Mark and Addison:

a/n: This one is set during the present seasons(6 and 9 respectively), though it's a bit AU, meaning that there's Ella, and Mark didn't die. Oh, and Addison chose no one.


Apartment 512. She's been to this apartment, only a handful of times. Her most recent trip here was nearly two years ago. This was where she ended up after Sofia's surgery. She'd broke down in an on call room and, Mark brought her here and, they made love. This time however, things are different. She's got a son now, a boy she adopted, named Henry. She's not with Sam. She's not with Jake. It's just her, Ella, and Henry. She's even more nervous because, this time, things are really different. Lexie Grey is dead, Derek can't operate. Mark himself had almost died, several times in fact. She sat by his bedside, willing him not to die; if not for her then, for the sake of their daughter. He lived, barely. He lived and was just recently released from the hospital. This year, was supposed to be his year to have Ella for Thanksgiving, since Addison had her last year and, the year before that because of the Bizzy thing. This year however, she was coming to him, even though he insisted she not.

"Mark, I'm coming to Seattle, I'm bringing Ella to see you"

"You can put Ella on a plane Addison; you don't have to come"

"No, I, I want to. Plus, it'll be good for me, and Amelia, with everything that's happened to her lately"

"Red, I can't let you do that. Besides, what about Jake or Sam or, who did you choose by the way?" Mark wants to know

"I chose, no one"

"So wait, you didn't choose anyone?"

"No, why? Does that surprise you?"

"Actually, yes it does."

"But, why does it surprise you?"

"I don't know it just, it does. I never thought you'd be the girl who ends up alone"

"I haven't ended up, anywhere Mark. I ended up with my kids, that's who I chose. I chose Ella and Henry" Addison tells him.


Ella is nervous about this Thanksgiving trip as well. It'll be the first time she sees her father since his accident.

"Do you think he'll be okay momma?" The 7 year old asks her mother as they walk down the hallway to her father's apartment.

"Yeah sweetie, I think so" Addison says as they stop in front of Mark's door. Letting go of Henry's stroller, she gently wraps on the door. It only takes a few moments before they can hear footsteps rustling towards the door.

"Hey Red" Mark says softly. He still looks the same, Addison muses, although the light in his eyes seems to have gone out a bit. But she pushes that aside and gives her ex a warm smile.

"Hey Mark, it's good to see you" she says quietly, just as Henry wakes up from his nap, letting out a soft cry.

Addison lifts the baby out of his stroller, gently shushing him as they all stand there looking awkward.

"Ella, aren't you gonna say hi to your daddy?" Addison asks her daughter who's standing there scuffing the toe of her tan leather boots.

"Hi daddy" Ella says quietly, not really looking at Mark.

"That's the best I can get out of you is a hi daddy" Mark says teasingly as he mimics his daughter's greeting. This elicits a huge grin to spread across the young girl's face.

"Well, I'm waiting kid" Mark says opening his arms out to his daughter. It only takes a split second for the blonde haired child to run into them.

"I missed you daddy" Ella whispers to her father.

"Daddy missed you too kiddo" Mark whispers, breathing in her scent, his eyes connecting briefly with Addison's.

That night, Mark and Addison are having drinks at Joe's with Callie, Bailey, Owen Hunt, Teddy Altman, Derek and Meredith.

"So you didn't choose either of them?" Callie asks


"Not even Sam?" Miranda asks


"But why?" Both women ask

"Because, with Sam, he didn't want Henry. He wasn't, it wasn't what I thought it was with him. While I do love Sam, very, very much…it just, the baby thing was a deal breaker for us" Addison says taking a sip of her beer.

"So what about the Jake guy?" Derek asks

"Jake was nice, perfect, sweet, amazing in bed-"

"Okay I don't want to hear about my kid's mother in bed with another man" Mark says scrunching up his face

"I second that motion Mark. I don't want to hear about my ex wife in bed with another man either" Derek says with a laugh as Addison, who is strategically placed in between them, smacks them both on the arm.

"Any who, Jake was a nice guy but, he just would've been the rebound guy and, he's too good for that" Addison explains.

"So you're by yourself then?" Meredith questions

"Yeah, for now I'm by myself. I'm focusing on Ella and Henry and Amelia"

"How is she anyways?" Derek asks of his baby sister who, at the last minute opted out of the trip to Seattle.

"She doesn't hate me as much anymore. It's hard, she's taking it one day at a time" Addison says quietly

"How's everybody doing after Pete died?" Mark asks

"Oh yeah, especially his wife" Bailey wants to know

"Well, we're, it's hard. We haven't hired another doctor into the practice yet. Violet blames herself in a sense because she thought, we all thought, that Pete had jumped bail after his trial; but it turns out that he didn't. He died while out on a run. He had a heart attack and fell off of a canyon" Addison says as everyone grows silent, each one of them affected by death in some sort of way within the past few months.


Later that night, Mark and Addison return to his apartment, Mark carrying Ella on his shoulder, Addison cradling Henry in her arms.

"You didn't have to let us stay Mark, I could've gotten us a hotel" Addison says quietly as Mark opens the door to his apartment.

"I wanted you guys to stay" Mark says as he steps back, allowing her to walk inside first.

Once both children are settled into bed, Addison heads back into the living room where she finds Mark sitting on the couch, staring at a picture of Ella and Sofia, with Lexie. The redhead stands back, watching as her former lover wipes away a few tears.

"You really miss her, don't you?" Addison asks moving into the living room.

"I loved her Addison. I did" Mark says looking up at her as she sits next to him on the couch.

"I'm sure she knew you loved her, Mark" Addison says quietly.

"I didn't want to live, after the crash but-"

"You have Ella and Sofia and, Sloane, even if she doesn't come around much, you have 3 kids who need you Mark. You've got Derek and Callie and, me. We all need you here Mark" Addison tells him.

"You? You don't need me"

"Yes, I do need you. Ella needs a father and, Henry's gonna need to know his Uncle Mark" Addison says with a small smile.

"You would've done just fine without-"

"Stop. Stop talking like that, Mark. I get that you're sad and that you're hurt and that you miss Lexie but, I don't think she'd want you to die"

"I loved her Addie" Mark whispers, tears filling his jade colored eyes

"I know you did Mark"

"I told her we were gonna get married and have kids" Mark says, his voice breaking as he begins to sob openly for the first time since the crash. It pains Addison to see him like this so, she pulls him in close for a hug. Somewhere in between that hug, things changed. Mark's lips were soon on Addison's lips as he pushed her back onto the black leather sofa. She wasn't able to resist as he kissed his way down her neck as her hands threaded through his hair. It wasn't long after that, Mark was leading her to his bedroom where they made love.

"Mark" Addison asks as they lay tangled in his sheets hours later, her head resting on his chest as she looks up at him.

"Yeah Red?" Mark replies, his hands threading through her crimson tresses

"What does this, what are we doing?" she whispers

"I need you Addison" Mark says to her "I need you. I'm broken and, I'm a mess but, you, you can put me back together again"

"No Mark, I can't. I can't be your rebound-"

"You're not my rebound Red. You couldn't just, you're never just the rebound girl Addison"

"So, what am I then, if I'm not the rebound girl?"

"You're exactly what I need. I can't, I won't be able to get through this, losing Lexie, I won't get past this without you helping me"

"I can't move here Mark" Addison tells him, staring into his eyes

"So then don't. I'll move there"

"What about Sofia? And your job? You can't just, pack up and move your whole life to LA"

"I can't be here Red. Every time I walk into the hospital, I'm gonna see Lexie. Every time I come here, I'm gonna think about her. I will never heal if I stay here. Please Addie? I need this" Mark says pulling her close to him.

"Fine. But don't think I'm going to fall in love with you" Addison tells him, pointing a finger in his face.

Of course, she did fall in love with him. They got married 3 months after he moved to Los Angeles. 6 months after that, Brecken Archer Montgomery-Sloan was born, after unknowingly being conceived by his parents Thanksgiving night, 9 months prior.