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I just sat there, staring at the Second Life helmet, and remembering the last moments of my alter-ego, Prince.

Second Life"Prince! No! Priiiiiiiince!" Lolidragon, Nan Gon Zui, Doll, the dying faces of Yu Lian and Wolf-Dage stared at me in sadness as I began to dissolve into oblivion.

System notice: ND Program has been activated. Character Prince is being deleted

Everything began to fade, and I remembered how Wicked and Gui had both looked when they lost their characters, both smiling at me with the same love, that same damnable love, and my eyes closed, praying goodbye to everyone.

Goodbye Gui, the man I love, who loves only me in-game, giving up his dignity for me.

Goodbye Wicked, your annoying over protectiveness, your unrequited love for me, I see you only as a brother, I'm sorry.

Wolf-Dage, the big brother who always gave me good advice,

Yu Lian and all the things I went through to escape her wrath,

Doll, running around after me, crying out "Dage" clinging to me, sorry I don't have anymore snacks.

At least Lolidragon won't be after my virginity anymore, I mused. Then I frowned, remembering the last time I saw her, crying, reaching out to Prince, even with defeat plain in her eyes.

Remembering that hurt so much that I threw the helmet aside, bouncing on my bedroom floor.

"Sis? Sis!" Yang Ming charged through the door, breathing hard, his face pale. When he got a clear look at my face, his face blanched even whiter. I would have chuckled if I didn't feel so devastated.

Yang Ming

Looking at my sis, you would almost never guess that she was Prince, the legendary spokesperson in the game, the Bloody Overlord of the central continent. She really didn't seem special, but if you looked closely, and watched her for a day or two, you could see the similarities between the them.

Their pouting face, temper tantrum, her foolish grin, all a part of my sister that she showed in and out of Second Life. How could professor Min not tell that my sister was Prince? A genius with an IQ of 200 was still human after all.

"Sis? I'll tell professor you're sick, ok? You don't have to go to school." She looked up at me, her brown eyes glazed over, and nodded. I left for school, glancing over my shoulder at the shadowy figure projecting from the window.

Xiao Lan

My life was changed. How could I go to school, and have to face Gui and Wolf-Dage without breaking down?

How could I leave the house without hearing people on the street chatting about Second Life? I just wanted to forget it all. I looked up, seeing my brother talking to me with an expression I've rarely ever seen; worry.

I just nodded to whatever it was he was talking about, and laid back in bed, shutting out the world.

One month later-Feng Yang Ming

Kicking open the door to the entry hall, Wu Quing marched into the room of depression, as it had come to be known after Prince's disappearance from the game, where the survivor players, and RP's, or recreated players, those who died from the ND or HD programs created their characters again are known as, moped Odd Squad.

Yu Lian was huddled in Wolf's arms, Doll barely stopping Meatbun from flooding the castle with his tears - which, by the way, would add to another of his teary feats. Fire Phoenix was watching warily over her master Gui, who sat holding Black Dao as if he let go, it would follow Prince into oblivion. Lolidragon sat there mumbling to herself, looking like she was trying to solve an impossible problem.

"I've had enough!" Wu Quing roared at the sulking group, whiched flinched from his words. "Thanks to our spokesperson (Prince was a forbidden word among those present) the DOL was saved from the virus and began fixing Second Life, the creators let the self-aware NPC's free throughout Second Life, and we all got a chance to continue playing, albeit that some had to re-level up somewhat, and you're all sitting here mumbling to yourselves!"

Lolidragon twitched. "What are we supposed to do?! Prince was pretty much all the fun to be had in this team." Wu Quing's temper flared, but he pushed it down, fanning himself in a haughty manner.

An idea sprung into his mind, but he would have to compromise a certain promise of his just a teensy bit. "Well right now, none of you are acting any different from Prince. The last time my sis and I saw him, he was moping in his room as well!"

The majority of Odd Squad nearly fell over, Lolidragon and Wolf excluded, although their astonished faces toward what Wu Quing revealed were hilarious.

"The idiot is moping?"

"How is Dage?"

"Moping? His Highness is not fit to mope!"

"I hope he's not wasting his time or money just sitting around his house."

I sighed with relief, then pushed onward in my plan. "Yeah I know Prince, he told me not to tell, but our family's are close, the four of us have been childhood friends for a long time. "The four of you?" Yu Lian queried. Crap, I messed up. "Uh, yeah. My sister, me, Prince, and Wicked." Wu Quing fluttered his fan nervously.

"I see. No wonder student Feng Lan looked uncomfortable when we spoke of Prince in class." Gui was back to his professor personality.

Wu Quing closed his eyes, preparing himself for what was next. "I have a plan to make Prince re-enter Second Life. It may not work, but you would still get a teammate out of it." He continued with what he was planning, then held his breath, waiting.

"Hmm, I believe we should at least try. If the new person isn't what we want, then we can ask them to leave the team." Yu Lian frowned, with her calculating face out.

"No! I refuse anyone but His Highness back into the team!" Gui cried out, this time he was throwing the temper tantrum instead of Prince.

Wolf grabbed Gui and muffled his complaints out with a furry paw.

We continued our plans until it was time to log out. I pulled the helmet off and ran into Xiao Lan's room. "Hey sis! Odd squad is looking for a strong player like Prince to join their team. They got a favor from Dan Dan and are holding a test for the reborn Prince on the Western Continent!"

Don't misunderstand. I'm not getting mushy about my older sister or anything, but it was boring without arguing with her all the time. Plus her good cooking was gone too. Who was supposed to feed me if not her?

Xiao Lan

I heard the footsteps of my brother slamming through the door, and started gasping about Odd Squad searching for a new member. I just stared at him blankly as he continued. But one thing stuck in my mind from his words.

"Wait, my stuff survived? All of it, even Black Dao?" I jolted upright off my bed.

"Yeah, and they're the second prize to beating the test. You get a free ticket to the Central Continent and meet Odd Squad." Yang Ming jumped at my sudden outburst.

"You can use your own strength to climb back up to the top. You don't have to rely on anyone in the test, but you'll probably want help when training back up."

Geez, he knows me too well. I bit my lip in indecision, wanting, but not wanting to go.

"Well, so far a few people have tried and failed from just the first test, claiming that only the real Prince could finish them." He was looking at me with hope, before turning around and walking toward the door.

"I'm going to school, so think about it, ok?" He left me staring intently at the game helmet.

Two weeks later"Sis!" My brother as usual, crashed through my door. "Hey, sis, guess what? Only one person has ever made it through to the second challenge, and he even died right after that! Come on, only you can defeat those challenges!"

Twitch! God he was right, I couldn't take it anymore! "Fine!" I roared. "I'm going in!" I got up, grabbed the helmet, and stuffed it on my head. My brother stepped back, astonished. I laid down on the bed and waited for the game to load.

Feng Yang Ming jumped around in victory before running into the game to tell Odd Squad. "He's coming." Wu Quing gasped. He had run here as fast as he could.

"What is his new ID?"

"Prince said, "Don't try to find me! We'll meet when I come back with my gear!" He doesn't want us to help him. I think he doesnt want to have any advantages in the game." Wu Quing relayed what he hoped would be what his sis would say.

"Well then, let's make sure Prince comes back to see Infinite City bursting with business!" Yu Lian smiled in the way that made you want to climb under the bed 'with' the monster.

Xiao Lan

*Ding! "Welcome new player. Since you have never logged into this game, let me help you with your class choice." A male bishie NPC I was sure of it this time! Stared back at me.

"My old character was destroyed by the ND program, I have played before." I stared at him with hearts in my eyes. Sigh, the game company has finally realized one of their mistakes, that girls play too! "Alright then, please choose race and looks." the NPC stared back at me indifferently.

When I was done, a tall, elf woman stood in front of me that looked like another Prince with different hair color and build. She had long black hair on the right side of her head, platinum on the left, and pink eyes with kohl1 lined around them. The kohl was because of an Egyptian proverb she had learned in class.

Because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion.

It would be easier to hide the fact that she was Prince like this. "Player, please choose a name." Hmm, can't go with Feng Xiao Xiao... She must have taken too long thinking, becaues the NPC started giving out sugesstions. "...Player, how about Ankh? The kohl lining you eyes makes you look more Egyptian!" I considered it. "Sure, I like it!" I exclaimed.

"Ok! Now which continent do yo wish to appear on?" "Western Continent has the Prince trials correct?" I queried. "Yes it does! Do you wish to start there?" "Yes!" I jumped, finally ready to play Second Life again.

"Now, preparing downfall to Second Life!" I blanched, remembering the pain from my first fall into the game. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!" I blurted as the trapdoors beneath my feet opened and I fell, before clashing with the ground below.

I got up groggily, and looked around my surroundings. Wow, this town is definitely more like Japan. I stood, preparing myself for the next step into becoming reborn into the second Prince!

1 Kohl is similar to eyeliner in Egypt, everyone, male or female wore it.

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