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"Oh~, fuck tha's good! Aah!"

Ichigo gasped in response to Grimmjow's cry. His fingers dug painfully into the Arrancar's hips as he thrust inside him, the squeal of lubricant and smacking flesh reverberating through the room alongside their moans, cries and growls.

Grimmjow's hands and teeth pulled and tore into his pillow- Ichigo was holding him up at this point. How many orgasms had it been? Didn't really matter, not when his body was quivering in pleasure like it was.

Ichigo breathed raggedly through his clenched teeth, rhythm faltering as Grimmjow's ass tightened around his cock in another orgasm. The Hollow's warm semen spilled onto the white sheets beneath them, his roar muffled in the cotton of Ichigo's pillow.

Half a dozen strokes later, Ichigo bit into Grimmjow's shoulder, drawing blood as he came. Grimmjow whimpered at the pain, the pleasure waning and unwilling to disappoint his new master with objection.

Afterwards, as Ichigo lie on his back, Grimmjow sleeping on his chest, arms lazily around one another, he thought about how their relationship came about.

When Aizen had been defeated and Ichigo had been surrounded by his friends, he noticed that Inoue and Ishida wouldn't meet his eyes. He didn't know what could be bothering them, and later, after awakening to find his powers disappearing, they denied anything was wrong. From what he recalled of the fight with Ulquiorra he worried that they feared him now.

He wasn't incorrect, although, not for the reasons he first believed. It happened at school.

Bored out of his mind in Pre-Calculus, he had his head against his desk, seriously considering a power nap. All week he'd been plagued by memories of his last fight with Quatro Espada and the tiniest glimpses of Grimmjow, oddly enough. He thought that he'd killed the Sexta in his berserk state. He was so wrong.

The memory had struck so quickly and fiercely it let him unable to move for several seconds. The instant he regained his senses, he bolted from the room. He wasn't paying attention and he didn't know where he was going. His powers were dying out by the second and a Garganta was beyond the question. Why he suddenly wanted to go to Hueco Mundo sickened him. What could he do? It had been weeks. Apologize?

'I'm sorry, Grimmjow. Let's be friends now, 'kay?'

As if.

He ended up in back at the house, stomped into his room and promptly threw up in his waste bin. He tasted bile and felt his morals rear up in his throat, and would have thrown up again if not for the unexpected visitor. He'd apparently been in the room the whole time, what with how he made himself at home on Ichigo's bed, legs crossed at the ankles, hands holding a book, expression a mixture of disgust and curiosity.


Ichigo blinked dumbly. "Wha?" Was his intelligent reply.

Turned out, Grimmjow himself didn't realize what had happened. Ichigo yelled and screamed himself hoarse in apology, weeping at the terrible crime he'd committed against the man. Grimmjow had never been so unnerved. Pantera explained to his master- more concerned that Ichigo was upset, than Grimmjow was oblivious- what warranted the declarations.

Grimmjow was silent. The blue haired man went over his zanpakto's memory many times, digesting the cold hard truth, the deception. Unable to deal with it, he passed out.

Ichigo tended to the unconscious Arrancar, wiping away fresh tears every time he so much as looked at him. He'd never hated himself more.

When Grimmjow awoke, they managed a civil conversation. Grimmjow's reaction disturbed him. He knelt on the floor before Ichigo and said,

"Ya beat me like no one's every beat me before. Yer not gonna have powers much longer. I lost and now I'll never get the chance to win again. That means that yer the king now regardless. I know ya weren't in control and it's more Pantera's fault than anything. I can't blame you for following instinct; I might've done the same if I weren't an Arrancar. Aizen's gone and I'm the last of my kind. I have nowhere to go from here, now that I'm free." He looked up, meeting Ichigo's eyes. "Will ya have me?"

"Have…you?" Ichigo questioned. "But Grimmjow-"

"I already told ya. It ain't you I blame, and…um…" Grimmjow's eyes darted away, cheeks flushing, mumbling something.

"Could you say that again? I can't understa-"

"It felt good!" Grimmjow blurted out, still looking away. "At…at the end, I-I…I've never felt that good. Even when I did it with other Arrancar. It never…I…I ain't ever cum so hard. Alright?" He gulped before meeting Ichigo's eyes once more, "So will ya have me?"

Ichigo was torn. He'd sodomized this man. He'd freed this man. This man was willing. He was homeless. He was alone. Ichigo conceded with that thought, nodding slightly, stomach rolling.

Grimmjow then proceed to tear off his pants, and blow him, without any sign of hesitation.

Things got out of hand from there.

What was he supposed to do? He felt horrible as it was and he would've felt worse if he stopped the blue haired man. He made the decision to go that far and Ichigo couldn't bring himself to stop him.

Chad brought him his stuff later that day. Inoue and Ishida were with him, and listened as Ichigo gave them an edited explanation for Grimmjow's appearance. Meaning, he didn't at all mention the rape.

Chad simply nodded, even if he could tell it wasn't the whole truth he wasn't the type to pry. Ichigo would tell him in a few months. He never thought negatively of Ichigo, especially after seeing how distraught he was over it, and remained his best friend for the rest of their natural lives and onwards. The others were a different story.

He knew about Inoue's crush on him, had known for a long time. Maybe they'd caught the after math? If so, she said nothing about it. She started avoiding him at school, though. He knew that it hurt her, she knew how it must hurt him knowing what he'd done- he wasn't the kind of person who did that- but she just couldn't face him anymore. While still friends, they drifted apart. They had mutual friends, like Keigo and Tatsuki, but before Soul Society they've never really been close. Almost a year later, he'd watch Inoue leave for a date with an Italian exchange student. He smiled and waved, a little sad but happy she was moving on from him. They still talked from time to time. Over the years, they would rebuild their friendship from the bottom up. They would babysit each other's children, and his oldest son and her second daughter would get married one day. Their first grandchild had blue eyes, Ichigo's jaw, Inoue's hair and her husband's nose.

Ishida flat out moved away. His father had him transferred to a private school on the outskirts of Tokyo. He didn't know how much Ryuuken knew but there was mutual dislike between them and didn't ask Ishida about that. Ishida kept in touch with Inoue and Chad but avoided Ichigo altogether. Maybe it was for the best.

It had been two years since that fateful day. Ichigo had just graduated from high school a week ago and was set to begin college next fall in the United States. His mother's older sister worked as a professor at the University of California-Berkley, teaching biology. She even agreed to get him his own apartment off-campus as long as he managed a high enough GPA. It worked well considering Grimmjow.

His lover would be following him. Set to receive a gigai by their time of departure, he had acclimated surprisingly well to the Living World. Ichigo even found that he was genuinely enjoying his company. He still felt guilt about what he'd done, but as the days went by, he felt a little better about it more and more.

Grimmjow held no grudge, surprisingly, and became a dutiful bodyguard for him and his sisters as Ichigo lacked powers and the girls simply weren't strong enough to take on the stronger Hollows. He trailed Ichigo like an ever faithful servant some days and on others he wandered off to explore the world or just get some time alone.

Soul Society hadn't contact him since defeating Aizen. No Rukia or Renji or even Byakuya. Urahara's lips were sealed tight. However, he did mention that Soul Society didn't know about Grimmjow and it was best to keep it that way since Ichigo had no standing in the spiritual world anymore. Oh, he was revered by nobles and commoners alike for his deeds, but he had no power to make them accept his actions and decisions. At least Urahara could keep secrets.

As he basked in the warmth of post coital bliss and the body draped over his own, he decided that it wasn't as bad as he believed earlier that night.

Grimmjow interrupted his thoughts by mumbling in his sleep. "-at? I don'…-eal cream from kizzens…shit…face…Ichi… " His breath was warm against Ichigo's collar bone.

Ichigo shook lightly with suppressed laughter. He used both hands to massage Grimmjow's scalp, the cat-like man beginning to purr before awakening. His eyes were hardly open but his irises glowed beautifully in the faint light. "Don't mind me," Ichigo whispered, "I was going to sleep anyhow."

Grimmjow closed his eyes and obeyed. He was always the most complaint right after sex. He also called him "Master" or "King" when addressing him. Ichigo found that it didn't bother him as much as it originally had.

He didn't mind having this monster of the night as his own, at his beck and call. Because Grimmjow was adventure, and spontaneity, danger and desire and everything he'd always been afraid to reach for. Besides he was a monster in his own right. Or had been. He knew that neither of them would ever forget.

Their relationship wasn't bad at all. It actually felt pretty good.

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