Chapter Fourteen



As I wave off a slightly amused Gail, and a gob smacked Taylor, I can't help my wide smile and I shake my head slowly. Taylor is still shaking his head and looking at Christian's phone with a look of bewilderment on his face and a small smile playing on his lips. Yes, gob smacked is definitely what Taylor's feeling right now.

I sense Christian approaching behind me, just before his arm's wrap around my waist. With one arm above and below my huge bump, he gently pulls me to him. His head lowers to my shoulder and he softly starts running kisses up and down my neck.

"Well, it's just you and me now baby" he purrs, into the spot that always gets to me behind my ear.

The vibration from his words radiates down through my neck and straight to my groin. I moan, a deep guttural moan and step back into him further. I push my ass back into him and his breath catches in my ear sending shivers all through my body. I feel his cock swell behind me and can't help my giggle, or blush. We can't do this now.

"I can't believe you just did that" I utter for a distraction, while shaking my head slowly to clear it. Even I'm still a bit bewildered, his phone, he has actually parted with his phone.

"What?" he mumbles, in between kisses.

I pull away slightly, trying to control myself, as I know this will probably end with me flat on my back on the drive. It doesn't stop him though, and his kisses continue. My breathing is getting heavier as I feel the pull from him in all the right places. With my eyes rolling slightly, I pull away from him and turn to face him trying to rein in my need for him. We have to get inside the house at least. I chuckle to myself, as Christian looks down at me with nothing but love ingrained deep on his face.

"Your phone Christian... You just gave away your right arm. I think Taylor might have gone into shock. I hope he's okay to drive" I tease, but my face is expressing my shock and amazement.

Christian chuff's a soft laugh, while pulling me back into his arms. With his hands slowly sliding up my back to my neck, I can do nothing but bow against him. He gently tilts my head so I'm looking up at him. I see his face still holding the same loved up expression. Oh, this man is truly mine.

"Ana... You and only you, are my right arm, without you I have nothing, I'd be nothing, you..." I interrupt him.

"But Christian, business is..." he cuts me off with a swift kiss, then pulls his face away still holding my eye contact.

"Ana, my business isn't important to me right now, you are. I've spent the last few months working none stop to get to this point..." a confused frown crosses my face causing him to pause his explanation. He smiles and runs his nose along mine before continuing.

"I've finalized and taken care of everything that could possible take me away from you Ana" he breathes, as he brush's my lips with his softly. "Ros, and her team, along with Taylor, can take care of anything that crops up. I'm all yours baby, for as long as you and our son need me" he looks down smiling and places a hand on the baby. My heart swells at the love in his eyes. I get lost in them and the thought of us all being together.

What did I do to deserve this man? I run my hands up his chest to cup his face.

"God, Christian, I love you so much. How you can be so forgiving after what I did? After what I thought? What you must have gone through..." his lips stop my emotional rant as they meet mine. My heart pounds, and my hormones are running a bit haywire.

"Ana, don't dwell on this, please baby, every thing's fine. We're together, your safe and our baby is healthy, that's what's important, that's what matters" his lips lock with mine and his sweet kiss deepens and sooths my flaring emotions.

I respond to his kiss, not worrying at all about where we are now. My hands run up to his head and fist in his hair. Pulling slightly, I feel his moan against my lip's, fueling my desire further. Christian feels what is building between us and before all common sense and decency is lost, he pulls away. I silently curse his stronger than my will power. His breathing is accelerated, his eyes seem wild, full of need, and longing. He rests his forehead against mine and breaths deeply.

"Oh Ana, what you do to me, come" he shakes his head and closes his eyes, trying to calm himself. He takes my hand, turns towards the house, pulling me gently along with him.

"It's been a very long day baby, you must be tired, you need to rest... So to bed with you" he states. I turn, looking eagerly at him, a wicked smile playing on my lips.

"Oh, yes please" I almost beg. Christian's eyes widen as he laughs. Shaking his head, he rolls his eyes at me.

"You're insatiable woman" he chuckles, just as keen.

Then his eager face falls, worry appearing around his eyes. "Do you think it's okay? It's really close to..." I cut him off before he can talk himself out of anything.

"Christian, we've spoken to Grace, and sex is fine. As long as I'm not standing on my head or swinging from the rafters, a healthy sex life is encouraged" It's even thought to help bring on labor, but I don't think I will remind him of that snippet of info right now. He nods at my words of reassurance.

"Technically, we're good to go until he wants to make an appearance" I clarify and Christian nods again.

He knows all of this and I can't help smile at his concern, he's always aware of our baby, always worrying and he has the nerve to say that I over think things. I smile up at him, his face brightens, lust flaring in my eyes once again and I'm no longer able to control my need for him. I want him. Now.

"Christian... I haven't seen... Or touched you" I say, while stepping towards him, one hand slowly wrapping around his waist pulling him closer, the other, rubbing gently over his pants. He gasps, his hips instinctively leaning into my caress. "In what feels like forever... I've missed you"

I look into his eyes, the need etched clearly on my face, and his eyes darken before he wraps his around me. "I've missed your touch" I whisper, applying more pressure to his growing erection. "I've missed your scent...' I stretch onto my tiptoes and run my nose slowly up his neck breathing deeply as I go. "I've missed the taste of you" I breathe as I gently nibble on his ear.

I feel and hear him swallow and he sighs with content as my lips brush his neck. His eyes roll and he looks as sexy as hell. Nuzzling under this ear I purr. "I need to feel you Christian... Touch you... I need your hands on me... I want to lose myself in you... I" his lips crash to mine forcefully, expressing the need also in him.

His hands suddenly seem to be everywhere, running all over my body. I can feel the passion quickly building in both of us. Taking me by surprise, he pulls away swiftly and swings me up into his arms bridal style. I shriek, before giggling and wrap my arms around his neck. A wide grin covers my face.

"So, Mr Grey... Where are we headed?" I ask, as he strides purposefully towards the house.

Not hindered by my weight at all, his strong powerful arms hold me close.

"Bed... Most definitely bed" he breathes seductively, his eyes dark and intense with need. It's such a turn on.

"Bed" I utter, while grinning, but feeling a little disappointed.

Looking up at him, all wide eyed through my lashes and biting my lip, I smile inwardly. "No bed... I have wilder ideas" I purr, and he stop's short.

Looking at me, his eyes widen as he gets on to my playful mood instantly. His lips part as he runs his tongue across them, I notice his eye's are transfixed on my mouth, so I slowly release my bottom lip and run my tongue slowly across it mirroring his actions, knowing full well the effect it has on him.

"What..." he begins, but I place a finger on his lips.

"Oh Mr Grey... I think we can do better than a bed... Don't you?" I murmur softly, enjoying his reaction.

"Oh really Mrs Grey... Just what did you have in mind?" he asks with a raised eyebrow, the need back in his eyes. Oh... this is going to be fun.

"Well... I'm sure I've seen a hot tub around here somewhere... How do you fancy getting a little... Wet?"

My eyes widen excitedly at the mere thought, and his breathtaking smile is enough to get my heartbeat racing. I just know he's going to make this memorable.

We reach the patio and head for the uncovered hot tub. I feel Christian freeze slightly and I know what's just come to mind.

"No heat Christian, just turn on the jets" my face flushes at the possibilities, and Christian kisses my temple, a relieved look on his face.

"Oh well, I think we can have a little fun with that scenario, baby" he says playfully, as he places me on my feet and begins to pull off my clothes.


I'm kneeling on the bench in the hot tub, the water cool on my flushed exposed skin. My arms rest on the side of the tub supporting most of my weight. My brow is resting heavily on them as I try and breathe through my orgasm thats building.

Christian's large hands grip my hips as he slowly, deeply, possessively takes me from behind. It's wonderful, but it's a tormenting, joyous contradiction to the powerful water jet, pounding my clit from the front. I moan at the sensation and realize he knows exactly what he's doing as he twists my hips moving me where he wants me.

"Christian, please... I don't know... I don't know how much more... I can take... I need you to... Oh, faster, please" I can't help beg.

I hear him chuckle as his hands sweep around my belly to capture my breasts. He leans over me, running kisses up my spine to my neck as my body bows.

"You need it faster, harder baby?" he growls near my ear.

"Yes, yes... please" I pant, and I can feel my knees begin to snake, and it's a good job I'm leaning down.

I feel Christian shift and the cool air hits my back were he once was. I feel his hands claim my hips firmly and once again I hold on tight and brace myself for what's to come.


We're walking slowly hand in hand along the beach, following the waters edge. The dogs are with us, run freely, occasionally bringing something they find for Christian to throw. They soon realized that he could throw a lot further than me, so they've kept him busy and I've been reprieved.

The weather is amazing, a cool breeze blows gently, balancing out the warm sun, it's total bliss. It's hard enough waddling around carrying this extra weight,without dealing with the sweltering heat as well.

It's been wonderful these last two days, just the two of us being together with no interruptions. We've taken walks along the beach, spent time reading on the patio, cooked together, and curled up by the fire with the dogs just talking. Watching Christian jogging along the shore every morning with the dogs, while I sort out breakfast has become a highlight of my day. Suddenly, a thought occurs.

"Christian, have you missed it?" I ask, halting my steps.

"Missed what baby?" he asks, releasing my hand.

He picks up a large piece of driftwood, effortlessly snapping it in half and sending the pieces flying through the air, followed eagerly by the dogs. A satisfied smile claims his lips, he really seems to be enjoying himself. He seems so relaxed, carefree, young. Why am I even worrying? But still, I need to ask.

"Everything, your world, your empire, all the calls, the emails... Taylor?" I notice him twitch at Taylor's name, but dismiss it as he shakes his head.

"You've had no contact with anyone, we've had no interruptions at all. We weren't even this alone on honeymoon" I jest, he looks slightly sheepish as he nods. "Over the past two days we've hidden away and turned into slobs, we don't even get dressed properly" I say with a giggle.

I glance at the old comfy rolled up sweats he's wearing, not lingering on his bare chest. I'm no better, dressed only in a long t shirt and cut-down denim shorts. Not that it matters what we wear, we've hardly seen anybody over the last few days. It's a very private spot here, even the closest house to us doesn't seem occupied. Even though, I'm sure the lights were on during my first night here. Christian takes my hand, pulling me to him.

"Baby" he utters, as he cups my cheek. "You, are my world. I've missed nothing. It's been..." he pauses, as he contemplates what he's feeling. His eyes soften. "Refreshing, peaceful, soulful even" he confesses, blushes slightly.

Looking deep into my eyes, brushing the hair from my face he continues. "You're right, even on our honeymoon I never totally let go, gave you my full attention. I apologize for that" he says softly, as he kisses my nose.

"Having no interruptions or distractions has been an eye opening experience for me. My world, as you put it, consists of rules, regulations, structure, order, commitments, control, and things running at a constant fast pace... But these last few days here... I've had none of that, and you know what, baby, it's been the best" his grin widens.

"Just letting it all go, stepping back, not letting it interfere and having no one else around, just me and you..." he gasps as his legs buckle suddenly as Milly catches him in the back of the leg with the drift wood she holds in her mouth.

Christian chuckles as he rights himself. "Oh, and of course, your new best buds... no, our new best buds" I laugh along with him. "It's been amazing Ana, spending so much alone time with you, is amazing. I can never get enough of you, your presence, your company, just having you so close constantly... It feel wonderful. I feel fully relaxed. There's a lot to be said for vacation time, and this feels like a true vacation. I've never understood that before. How about you?" he asks, as he lifts my chin and kisses me softly, before pulling away awaiting my answer.

"Me? Oh Christian, it's been perfect. I feel so close to you, I've never felt this close to anybody, I love you so much and I'm so thankful everyday for you coming into my life... Ooh" I groan, as a sudden kick to the ribs causes me to buckle in on myself.

I catch my breath, placing my hand just under my breast and rubbing. Christian takes hold of my other hand then puts his other arm around my waist, supporting my weight.

"What's happening baby? You okay?" I nod.

"Sit" he demands, helping me slowly to the sand. He follows suit, sitting opposite me.

"I'm fine... Our son just feels like kicking a lot today that's all. He's so big now, I can feel every movement" I explain as I pant. "Here, feel" I offer, moving Christian's hand to what I'm sure are our baby's feet, so he feels the next sharp kick with me. His eyes widen and his face drops in awe, as my belly moves.

"God, Ana... Was that his foot?" I nod. "Wow" is all that leaves his lips as he stares intently at our baby bump.

"Oh, Ana" he murmurs softly, looking into my eyes. "That is actually his foot, his little tiny foot, his..." tears well up in his eyes.

I stare at the emotions on his face and my heart breaks with love for this man. He will be a wonderful father. I raise my hand cup his face, gently using my thumb to wipe away a lone tear that escapes.

"I love you so much Christian. Thank you so much for spending the last few days here alone with me... You could've so easily took me home, and just got one of the security to stay here, but you didn't, you gave everything up for me, for us, and I love you so much for it" my own eyes tear up and he smiles softly while leaning in to kiss me.

"I wouldn't be anywhere else baby, you and our baby are my life now" he leans closer, resting our foreheads together. A smile plays on his lips as the baby moves under his palm again.

"I think we needed this time alone together Christian, for us to get even closer as a couple, because... Everything is about to change" I glance down, panic rising at the thought of whats going to happen.

"He's so big now, moving so much, he must be so ready to get out of here. In as little as two weeks he could be here, and that's it Christian, things will never be the same again. Things will shift, our lives will differ, we will become a mother and a father... It's so scary... I know you felt like it was too soon and maybe..."

"Hush, baby" he whispers, grasping my chin. He releases my lip, that I didn't even realize I was chewing, and looking deep into my eyes his word reach me.

"Ana, baby... I can't wait... I want my life to change. What we have, what we're going to become, I want that so much. I never thought all of this was possible for me, never even considered it, but you, you changed everything. You brought chaos into my world, turned it upside down, broke every rule I had firmly in place... And for that... I will worship you everyday for as long as I live" He places a firm kiss on my forehead then brushes away my flowing tears.

"My life was empty, cold, predictable, but since I've met you, every day has brought a different challenge, a new experience. We've had so many firsts baby, many that you don't even realize, you not only changed my life, you changed me, from the inside out. You brought me love Ana, hope, gave me dreams, different goals to work to. You brought my whole family closer together. Elliot has Kate, Mia has Ethan. My mother, now has a true son who welcomes her hugs and kisses. I'm now, almost bearable to be around... All because of you" he says, as he laughs softly.

"When you fell into my office, you fell into my life, you've changed everyone around me. My family, our friends and my staff" my tears are pouring now but I don't even feel them.

I'm stunned, reeling from every word he's spoken. How could I have done so much? I'm just me. It was him who changed my life, he awoken me, gave me a life. He kisses me, my tears dampening our lips.

"Oh Christian" I mumble against him while throwing my arms around him, he holds me close. "You mean so much to me, we'll be great parents, I know we will" I feel his arms tighten around me. "Thank you so much for loving me, for letting me break all of your rules, for putting up with my smart mouth, my..." I can't say anything else, as my mouth is suddenly very busy.

Christian's kiss is deep, full of meaning. His tears join mine and mix together on our lips. Our embrace tightens and we're both pouring everything we have, everything we are into each other. I feel that my heart might burst, surely it must be over flowing by now? I've never felt so much for a single person, he's my entire life, he and our baby. Could things actually get any better?

Christian pulls away, wiping my tears away with his thumbs. He releases me, stands, takes my hand and pulls me up into his arms.

"Come on, lets get you back inside, too much emotional upset, and too much heat can't be good for you" he states playfully.

I laugh with him, he knows my emotions are still a little all over the place, but he seems to be opening up to his too. Maybe, he's slightly embarrassed I don't know, but he's a better man for it in my eyes.

"Take me home, Grey" I say playfully. "And don't forget our new best buds" I remind him.

Christian looks towards the water were the dogs are frolicking about. He whistles loudly and as the dogs return to our sides, we all head inside.

"So what shall we do for the rest of the day, Mr Grey?" I ask, trying to keep my emotions on an even keel.

"Well, we need food first, then maybe we could take a shower to cool off a bit, wash away the sand"

"We could always use the hot tub again" I utter, interrupting him. My eyes flicker mischievously as images of our time in there the other evening cause my face to flush, and Christian to laugh heartily.

"Well, maybe, but I kind of had other plans for us tonight" he says with a grin.

"Oh you did, did you? and what might they be?' I ask sweetly, but eager to know.

"Tonight is a full moon, and as you know, the beach is beautiful basked in moonlight. It's our last night here and we've discovered how secluded this part of the beach can be, so... I thought maybe, we could enjoy the beach, you know, try and get sand in all the right places" his innuendo is as clear as his grin is wide. His eyes bubble with the happiness that is written all over him.

"That sounds like fun Mr Grey... So definitely count me in" I agree eagerly as he kisses my head.

"Woman... I love you with all that I am"


Christian was so right, the moon reflecting off the water makes this place even more special. We're lying on the beach at the water's edge, both panting deeply for breath. I can feel the water lapping at my feet, and a warm breeze is cooling our over heated naked bodies and it feels so good.

Christian rolls onto his side to face me, brushing the damp hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear. He kisses me in between my gasps for air.

"How the hell did we go from slowly, tenderly, worshiping each other... To you, bucking me like a bronco?" he asks seductively, close to my ear. He has a huge grin is on his face, his eyes are wild, and I can't help my giggling.

"God only knows" I splutter, my whole body feeling my flush. "These hormones of mine are so controlling, I just can't seem to get enough of you... I'm sorry, I..."

"Don't you dare apologize for wanting me. That was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life" he says quickly.

"Really?" is all I can manage. My heart is still pounding.

"Oh yes... I've never heard you come so passionately... It's a good job this beach is deserted and the house along the way is in darkness, because you definitely would've woken up the neighbors. You're amazing Ana" he praises as he nuzzles my neck.

I can feel my body responding, and I haven't even caught my breath yet. Christian chuckles softly as he reads my response to him.

"You're insatiable Ana" he breathes. I can't help my giggle because his proximity is not helping. "We've been at it like rabbits for over two days your stamina has definitely increased, and I for one am not complaining, these two days have been wonderful Ana, I love you, truly I do"

"We aim to please, plus... I have a lot of making up to do after wh..." his lip's reach mine before I can say anything else.

'Oh... You so have baby, but I think your debt is settled, so no more fretting. Come on, lets get inside before you catch cold" he orders, as he sits up and feels around for our discarded clothes.

After putting on his shorts and T-shirt he hands me my dress, he helps me into it by pulling it over my head and down my body. I feel it brush my warm, sensitive skin, and involuntarily moan even though it felt so much better coming off. Christian chuckles as he catches my eye, and knows exactly what I'm thinking. I squirm under his touch as he continues to righten my clothes.

"Stop woman, please" he belly laughs. "Come on, let me help you up"

I shift off my butt and roll onto my knees and reach up to take Christian's out stretched hand. As I lift my knee to raise up myself up, I feel a strange sensation between my now, very wet thighs. I pull back on Christian's hand to halt his assistance, and look down at the sand between my knees. Even in just the glare of the moonlight, I can tell the sand is sodden beneath me.

"What's the matter baby? You've gone very pale, are you hurting any..." he suddenly reads my face and stops his rambling questions.

"Christian... I think my water just broke" I whisper, as I look into his widen eyes.

A series of emotions flicker rapidly across his face, shock, fear, apprehension, but suddenly, his eyes light up, his face brightening.

"We're going to have a baby?... The baby is coming?... Now?' he mouths, and raises his eyebrows expectantly.

"I'm not sure Christian, I don't seem to be in any pain but... Aarrh..." the breath is ripped from me as pain grips me, cramping my whole lower back and stomach.

"Oh... Me and my big mouth" I grumble, cradling my stomach.

Christian stands, suddenly going into organized CEO mode. I can see the worry hidden in his face, but he's hiding it well behind his well practiced facade.

"Right, first things first, we need to get you to the hospital an call Dr Green and my mother, then...' I interrupt him, panting.

'"But Christian, we don't have a car here, just call a ..." he holds up a hand to silence me. "Baby, I've covered the chance of this happening, don't worry, we'll have you at the hospital in no time" he says confidently.

"How?" I whimper, clutching my stomach still on all fours.

"Just one minute, baby" he says as he walks away from me.

He takes a few strides in the direction of the house, and at the top of his voice he yells one word. "Taylor"

My face pulls into a smile and the laughter bubbles in my throat, as the house down the beach is suddenly flooded with light. The rear door bursts open and a flustered Taylor comes running out, in nothing but his pajama pants.

He heads towards us, then must realize what's going on, his state of undress and lack of vital equipment, because he turns and runs back into the house, nearly falling in the sand as he does. I shake my head and look up at Christian, who is now beside me ready to help me to my feet. As I stand, he swings me up into his arms and heads urgently towards the house. He places his lips to my forehead.

"How are you doing baby? Ready to go and meet our son?" his eyes seem so alive. I nod. "I love you" he whispers.

Before we reach the deck, Taylor is beside us, out of breath, but more suitably dressed now in jeans and a polo shirt. He holds Christian's car keys and phone in one hand and my pre-packed hospital case in his other.

"How you doing Ana? How soon apart are the contractions? Have you..." he's gushing and flustered like he's the expectant father.

"Hello, to you too Taylor" I say with a smile, as I hear Christian chuckle. "Stop panicking, I'm fine, my waters only just broke and my contractions have only just started. I've only had..." my body cramps in Christian's arms.

He stop's instantly and tries to soothe me. Taylor's face pales, he drops my case and gently rubs my back in-between Christan's arms. Christian raises his brows, looking bewildered but doesn't stop him.

"I'm fine, Jason, honestly" he nods, and we set off again heading to the front of the house.

"Taylor... How long have you been hiding out in the house next door?' I give him a grin and he returns my smile.

"Only since this morning Ana, the owners had a sudden urge to spend a few days in Aspen" he explains as he winks at me, I look up at Christian with total wonder in my eyes.

"You think of everything don't you? What made you think we would need all of this today? Surely you couldn't have already arranged with our son, the date and time of his arrival?" he laughs, shaking his head.

"Even I'm not that good Ana, but I noticed a few things about you and had a word with my mom after I remembered something we were told at birthing class" he looks at me with a sly smile. I stare at him with expectant eyes, waiting for him to explain. He rolls his eye's and whispers into my ear.

'Baby, you've been so horny lately and you're so close to your due date. I was a little worried that all this physical activity" he pauses and smiles suggestively at me as I flush. "Would bring on your labour, you've also been moving around a lot slower today, so after speaking to my mom I covered all bases. Now Taylor, make the calls" he snaps efficiently.

"Christian, why are you so calm?" I can't help asking, while staring at him in awe.

It's so not like him, he can't control any of this. I thought he would be panicking, but no, cool as a cucumber CEO strikes again. I shake my head with pride.

"Can I let you into a little secret baby?" he says, with a nervous smile. I nod, expectantly. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm absolutely terrified... But I think Taylor is panicking enough for the two of us, so I will be the level headed one... At least till we get to the hospital" he teases, as he kisses me softly.

We reach the front of the house and the SUV is parked discreetly just out of view. Taylor opens the rear door and Christan lowers me inside. Taylor runs around to the back of the car and stows away my things. He then runs around the front of the car and attempts to climb in, but before he does he nearly trips but drops the key's. He's so flustered.

"Taylor, would you mind sitting in the back with Ana?' Christian asks, while kissing my forehead and buckling me in safely.

"Why sir?" Taylor asks 'I'm here to drive you"

'Sorry Taylor... But your hands are shaking, your sweating, distracted and far to anxious, so I don't think you should be behind the wheel" I see a look of hurt run through Jason's eyes and Christian spot's it too. Before it can take hold Christian adds. "Plus, you've been through this before so I want you with Ana, you'll know what she needs, what to do to help her" Christian winks down at me, placing a firm kiss on my cheek. Taylor's face light's up.

'"Of course, Sir" he replies, and he almost sounds proud.

He quickly climbs in beside me, takes my hand and begins rubbing it softly. "Just breath Ana... Breath" he instructs, using short sharp demonstrative breaths.

I can't help my giggle, and as Christian climbs into the driver's seat he catches my eye in the rear view mirror and smiles his mega watt smile. My heart melts at the joy in his bright gray eyes.

He places his phone in the cradle and begins to makes the necessary calls as we pull away from the house. And thats when it really hits me that this is it, we're on our way to the hospital to bring our son into the world, to begin a new chapter in our lives, but before we do... I just can't help myself.

"Taylor, do you know you're not wearing any shoes?" his face flushes in realization, and I can't control my laughter at the shock on his face. "It;s okay, don't worry. I'm sure I have my pink, fluffy slippers in my case, you're more than welcome to borrow those"


The End