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" How did you manage to lose him?!" said Skulduggery to his partner as she looked down a corridor

" I didn't lose him" and after a hesitation she said " I misplaced him"

" How do you misplace a criminal Valkyrie?" asked Skulduggery as he clicked his fingers to form a flame that illuminated the dark corridor as the two walked down it

" He was fast" whined Valkyrie as she walked beside the skeleton detective " besides i didn't exactly see you in hot pursuit"

" I was sticking to my cunning plan, which was for you to run him down near the exit where i would cut him off and kick his face in" said Skulduggery

" dopple-head" muttered Valkyrie and then saw a shadow move down a side corridor

" There!" Valkyrie shouted and chased after the shadow down the dark corridor

" Valkyrie!" shouted Skulduggery and chased after her. Valkyrie ran down the corridor and ignited a flame in her hand to light the way she looked behind her and saw Skulduggery trying to catch up to her, she felt the air and felt where the criminal was moving too she took a left and ran down the corridor and near ran into a wall, cursing under her breath and wondering where there was actually any light in this building she ran on until she heard a door open and a beam of moonlight shone through the door and she followed it and instead of stopping to open the door she pushed at the air and the door was flung off its hinges and she burst out into the moonlight where the criminal turned around partly surprised and fired his gun. Valkyrie dived to the ground for cover as he ran on, she shot back up and chased after him and she saw him running down a near-by path and she used her ring to use the shadows to trip him as he fell and dropped what he stole, she ran towards it but he jumped up and aimed the gun but she pushed at the air and the gun flew from his hands he then went for the physical approach and swung a punch that Valkyrie barely got out of the way of, she then kicked his knee and he screamed and then she hit him under the chin as he stumbled back and with another push at the air he flew back and skid across the ground. Valkyrie turned around and lifted the stolen object that was beginning to glow

" What the?" she said

" Valkyrie!" she heard Skulduggery shout " Let go off it!" but it was to late and with a screech from the object a bright flash of light absorbed Valkyrie and when it dimmed down she was gone.