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Epilogue, Leo POV

Hazel and I have been married for almost six years, and we still love each other so much. We have two kids, twins. One girl and one boy. They are only four. The boy is named Asa and the girl is named...Annabeth. Annabeth Chase had died days before they were born. She was sick, none of us had money, but we were all there when she died. Hazel says that Hades/Pluto promised to send her to Elysium or rebirth. Annabeth wanted to be reborn, and Percy says he is going to find her. I believe him, he loves her so much. Our daughter Annabeth looks just like me! Except, well, she is really pretty and her skin is darker. Asa looks a lot like Hazel. They are both beautiful children.

Hazel and I still have panic attacks - after all that happened, who wouldn't? Mine affect me a bit more than they affect Hazel, because after that day on the beach I had to let myself feel what I have to feel and I got more depressed. Hazel always helps me though, and I always help her. We have had fewer and fewer panic attacks over the years. It mostly only happens once a year, and we find ourselves in the battlefield, watching all our friends die. But when we wake up, we are always there next to each other. When we have really big meltdowns, we send the kids to Percy and his daughter, Alice. (Percy married Annabeth and had a baby before she died) Alice has straight blonde hair and green eyes with freckles, and looks a lot like her mother.

Hazel and I will always love each other, no matter what. I asked her to marry me when Hazel was twenty and I was twenty two. She cried and fanned her face and said yes. Two years after, Hazel was pregnant with twins. I am twenty eight and Hazel is twenty six. She is still happy. Little jewels still pop up at her feet, but she always just throws them into the cellar, where they disappear. Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter are still around. Every summer our kids go there. Alice is totally a fighter. She is smart like Annabeth but kind like Percy. Annabeth usually goes to the forge; she's a lot like me. Asa has Hazel's curse, and he just likes to fight, and he loves horses. He has his own Pegasus named Diamond.

When we told Percy we were naming our daughter Annabeth, he didn't stop crying for a week. When he saw her he couldn't let go of her. Alice is older than our kids by two years. She is six. Our (including Percy and Annabeth's) kids are Chiron's youngest campers, and probably the most powerful.

Every so often, Hades/ Pluto comes to see his grandkids. Dad comes too. Athena was so happy to meet Alice, and she was depressed to learn what happened to Annabeth. She also comes to visit our Annabeth. She loves to tell her stories. Poseidon also comes around. He was pumped to learn that Alice has his eyes.

Now, I know what the real question is, are Hazel and I happy? I have to say yes, we love each other and we love our children. We miss Annabeth like crazy, but we know we'll see her again when she comes back. Hazel and I love each other, and for us, that's all that matters.

Life and love is not over.

The end!

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