Sam set the movie up in the old player while Dean heated up some popcorn.

"What's that?" Castiel asked, looming over his shoulder.

Dean jumped. He could feel Cas' breath tickle over his neck. It sent shivers down his spine.

"Making popcorn. If you're watching a film you have to have popcorn." Dean replied.

Castiel let out a little smile as the corn popped in the pan. Dean then found some beers in the fridge. He handed them to Cas.

"Lay this out on the table. I'll be through in a minute." Dean instructed.

Castiel nodded and went back into the room they were watching the film in. A few minutes later Dean came back and put the popcorn on the table. He sat down the opposite side of the table to Cas.

The movie rolled on and Sam and Dean helped themselves to the snacks. Castiel sipped the beer Dean had given him.

"Hey Cas, just try some." Dean said, nodding to the dish.

Castiel reached his hand into the bowl and grabbed a few of the cloud like snacks. He popped one into his mouth and chewed slowly for a moment. He swallowed and turned to Dean.

"It's really good." Cas said simply.

"Told you I make 'em the best." Dean said to Sam.

Sam gave him a bitch face and a roll of the eyes.

About halfway through Dean reached into the pan and felt something which was defiantly not popcorn. He squeezed it, trying to work out what it was. Dean paled when the thing squeezed back. It was either Sammy messing around with him, or poor innocent Castiel. Poor innocent Castiel who he totally didn't have a crush on. Dean dared look to find that, yes; he was in fact holding hands with the nerd angel.

"Dean, you seemed to have grabbed my hand and not the popcorn." Cas said simply.

Dean quickly let go and shot his hand back into his lap.

"Sorry." He grumbled.

"It's ok." Castiel replied, looking up at Dean hopefully.

Sam started laughing. He had to wipe the tears out of his eyes. Dean went even redder, if possible.

When the film had finished Sam decided to go to bed.

"See you guys in the morning." He yawned.

"Sleep well Samantha." Dean called.

Sam let out an incoherent grumble.

Dean sat down on the sofa and with the last two beers and the rest of the popcorn. He always made too much, even when he and Sammy were kids. Castiel sat down beside him.

"Here. Catch." Dean said, throwing the beer to Cas, who easily caught it.

Dean and Cas sipped their beers and finished off the popcorn in silence.

"Dean…I have a question about earlier." Cas said slowly.

"Dude, if it's another question about the film don't bother." Dean started to explain.

"It's not about the film." Cas quickly interrupted.

"Then what is it about…oh." Dean said, suddenly realising.

There was an awkward silence that hung in the air for a few moments…or was it more?

"What about…um…that?" Dean coughed.

"It was…nice." Cas said slowly.

Their hands had been slowly edging closer and closer together. Eventually their little fingers touched. Dean took Castiel's hand in his.

"Still nice?" Dean asked nervously.

His throat had suddenly gone dry. This was too good to be true. One wrong move and Dean could fuck the whole thing up.

"Yes." Castiel answered simply.

"What to try something else…nice?" Dean said.

"…I would like that." Cas replied.

Dean tugged Castiel closer to him on the couch. He could feel the others breath on his own lips now. Dean closed his eyes and finally pressed his lips to Castiel's. One hand went onto Cas' hip while the other found his cheek. Castiel rested a hand on Dean's chest and another tugged at Dean's short brown hair.

When the two men parted they were a little bit out of breath.

"You were right Dean. That was nice." Cas said.

"Just nice?" Dean asked cockily, raising an eyebrow.

Castiel grinned at Dean and said "It was one of the greatest experiences of my life."

At this comment Dean's heart fluttered. He knew it was a chick flick Sammy thing to do but he said "You're one of the greatest things to have ever happened to me. I'm glad you raised me from Hell and not some other dick angel."

Castiel simply grabbed Dean's face and kissed him again.

In the morning Sam came into the room to see once of the sweetest things ever. Dean was lying on Castel's stomach, the trench coat thrown over them. Castiel was holding Dean protectively against him. Before either of them noticed him there he snapped a photo on his phone and sent it to Bobby.