"So Much To Be Thankful For"

a/n: So, I felt like writing a Thanksgiving fanfic, featuring all of my favorite Addison couples: Maddison, Addisam, Addek, Addison/Kevin, and…Jaddison, sorry Addisam shippers, they've grown on me a LOT! Oh and I should add, I'm bringing in all of my favorite Addison children as well! There are gonna be Seattle Grace and Seaside people featured as well. I think I'm going to do this as a small chapter fic. I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are!



Thanksgiving. Her least favorite season. She's never been a big fan of Thanksgiving, not even as a child. To her it was a boring holiday where you gathered together with a bunch of people you didn't like, made up tons of lies about what you're thankful for and ate food that would be thrown away by the week's end. This year however, she still hates Thanksgiving but, it's not as unbearable as it usually is. She and Derek are back together, they're married again, they have Avery now. It's been almost a year since the attack and, she's healing day by day, slowly going back to being the old Addison, though she'll never completely get over being attacked and raped, she's started working again, which is a plus for Richard. Carson's doing exceptionally well now, a senior in high school this year with Ryan entering middle school. They're once again the essence of the picture perfect family again.

Or so people think.

It's exactly 3 days until Thanksgiving, and they're still in Seattle. Derek's mother insisted that they come home for the holiday, promising to have the entire Shepherd clan come to Seattle for Christmas, which is the last thing the redheaded neonatal surgeon wanted. Not only that but, somehow, Carolyn Shepherd has pulled out the holiday spirit in Addison's family, getting Bizzy, Susan, who are now married, The Captain and Archer to come to New York and celebrate Thanksgiving with them.

This is not what Addison had envisioned for her family's first holiday back together.

Derek can sense her frustration as they prepare to head to the airport. He walks up behind her, 10 month old Avery in his arms as he presses a kiss to her cheek.

"Tell mommy to stop worrying Avery" Derek says to the infant.

Turning in to face him, Addison immediately takes Avery from his arms and holds her close, making her husband chuckle.

"Breathing in the baby head?" Derek teases

"Mmhmm. It makes me, calm" Addison mutters softly swaying with Avery in her arms inhaling the soft scent of baby shampoo as the little girl stares at her crimson Red hair in wonder, before taking a fistful and tugging on it, hard.

"Ahh, Avery, let go" Addison instructs the baby who finds the look of pain on her mother's face to be quite funny.

"Derek, help me" Addison whines looking over at her husband.

"Alright Avery, I know you're fascinated with mommy's hair but, you've gotta let go" Derek tells his daughter as he helps Addison remove the baby's tiny fist from her hair.

"Thank You" Addison sighs in relief

"You know, you should really consider dying your hair, since all of the kids are fascinated by your hair at this age" Derek teases

"Carson wasn't" Addison mutters

"That's because Carson" Derek says pressing a kiss to his wife's lips "is just like you"

"Carson's just like who?" The 17 year old redhead says finally walking down the stairs, immediately taking her baby sister from her parents

"You, are just like your mother" Derek says with a laugh, moving towards the bottom of the stairs.

"Ry! Ryan get down here, we have a plane to catch" Derek tells his 11 year old son.

"I'm coming dad!"


The plane ride to New York is relatively calm. Avery is in Carson's lap, sleeping. Carson has fallen asleep, her ear buds blasting lady Gaga. Ryan is playing a video game on the iPad. Addison however, is a nervous wreck, and Derek can tell. Scooting closer to his wife, who is staring out the window of the plane, he gently kisses her neck.

"It's going to be fine Addie, I promise" he tells her

"You're sure? Because we're supposed to be staying at the brownstone with Mark and, we haven't been back to New York since-"

"None of that matters anymore Addison. You and I are together, we love each other, we have Avery, Mark's got Sofia, it'll be fine Addie" Derek says kissing her again, and this time, she melts into his arms, finding safety in his kiss.

6 hours later, they're getting out of the cab and standing in front of their old brownstone.

"Wow, things still look the same" Carson says walking up behind her parents, Avery on her hip.

"We used to live here?" Ryan asks his parents

"Yeah, you were pretty little back then, before Avery was born" Addison says taking Avery from Carson as Derek walks up the steps and opens the door to the brownstone. Once they get inside, their noses are met with an aroma of smells. They look around and, their brownstone looks nothing like it used to. It's been updated, all of the furniture and things that would remind them of what had happened 8 years ago are all gone. Carolyn Shepherd emerges from the kitchen with a smile on her face.

"Now there's my handsome son!" She says walking towards Derek, enveloping him into a warm hug.

"It's good to see you Ma" Derek says genuinely

"Oh, look at my grandkids! Come over here and give your grandma Carolyn a hug" She says to Carson and Ryan, who immediately rush towards the older woman. Addison however, remains near the doorway, that is until Nancy rushes towards her.

"Addie! It's so good to see you!" Nancy says to the redhead. Addison's always liked Nancy.

"Nance, hi" Addison says with a smile on her face as she notices baby Avery in Addison's arms.

"Oh wow, look at how big she's gotten Addie! How old is she now?"

"10 months" Addison says proudly as she passes Avery over to her Aunt.

"Well, if it isn't Addison Montgomery" Amelia Shepherd teases, causing the redhead to whip around

"Amelia! You came home!" Addison says giving the girl she's considered her little sister a huge hug

"You thought I was going to miss my niece's first Thanksgiving with her crazy ass family and your first Thanksgiving as a Shepherd again?" Amelia smirked, pulling back and giving her sister-in-law a smile.

"You look good Addie, like, nothing ever happened" she says quietly

"Yeah, yeah I feel great. I'm, I'm taking things slow you know, I just went back to work-"

"Yeah, Webber was pretty happy about that" Mark teases as he walks over to where the women are standing.

"It's good to have you home Red" Mark says, giving Addison a hug.

"I see some things never change" Jennifer Shepherd says with a bit of disapproval in her voice.

"Jenny, nice to see you too" Addison manages with a small smile.

"Jenny, lay off of Addie alright? She and Derek are better than ever this go round" Kathleen Shepherd says walking up to her sister-in-law, giving her a hug

"It's good to see you Addie" she says warmly

"It's good to see you too Kath" Addison replies just as Avery gets fussy

"I think, somebody's hungry" Nancy says passing the dark haired child off to her mother.

"I'm gonna, go upstairs and fed her, we'll catch up later?" she says to everyone before heading up the stairs.

The minute she walks into the room, she knows where she is. Even though the paint has been changed, the furniture's been replaced, she knows where she is. This is where Derek caught her in bed with Mark 8 years ago.

"Derek, Derek listen to me. You have to give me a chance to explain…"

"It was one time Derek I know that's what people say I know that's what always gets said but he was just here!"

"You screw my best friend and all you can say is he was just here?"

"I'm holding my ground Derek! We don't quit!"

"Addison?" Carolyn Shepherd's voice rips through her memory as she turns around and looks at her mother-in-law.

"Oh um, Carolyn, I didn't even know you'd come in" Addison says looking down at Avery who's finished feeding.

"Addison listen, I know that the last time you and Derek were married, I wasn't very accepting of you. I thought that you were rich and too privileged for him but, I talked to Derek, after your…"

"After I was attacked and raped. Go ahead Carolyn, you can say it, I was attacked and brutally raped"

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable dear"

"It happened. It happened and it was, awful. Worst experience of my life but, I'm healing, slowly but, I'm healing. I'm working again, I'm finally able to look at Avery and not see what happened to me. I've been seeing a therapist friend of mine so, I'm, I'm okay" Addison says with a smile as Carolyn looks over at Avery who is resting contently in her mother's arms.

"She really is beautiful. She's got your eyes" Carolyn observes

"She's looks just like Derek to me" Addison says smiling down at her daughter

"I just wanted to apologize Addison, about how I, about how my family's treated you over the years. Derek really does love you, so does Amy. You took her in and gave her a job. I'm glad it was you she talked to when she couldn't talk to anyone else" Carolyn says, giving the redhead's hand a squeeze. As they drifted into silence.

"I love Derek Carolyn, I really do. I have always loved your son. Even when we weren't together, I always loved him"

"I know dear. He's always loved you too. You know, I don't think, I've ever held her" Carolyn says, referring to Avery.

"Would you like to hold your granddaughter?" Addison asks

"I'd like that" Carolyn replies.

As Addison watches Carolyn interact with Avery, she starts to think that maybe Thanksgiving isn't so bad after all.