dean looked into Cas' deep blue eyes and any anger he had was gone.

"I'm sorry. Look man, please sit down." Dean begged.

Castiel took a deep breath before sitting on the edge of the bed next to Dean.

"I didn't mean to snap. The brownie bits were nice…it was just the rabbit food bit that was gross." Dean said softly.

"I'm sorry Dean. I truly am." Cas repeated.

"Don't be. How about we make so normal brownies together tomorrow?" Dean offered.

"Ok." Cas agreed, smiling.

"Least you bothered to care about me…" Deans mind went back to Ruby.

"Your brother still loves you Dean. As do many." Cas said, placing the brownies on the floor.

"Dude, everyone who ever loved me is dead." Dean snapped.

"I'm not." Cas mumbled.

Dean looked up at Cas who was blushing. Who knew angels could blush?

"Dude, look at me." Dean said sternly.

Cas looked up at Dean, nothing but love in his eyes. Dean leant forward and kissed him softly, pulling him down onto the bed.

About half an hour later Sam returned to the motel, pumped up on fresh demon blood. He opened the door and stopped in his tracks. Dean and Cas were making out on the bed like a couple of love sick teenagers.

"About time." Sam muttered.