Do-Over Chapter Twelve – Interesting

"So how much money did he have to pay you?"

Spike smiled at the blonde as he set his glass of beer back on the table. "Enough to keep me and the Summers women quite comfortable for at least two human lifetimes, pet. Compound interest is a beautiful thing."

She nodded enthusiastically. "It is, isn't it? I could help you with investments, if you want. Do you have a financial advisor?"

Spike reached for her hand then raised it to his lips and placed a gentle kiss to the back. "No, but I'd be honored if you'd accept that position, Anyanka. My dosh would be in very capable hands."

Anya beamed as Xander chuckled into his beer. "You should have seen the look on Dracula's face when Spike told him how much it was."

Spike chuckled. "Was quite funny, wasn't it?"

Buffy stepped up behind Spike and wrapped her arms around his chest, resting her chin on his shoulder. "What's funny?"

Spike turned his head and gave her a quick peck on the nose. "Ol' Drac's face when I told him how much he owed me for burnin' that book back in 1898. Poncy bugger. You get everythin' sorted?"

She nodded. "Yeah. You'd think the idiot fledges would've figured out by now not to hunt at the Bronze when we're here."

He chuckled, "Well, you nailed it, pet. They're idiots. And since you got this batch, the next one's mine, yeah?"

"Nope. I still have one more before we're even since you wouldn't let me help with Dracula."

Spike growled. "Tosser'd already gotten his fangs into you in the original timeline and I'd be buggered if I was gonna let him anywhere near you in this one."

"But you punched him a lot for me, right?"

Spike grinned. "Bloody right I did. Messed up his face right proper." He brought a hand up to rest on her arms across his chest. "So how many were there?"

She huffed, "Only three. I barely even got warmed up before they were all dusty. We should go patrol."

Xander snorted. "Patrol. Right."

Spike quirked an eyebrow at him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Xander smirked. "It means that 'patrol' is Buffy code for 'getting groiny with Spike in a graveyard.' Just like 'training' is Buffy code for 'getting groiny with Spike in the training room.'"

Buffy laughed and squeezed Spike in a tight hug. "Darn it, Xan, you broke my super secret code! And here I thought I was being all sneaky and everything."

Anya nodded. "They do give each other lots of orgasms, but that's to be expected. Vampires have a very high sex drive and amazing stamina, not to mention a negligible refractory period. And if Spike is as large as the sizeable bulge in the front of his tight jeans says he is, then it's only Buffy's accelerated Slayer healing that allows her to walk normally."

Spike and Buffy both burst out laughing and Xander choked on the beer he'd been trying to swallow. Anya pounded him on the back until his breathing returned to normal then he smiled at her. "Thanks for the vampy sex info, Ahn. Maybe warn me next time, though, so I'm not drinking, okay?"

Buffy started nibbling on Spike's neck as he smirked over at Xander. "And if memory serves, we're not the only ones doin' a bit of 'training.' Who was it had their bird bent over the pommel horse last week? Maybe you should hang a towel on the doorknob next time. Rupes is gettin' a bit long in the tooth for those kinds of shocks to his system. Thought the blighter was 'bout to have a heart attack."

Xander reached for Anya's hand and twined their fingers together as he gave her a warm smile. "Well, she wanted lunch-break orgasms and I love her, so…" He leaned over and kissed her gently. "What my lady wants, my lady gets." He straightened up and looked at the blonde pair on the other side of the table. "Speaking of ladies, when are the witchy ladies getting back from witchy camp?"

Buffy raised her head away from Spike's well nibbled neck and smiled. "Giles and Mom left for LA this morning and they'll pick them up at the airport tomorrow afternoon. Willow is so excited to show us all the things the Coven taught them. And she said that when she and Tara combine their magics, it's… wow."

Xander nodded. "Good. So we shouldn't have to worry about Dark Willow then, right? No crazy geek skinning or world ending rampages?"

Buffy shook her head. "Nope. Tara said that Willow is the most powerful witch the Coven has ever seen, but she's learned to control her magics and not let them control her."

Xander pulled a folded sheaf of paper out of his back pocket and opened it on the table top. He flipped a few pages then uncapped a pen and scratched out several paragraphs. "One more thing off the list." He flipped back a few pages and scratched something else out, "Dracula was handled and I didn't even have to eat any bugs. Major bonus," then he scanned a few more paragraphs. "The Dawnster should be showing up soon." He groaned, "And then I'm supposed to be split in two. Great."

Anya smiled widely. "Oooh, I've been waiting for this part! Two Xanders!" She looked over at Buffy. "You promised we didn't have to put them back together right away. I believe we agreed on three days, right?"

Xander yelped, "Agreed? Who agreed? I didn't agree!"

Buffy laughed. "How could I say no when she promised to take good care of both of you, Xan? Very good care. You might want to take some vacation time when Toth shows up. I don't think either Xander will be able to even think about going to work."

Spike leaned back against Buffy and smiled over at the sputtering brunette. "Remember what you said, mate. When you love your lady, you give her what she wants."

Buffy squeezed him in a hug again. "And your lady wants to go patrolling, so move your butt, vampire."

Spike rolled his eyes as he stood up from his stool, but his huge smile took the sting out of his words, "Bossy bint. Always tellin' me what to do."




His lips traveled down over her collarbone, headed for the nipple hidden inside the sports bra she was wearing. He bit it lightly through the cloth and she arched toward him, tangling her fingers in his curls. "Oh God, Spike, we don't have time for this. Mom and Giles will be home soon."

He slipped his fingers underneath the fabric and pushed it up, his lips closing on her now bare nipple. "Always have time to make my woman scream. Turn around and let me in, luv. Please."

She nodded and turned, bracing her hands on the counter. Another pair of panties fell victim to Spike's ardor as he ripped them from her body then tossed the scraps into a corner. She looked back over her shoulder with a glare. "Spike! Those were new!"

Spike chuckled as his fingers skated over her slick flesh, "And I keep tellin' you, if you don't want me tearin' 'em, then stop wearin' 'em. They just get in my way." Any objections she was about to voice were lost when he slid two fingers deep into her as his other hand went to work on the buttons of his jeans. She pressed back against him as he replaced his fingers with something much larger and started thrusting, his hands grasping her hips hard enough to bruise as he pounded into her.

Buffy tensed first, screaming Spike's name at her reflection in the mirror as her walls convulsed around him, pulling him over the edge right behind her. He howled at the ceiling then collapsed across her back, panting harshly as he settled his hands next to hers on the edge of the counter, taking some of his weight.

Suddenly they both stiffened and their eyelids fluttered as new memories were downloaded into their brains. They fell to the floor in a tangled heap of arms and legs as someone started pounding on the door and shouted. "God! Is that all you guys ever do? I could hear you all the way downstairs! You need to get your clothes on. Mom just got home and Spike needs to listen to her head. She says she's had a headache since they left LA."

Buffy and Spike scrambled to their feet and Spike righted his clothing as Buffy snatched the robe off the back of the bathroom door and slipped into it. She was shakily reaching for the knob when Spike's hand wrapping around hers stilled her movements.

Buffy looked up at him with fear in her eyes and he smiled reassuringly. "It'll be all right, pet. She was tip top when she left, so if this is the start then we've caught it in time. I'll have a listen and if I hear anythin' even remotely off, we'll cart her right to the doc. We'll save her, Buffy, I promise."

Buffy wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his chest. "I'm so scared, Spike. What if we can't? I can't lose her again."

He wrapped his arms around her and murmured into her hair, "Whistler told you her death was preventable and I've been keepin' close tabs on her for months now. She'll be fine, luv. You won't lose her."

She squeezed him tighter and whispered, "I love you, Spike."

He lowered his head and nuzzled against her neck. "Know that, pet, and I love you, too. Now let's go sort your Mum so I can meet your new little sis. Think things are 'bout to get quite interestin' 'round here."



And that's it! I know this chapter jumped quite a bit ahead, but since the rest of Season Four dealt mostly with Adam and the Initiative, and that's been taken care of, nothing really jumped out at me as inspiration for the next bit. I know there are more than a few loose ends, like what happened to Riley and how Willow managed to meet Tara if Buffy took care of the Gentlemen before they could steal everyone's voices, but I think I'll probably be revisiting this Verse to possibly tie some of those ends up.

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