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Peter POV

After Bells got off the phone with Major, she looked a little better and quickly fell back into a deep sleep.

"How's she doin' now Peter," asked Char, she loved Bells almost as much as I did.

"She's better now that she knows that Major's on his way. Whoever did this to her will have Hell to pay when we him or her."

"When did Major say that he would be here?"

"In about 30 minutes maybe less since its Bells and he's runnin'. He didn't sound too happy that she's hurt."

"That's good she missed the old him anyway since Jasper doesn't remember her yet. I wonder if Damon is comin' too or if he even knows."

Before I could answer the back door opened and Major ran into the livin' room lookin' very angry.

"Where is Bells," he asked without sayin' hello. Then we heard Bells scream at the top of her lungs, "stay here." He ran upstairs and she quieted down but then started cryin'.

Please let Bells be alright, I thought to myself

Major POV

I pushed myself to run faster than I had ever before. I needed to get to my niece before she switched her humanity off and I lost my caring Bella.

When I finally made it to the woods behind her house, I passed a place in the woods with Bella and Edward's scent.

This must be where he dumped her, I thought to myself, I should've killed him when I had the chance!

I ran through her back door and smelled my Captains in the livin room. Peter felt nervous, while Char felt worried and concerned.

"Where is Bells," I asked them, then I heard a scream come from upstairs, "stay here!" I ran up to Bella's room to see her thrashing around on her bed.

"Bella," I yelled shakin her but she didn't wake up, "BELLA!" She woke up whimpering, then she saw me and started cryin.

"Uncle Jay," she cried as I rocked her tryin to calm her without using my gift.

"It's okay Bell, your okay, sweetie." She cried for so long that my shirt was soaked in the tears. Her tears stopped and she calmed down enough that she could talk normally.

"Thank you uncle Jay."

"Do you feel better now sweetheart?" She nodded her head and stood up.

"I wanna go outside and get some air," she said then thought fro a moment, "will you take a walk with me?" I stood and walked downstairs with my niece. When we reached the bottom step, Char enveloped Bells in a hug then moved to me.

"Hey aunt Char and uncle Peter. Sorry if I scared you when you came, that goes for you too uncle Jay." She was always worried about others before herself exactly like her mother. Bella reminded me so much of her mother, it almost hurt to think about her.

"You did scare me for a little bit Bells but I your uncle so I have to worry about you even when your feelin fine," said Peter cheerin her up a little bit, he pulled her into a tight hug. They were all projecting feelings of a true family; love, happiness, contempt, and commitment. I smiled at my small family almost forgetting why I'm here in the first place.

"Bells we need to discuss what happened earlier before your father gets here in about 7 hours or less knowin how he drives." She sighed and began projecting defeat then turned toward the kitchen to sit down.

"I should've known that you wouldn't wait a little while longer, military breed." She teased me knowin my background.

"Bell I know that Edward did this to you now I just need you to tell me exactly what happened earlier today." She took a deep breath and began the story.