This is a fanfic based upon Startrek with a hint of the game StarTrek Online. It follows the story of my character and his recruitment into my current clan.
The story does not follow the events of my conscription entirely accurately, certain events were dramatized for your entertainment

"Now is the time to strike!" Deetex yelled, slamming his fist on the desk.
The meeting had been stagnating severely, as many of the admirals had insisted on repeating previous arguments.

"The Borg are weakened, unimatrix zero one is open for attack, but every moment we waste talking and planning, they restore more defenses."
"Mr Seraph, we are well aware of your previous discoveries at the behest of those... Rogues."
Brash, aggressive and deeply seething, Deetex scowled.
"But the fact remains that we do not have the resources and personnel to launch a full-scale invasion, the Klingons..."
Deetex cut him off.
"I don't care about the Klingons right now, their defeat at starbase 24 has left them severely disorganized."
"Nevertheless they are still a viable threat equal to or greater than the Borg who, need I remind you, are currently located still deep within the Delta quadrant. As the Klingon empire"
"I do not require a lesson in stellar topography"
"The Klingon empire borders the federation, by proximity alone they take precedence!"
"Bah!" Deetex gasped annoyed, as he dropped into his chair and slumped.
"Unimatrix zero one is just sitting there..."
He jolted upright.
"Issue me twelve ships, the former MACO captains and their crew, I will lead a strikeforce myself then."
"Out of the question, those ships are previously assigned already." another admiral retorted.
"Border patrol in alpha centauri?!"
"While admittedly the Romulan star empire has not overtly made any attempt to engage us in outright combat the risk factor is a substantial statistical likelihood."
Either it was the result of this frustrating debate or his genetic origin, but Deetex was reaching the upper limit of his patience with this Vulcan, admiral T'nea.
"Admirals, I insist in urging you to reconsider, or..."
"Or what, Rear admiral Seraph?" admiral Wagner challenged.
" You have stated you don't need any reminders, but you clearly need to be reeducated with the principles of the admiralty, why... If not for that uniform I would"
Deetex did not let him finish, instead pulled his combadge of and tossed it across the table.
Muttering of surprise filled the room, adding to the already tense atmosphere.
"Finish that... I dare you."
Wagner did not, instead a look of shock replaced his expression.
"Mr seraph, this is highly unusual!"
Deetex shot the other admirals a furious gaze, taunting them.
Now was admiral Quinn's turn to act.
He gently picked up the discarded combadge and looked at it.
"Rear admiral Deetex Seraph, by this act alone you have breached our code of conduct, where your advocationa of openly invading even an enemy such as the Borg do not fall in line with the United Federation of Planets' charter.
As far as this council is concerned, you are no longer an admiral of this fleet."
In a gesture of pure drama, Quinn crossed his arms and turned his back to the former admiral.
Without flinching or changing his expression, Deetex took a deep breath, then exhaled, and finally left.

Leaving in a hurry, Deetex didn't even notice the black-dressed gentleman that was leaning against the corridor just outside the wardroom, nor indeed the small, golden device the man slipped in Deetex' pocket.

He quickly made his way to the nearest transporter room, stopping only briefly at a fixed communication terminal to call out his starship's crew, ordering preparations for an immediate departure.

Without hesitating he stepped up the transported pad and ordered the clerk to beam him to the Harkonnen, his personal starship.
The clerk, like so many officers he encountered on his way, appearently did not notive his lack of Combadge.
'The pompus admirals must still be bickering amongst eachother.' Deetex reasoned.
'All the better for me.'
Within seconds he made his way to the bridge of his ship, and took a seat.
He paused for a minute, as more and more of his bridge crew took to look at him, he was convinced they must've noticed the missing ornament on his uniform by now.
He signed, finally breaking the ice.
"I am about to commit several acts wich will surely result in my courtmartial, my commision within Starfleet has been resigned. Anyone who wishes not to risk his or her carreer within this fleet may leave my ship now, I will note your loyalty to the fleet in my logs."
His first officer, Argon Lane, was the first to respond.
"I take it your usual definition of politics and diplomacy did not sit will with the admirals?"
"There's a shock" the helmsmen, Marcus Xam teased.
Deetex did not respond to either, instead waited patiently.
"Sir" Lieutenant Sikkuth started.
"This crew has been under your command for over 5 years, I do not believe anyone here will abandon you in times of a crisis such as any one that may warrent any action resulting in termination."
"Hear hear!" Qu yelled.
Deetex smiled and nodded, clearly approving of his crew's ernest but dangerous loyalty.
He turned to his command mode, all emotion wiped from his face as he took a stance of authority.
"Gaylene, Eight, I need you to dust our tracks as we depart.
Mr. Ship, hack your way into the mooring computers and release those mooring clamps."
"Aye sir, my pleasure."
"Mr Xam, time to throw those fantastic pilotting skills of yours in sharp relief, as soon as we're undocket, take us out at full impulse."
Xam swallowed, but got ready, as he cracked his knuckles.
All officers reported ready.
"All hands to battlestations, Mr Xam... engage!"
Like a shuttle during explosive decompression the USS Harkonnen shot out of the mooring fixture engines blazing, darting past the other docks and ships through the expert manuvering from her Helmsmen.
Within seconds they had cleared the gauntlet of obstacles and were quickly flying straight towards the edge of the starsystem.
"We've cleared, sir"
"Lay a cource for the Gamma Orionis transwarp gate, maximum warp."
A quick ayesir was interupted by his communicaiton officer, Mr. Sikkuth.
"Sir, incoming subspace transmission from Earth, priority one... it's admiral Wagner."
"I'll take him in my office." Deetex replied, as he got up and headed towards his readyroom.

"Audio only" he muttered, tapping a few buttons on his terminal.
"Rear Admiral Seraph, have you gone insane?!" the admiral yelled.
"Calm down old man."
"What? How dare..."
"I SAID CALM DOWN, NOW SHUT UP AND LISTEN!" Deetex yelled back, holding nothing back, after a second of silence he continued.
"The admiralty has made it abundently clear to me they harber no aspirations of long-term victory, I have take my ship and crew and we will proceed with my plan of action whether you like it or not. As you have witnessed, I am no longer an officer for the fleet, and are thereby no longer bound by orders, rules, regulations or restrictions!"
"I will come after you myself if you don't turn that thing around, do you understand me?" Wagner threatened.
"NOw you listen to me, your idle threats are meaningless. I do not believe for one second that a fleet reluctant to pursue a geniune threat will issue such resources to hunt for a man willing and able to do your dirtywork. Moreover, I will fire upon any federation starship attempting to stop us from reaching our goal."
He paused for effect.
"You want to dispatch ships? Issue me more escorts, Deetex out!" He cut the commline, and dropped on the comfy couch.
He was in deep trouble should they emerge from this alive, not only did he insult a senior admiral, he threatened him!
Only then did he notice something poking in his thigh, a strange lion-head like golden badge of some sort.
As he studied the unusual looking thing, it started beeping, in tune with the lion's eye flashing.
He hesitated for a second, watching the little light flash, then finally decided to tap it as a button.
The device emitted a pulse tone, then a second later Deetex was transported away.
Within moments he found himself standing on a transporter pad of another federation starship, with a man and a women looking up at him.
"Deetex Seraph, I presume?" the man asked.
"Welcome aboard the Vesuvius." the women welcomed.

Deetex looked around the transporter room, it's size suggested the Vesuvius was a cruiser of some sort.
Judging by the security checkpoint in the same room, the confident look on his two companions and an oversized weapons locker in a corner, it might even be a dreadnought.
There were other details hinting towards this conclusion as well.

"My name is Tegrin, this is my associate, Sapphire." the man stated.
"How long has your dreadnought been in pursuit of my ship?" Deetex asked, circumventing the obvious.
"Oh, he's a sharp one" Sapphire muttered.
"That's an interesting conclusion you drew there, care to explain your reasoning?" Tegrin asked.
"This transporter room is too weaponized to warrant use on a scientific or diplomatic ship, and is too large to fit in an escort, my ship's shields were razed meaning a site to site transporter array had to be employed... Clearly such a device was not present, unless scaled down to the size of a standard com badge, such as this trinket."
He flicked the small device to Tegrin, who caught it out of the air, and tossed it back.
"keep it," he said.
"Such a small device would mean close range limitation, that and the fact my crew is masking our warp trail necessitates a very close range indeed, requiring a cloaking device to stay hidden, and a powerful one at that."
He paused, then continued.
"Meaning this can only be either a Dreadnought of Galaxy or Venture class, or a klingon cruiser... Which it obviously is not."

He crossed his arms, finished.

"Impressive, walk with me" Tegrin stated, taking his leave.

Tegrin, sapphire and Deetex left the transporter room and walked down the corridor, aimlessly.
Several platoons of similarly black-dressed soldiers and officers marched in opposite directions, dodging the man and women in their stride.
"I couldn't help but notice your... Discomfort both prior and after your meeting with the federation admirals, and believe I have a proposition for you you might find intriguing."

"Go on"

"You have off course heard of section 31?"
"I do not believe there is not a single starfleet admiral who has not"

"Section 31's mere existence represents a niche business in dealing with certain... Difficult situations, while morally and ethically speaking they are not condoned by the federation, they have on occasion booked substantial success in our mutual defense."

"Indeed, I've heard the stories about their exploits regarding donatra station and the devidians."

Tegrin stopped, turning to his guest.
"We represent a similar concept, a military force that will fight within and beyond federation juristructions and politics to preserve our way of life, our freedom and future."
"We call ourselves the Sardaukar" Sapphire added.
Deetex nodded, recognizing the name from earth's ancient literature.
"Ours is a group of soldiers... Warriors, terrorists, engineers, scientists, pirates and mercenaries alike.
We fight the enemies of the federation no matter who or where they are, free of the politics which so sorely hamper clear military victories."

"As you can see we have quite a following already" Sapphire stated, waving her arm in the direction of a other squad of soldiers.
"and this is but one of many ships."

Deetex tilted one lightly slanted eyebrow.
"You are going through quite a process to recruit more foot soldiers, I do not..." Tegrin cut him of.
"Don't sell yourself short, mr Seraph... It's been a well established fact you command a fiercely loyal crew, as commanding officer you are a true boon to anyone who would have you enlisted."
"We are convinced of this, and want to bring you in as one of our Generals." Sapphire added.

"If you so chose, you'll not only remain in command of you ship and crew, you will have an entire fleet under your wing."
In a wave of nostalgia, Deetex though back to his days as MACO special ops soldier, his former commanding officer, now m.i.a. General paladin.
"And what if I refuse?" Deetex finally asked.
"Well, if so, we'll escort you back to your ship, part our ways and you'll never see us again, leaving you to either die gloriously in your upcoming battle or emerge victoriously only to be courtmartialed or executed on the spot upon your return."

Tegrin crossed his arms, waiting.
"The choice is yours."

Deetex considered the implications, think of his crew, his friends... And thinking of a few special individuals he held dear.
Finally, he came to a conclusion, and took an authoritative stance.
"On behalf of myself and the crew of the USS Harkonnen, I accept your offer, under the condition that my sister be granted the same position."
He crossed his arms, waiting for the inevitable.
Tegrin reacted surprised, as expected.
"Sister? Your records do not state you have a sibling."
"True, in this universe, she never had the chance to life, but during an assignment into Terran imperial space, the same assignment that got me my first officer, she stowed aboard my ship, having lived as... Pet for my counterpart"
He resented his other self for his treatment of Calisto, and was pleased to see Tegrin actually considering this.
"I'll vouch for her, she is as capable as myself and just as dedicated, she will follow me where ever I go" he added, solidifying his argument.

Tegrin extended his hand.
"We have a bargain then."
A glance of amusement flickered across deetex' face, as he shook Tegrin's hand.
"Welcome to the Sardaukar, General Seraph."