It was half past midnight and Angela was enjoying her usual cup of hot chamomile tea before bed. The day had been uneventful, which was a welcome relief from her usual days of being on the run. She was glad to be away from the city, even though she had spent most of her life growing up in the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle. She had finally settled into a small town just outside of Chicago, it was quaint and felt like it had been left behind in the Victorian era. The people were very friendly and and the community was small and private enough that she could blend in without worrying about the praetorians finding her. She knew it would take her a while to be able to let down her guard, to actually relax for once, but she hoped it might become normal for her once again. There was always a struggle within her, one side that wanted peace in this lifetime and another that could not rest after all she knew about the praetorians and their control over what seemed like the entire world.

She decided she wanted a rest. She could pick up the fight again, but for now she needed respite, some time to gather herself. Sorcerer had agreed to cut off communication with her as a precaution. She knew he never intended to put her in harms way but it was a lot to ask of her to always be the one to face the praetorians with him being safely hidden behind the scenes. It had taken it's toll on her physically and emotionally. She wondered if Trelawney would ever stop hunting her, and if he'd be able to find her even here in this remote little town.

Angela didn't want to think about it. She finished the last sip of her tea and settled into bed. It felt nice to be in an actual bed; not a couch, a cot in a shelter or even the horrible beds in the cheap motels she would occasionally have to hide out in. A real bed, and it was HER bed inside HER apartment. Angela pondered all the things she had taken for granted before, simple things like this.

The night had an eerie ambiance ripe for visions and nightmares. She could hear the autumn wind howling outside her window and the newly fallen leaves dancing upon the cobblestone. The street lamps cast long shadows across Angela's window, more than once she imagined she seen something more there than trees. She knew it was her anxiety causing her to see things that weren't real and she was so exhausted it wasn't long before she drifted off to sleep, the deepest sleep she had had in a long time.


Angela awoken suddenly, she felt as if something had startled her awake but she could not remember if it was something in her dream or something real. She looked around in the darkness and did not see anything amiss in her room. She got up and went to the window, peering out to the street below. It was quiet and still. She guessed it must have been a nightmare which woke her, It certainly wasn't an unusual occurrence these days.

She closed the blinds and turned to go back to sleep. When Angela turned she was suddenly filled with terror at the sight of a shadowy male figure between her and the bed. Angela went to let out a scream, but the figure rushed her and had her mouth muffled before she even had a chance to make a sound. She struggled to break free from the intruder but he had a firm grip on her. Angela threw wild punches and kicks and was finally successful in landing a swift kick to his shin, disabling him long enough for her to run.

She darted towards the door but before she could make it the man had already seized her once again and she landed hard on the floor. Before she could even turn to fight him, he had a rag pressed tightly over her mouth, one she quickly realized was soaked in chloroform. Angela let out a muffled cry as she felt her consciousness drift away.