Sitting at my desk totally absorbed in the manuscript I have in my hand, I jump slightly in my seat as my appointment alert sounds on my blackberry, glancing at the screen a smile slowly spread across my face

"Oh lunch with Kate, I so need some girl time" I think to myself.

Putting away the manuscript and straightening up my desk I heave myself out of my chair with a huff, grab my bag deposit my phone into it and leave my office, finding Hannah at her desk I smile and place a pile of letters on her desk, that have to make todays mail.

"Hannah I'm going for lunch now, I might be back I'm not sure, but you can handle everything, any probs call me"

"Sure thing Ana" she looks at me with her eyebrows raised and a grin on her face, I look at her frowning,

"Why is she laughing at me" my subconscious asks, Hannah's eyes finally rest at my feet,

"Are you sure you really want to out like that?" she asks with a giggle. My eyes follow her gaze,
Looking down I'm shocked to realize I'm still wearing my oversized bright pink fluffy slippers,

"Oops" I mumble feeling slightly embarrassed, feeling the blush flood my cheeks

"God I completely forgot I still had these on, they are so comfy,... But you're right these are fine on my feet hidden under my desk, but I'm not sure any restaurant will let me in wearing these" I answer her laughing, turning back towards my office,

"I think you're right" Hannah replies "stay there" she offers, as she walks past me, heading into my office

Sitting on a nearby chair I pull off my slippers, and place on my feet the heels that Hannah had just retrieved from under my desk,

"God these are so uncomfortable" I sigh "even in a half size bigger they still pinch, no one told me my feet and ankles would swell so much" I mumble miserably

"It will all be over soon and so worth it, once he's here" Hannah smiles reassuringly placing her hand on my ever growing bump.

"Oh he's frisky today" Hannah squeals as my baby wriggles around at the contact of her hand on my belly.

"Yes he certainly loves to kick about" I reply with a contented smile, placing my hand over her's and moving it slightly so she could feel the movement more clearly, we smile widely at each other,

"The past few nights I have hardly slept, he's been kicking my ribs so much, I sneak off to the guest room sometimes because I don't want to disturb Christian, but yes, as you say not long now, according to Dr Green with my dates and scans, I have about three weeks, and I can't wait, carrying this lump around is hard work"

"At least your blood pressure has settled now, I know that was a worry for a while" Hannah states with concern,

"Yes it was, still is if I am honest, I have to keep calm, no matter what, which is almost impossible being married to Christian , but he's been great he's more excited than I am"

"I'm surprised he's still letting you come into the office, I know how over protective he can be, I...'

"Oh don't remind me, he would of had me at home in bed for the past three months if I would have let him, but he knows not to fight me on this, I would have gone stir crazy at home, he understands that I need to keep busy, and anyway I'm going to be at home for the next few months, so its a fair compromise my coming into the office on a part time basis, I feel better when I am busy, now can you help this beached whale out of this chair, I don't want to keep Kate waiting" I say laughing, holding out my arms

"Of course" Hannah replies, taking my arms and pulling, feigning effort with a giggle,

"Thanks Han your a star, now have I got everything" I start looking my self over,

"Yes you're good to go" Hannah walks me to the elevator, still supporting my elbow and presses the call button,

"I will ring if there's any problems, enjoy your lunch, oh what about Ryan, is he accompanying you, shall I call him, he's in the security office, I think" Hannah gushed

"No leave him, he knows I'm meeting Kate, and its only a block away, Kate didn't want me waddling to far, so were meeting nearby, I shouldn't be too long, I know Kate's really busy at the moment so not sure how much time she has, her boss is going out of town for a few days so she has more to do than usual, see you in a bit' the elevator arrives and as I enter and turn to Hannah we say our goodbyes. The doors close and I descend to the lobby.

"Oh it will be good to see Kate. She's so busy lately we hardly catch up in person, I know I'll see her next weekend at Grace's gala, but it's not the same, you can't beat a girly catch up" I think to myself.

The elevator reaches the lobby and I step out, as I do my phone rings, digging it out of my bag, I see its Kate

"Hi Kate what's up? You're not cancelling on me are you?" I ask with concern

"As if I would Steele, but I am running late, hence the last minute phone call, I should be about half an hour or so, Bill is in a flap, he was supposed to leave today, but his house sitter has let him down at the last minute so I'm trying to find a replacement" Kate says sounding stressed

"Bill" I interrupt with confusion,

"My boss, look I will fill you in when I see you, I have called ahead to the restaurant and they will hold our table for as long as needed, perks of being a Grey" she says with a laugh, I return her laugh

"Yes the name does carry some weight and allows a bit of slack, okay see you in a bit, I need to pop into Escala anyway, I was going to do it after but now will do." I leave the building and head for the underground garage,

"What you going to Escala for?" kate asks and I can hear the curiosity in her voice

"I need to get a few things from the safe, Grace and Carrick gave me a beautiful ruby necklace, and I would like to wear it at the gala, Christian thinks it will please them, plus it will go great with my tent of a dress, anything to distract people from my bulge, look I'm holding you up, with all this chatter, get off the phone and sort your shit out and I will see you soon" I state as I reach my car.

"Will do Steele. laters" and with that she's gone.

I climb into my Sabb and adjust the seat, my bump really is getting in the way lately, I can't remember the last time I saw my feet, I smile to myself, three weeks and he will be here, god I am so excited, but more nervous, I am going to be a mom, and Christian, well... He's going to be everything, protector, provider, best friend, and the best father ever, he's beside himself with excitement, apprehension, and fear, but above all that, love.

The love that oozes from him for this baby is mind blowing, everything he does, from surprising me with a fully decorated and kitted out nursery, (after quizzing me about favorite colours and my ideal baby room), to attending all Dr's appointments and birthing classes, to just rubbing my back and feet at the end of the day, it is all done with such love and devotion it takes my breath away sometimes, and is proof that there is a good man in my fifty, and he overtakes every other fifty. He's finally believing in himself and everyone around him, that he has changed so much, don't get me wrong he can still be so moody that it is head spinning, but he's relaxed a lot, hence why I am still working, when I feel up to it, and how I can go to lunch without half a squadron of suits around me, oh I love that man.

I thank God every day, for Kate being ill the day of his interview, how different my life could have been, I sigh... I wouldn't change a minute of it, all the shit and interference we have been through in our time together, it has only brought us closer together, made me love him more, and I know he feels the same, he is not the same man he was a year ago, many people, not only his family, have noticed the change in Christian, and I know that all of them love the new man he has become, my eyes well up with tears, I ... I catch sight of myself in the door window, and notice the soppy lovesick look on my face, god these hormones don't help "pull yourself together Grey" I say out loud,

Turning the key in the ignition I pull out the car park and head for Escala.