I got off the plane and found Kono near the baggage claim. We got in her car and drove to the hospital as fast as possible without wreaking the car. On the way, Kono said "He never considered anyone else. After a month he was still so in love with you he couldn't see anyone else. Even when Catherine came he sent her away. He refused to find another partner. I always went with him."

"I never wanted anyone else either. They gave me a new partner but I never got used to it. I guess I still expect to see Steve when I look beside me."

When we got there, Kono led me to the waiting room. I sat while she went to get Chin. They came back and I saw relief flash through Chin's eyes when they landed on me.

In Steve's room, I started waiting again, but this time for him to wake up. I held his hand as I watched him. I didn't have to wait long before greatly missed blue-green eyes opened. I watched him when his eyes found mine. Fear was dominant before he recognized me and happiness exploded in those beautiful depths.

"Danny." "Hey, babe. I'm right here."

"You're here. Where were you?" Steve's question filled me with guilt. What am I supposed to tell him? "I was in Vegas with Gracie. Do you remember the custody battle?" At Steve's nod I continued. "I lost and moved there over a month ago for Grace. I came back when Kono called me."

Steve seemed to accept this and fell asleep again shortly after.

After that first night it only got harder. I stayed with Steve the entire time. I was there when he screamed in pain, and later when he begged me to make it stop. I stayed silent when he didn't have the strength to answer and talked endlessly when he needed me to distract him. Chin and Kono brought me food since I refused to leave Steve's side.

Two days after the doctors thought he would die his fever broke and the pain was almost gone. His eyes were clear when he was awake and was soon asking questions.

"Danny, why are you here? You're supposed to be with Grace in Vegas."

"Kono called me four days ago." "When are you leaving?"

"I'm not." "What are you talking about, Danny?" "They're coming back to Hawaii. I'm not leaving again." The answering smile was brighter than any other smile I had seen before.

A few days later, Steve was released from the hospital. I had Grace for the weekend and we spent that time with Steve. Watching the two people I loved most, my conversation with Rachel suddenly came back to me. Home. I was finally home.

1 Year Later


I heard arguing coming from Steve's office. Again.

"Sexual harassment in the office is NOT okay, Steven! Keep your hands to yourself." Knowing I probably shouldn't but now curious, I turned towards the voice and saw Steve's hands on Danny's waist while Danny's hands were flying around to emphasize his point.

"Danno, I'm not doing anything." "NO! Back off. I'm still mad about the car."

"I said I was sorry about that."

Steve leaned down to kiss Danny and even from here I can see something in him deflate. That day twenty years ago, something in Steve's eyes faded and all the time that I have known him, I never saw that spark again. Until he met Danny, that is. I watched his eyes light up; like he thought maybe he was coming home.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you liked it.