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Chapter 1

"I'm sorry Sonny but if you fail that Geometry test, I'm afraid I'm going to have to kick you off the show"
She was standing in Marshall's office with Tawni who was distracted by her reflection in the mirror but came back to focus when she heard the last part of Marshall's statement
"But Marshall", she tried to reason with him but was cut short.
"My decision is final Sonny, I wish I didn't have to do this but I do"
"What about the Check it out girls sketch" blurted Tawni "If Sonny gets kicked off the show, then can I do it on my own?"
"Tawni!" Sonny said, not believing what Tawni had just suggested.
"No you can't Tawni, I've already assigned it to Nico and Grady"
They all looked outside the window when they heard some noise and saw the two boys dancing excitedly at the idea of them doing a girls sketch. Drags... Tawni thought.

Back at their dressing room Sonny was freaking out.
"What am I going to do? I hardly get Geometry and now that's what's going to determine my future on So Random"
"Maybe you should look for a tutor" Tawni said
"I already did that but it didn't help. I still don't get Geometry" Sonny looked over at Tawni who sat in front of the mirror as usual but this time with a thoughtful expression on her face.
"Well that just leaves us with one other option" said Tawni while getting up from her seat and walking towards Sonny.
"And what's that" Sonny said, walking back a bit until she had her back to the table. Tawni got to her and reached behind her with one hand and took hold of Sonny's hand with the other. She picked a pen from the table and quickly started scribbling Geometry stuff on Sonny's hand with it.
"No!" Sonny said jerking her hand out of Tawni's grasp "I'm not going to cheat"
"But that's the only way Sonny" said Tawni reaching for Sonny's hand again but having Sonny move out of her reach.
"Why do you even care?" She demanded looking straight into Tawni's eyes "I thought you wanted me off the show anyway"
"Well... I did but…not anymore" She said in a slight whisper directed at the floor.
"What?" Sonny spoke with a sheepish grin forming on her lips.
"You know you heard me you silly cowgirl" Tawni snapped moving so her back was to Sonny, hiding her blush.
"No I didn't" said Sonny unconvincingly while going around Tawni so she was facing her again obviously amused by the whole thing.
"Ok fine Sonny, I don't want you of the show anymore because I need you. "
She almost hit Sonny because she had the most stupid grin on her face at that moment but Sonny pulled her into one of the best hugs they'd ever had. "Wait" said Sonny pulling out of the hug to look Tawni in the eyes again "I hope you're not just saying all this because you want to do the Check it out Girls sketch and you can't without me" She frowned when she saw Tawni hesitate before replying.
"No Sonny, listen, I do need you. Over the time you've been her I realized that we've grown to become…friends" she hesitated before saying the word because she knew deep down that that wasn't all she wanted to be with Sonny. "and if you went away, then things just wouldn't be the same." As she finished, she felt herself being pulled into another hug by the lovely brunette girl she despised and loved at the same time.
"Don't worry Sonny" she said while still in the hug "We'll do it...together".

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