Here it is readers the last chapter of Hi I'm Merlin, thank you so much for reading the story and for giving it a chance, thank you for the reviews and for the own characters and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. But enough of this soppy authors note and let's get on with the story.

`Merlin felt the energy of Roxy's and The Forgotten's attacks colliding, he felt The Forgottens energy vanish but still sensed that Roxy was still alive, all be it unconscious, his instinct was to go back and get her but his main priority now was Valkyrie and he was sure Roxy had become strong enough to look after herself he would find her when all of this was over.

" Did she win? " asked Valkyrie in his arms.

" Yes " Merlin said " Yes she did ". Valkyrie laughed a little

" Go Roxy " she said and flinched in pain, " I don't think I'm going to make it "

" Shut up! " Merlin said to her " You're not talking like that your going to live! "

" I hope so " she said and begun to close her eyes.

" No, No Valkyrie stay with me here come on! " Merlin said, he turned the moisture in the air into water and splashed her with it, she opened her eyes and glared at him

" If I had the strength I would slap you for that " she said, Merlin chuckled and carried her over a broken tree which had fallen during the battle.

" Where are you taking me? " Valkyrie asked

" Kiara said to get you to the lake and she would heal you " Merlin said, Valkyrie managed a frown and looked up at him

" Did I kill Kiara? " she asked

" Darquesse tore her heart out but she is immortal " Merlin said " She can't die "

" I know what immortal means idiot! " Valkyrie said. Merlin smiled and continued on the path to the lake, he didn't stop to rest or summon the dragon, he knew that somewhere Morgana was probably still in this forest and he didn't want to draw any attention.

" So where is Kiara now? " asked Valkyrie

" She is in a world that's between life and death, she can pass back to the land of the living when she has enough strength to do so " Merlin said " So basically she's in her own little world "

" Kiara always walked around in her own little world " said Valkyrie and the two laughed " You know for someone who's dying I think I'm pretty funny ". Merlins smile grew and he looked at her

" You're amazing " he said, Valkyrie smiled

" I know ". She rested against him and looked at the forest around her, admiring it's beauty. She saw something move in the corner of her eye and looked back to catch a glance of someone moving between the trees

" There's someone here " said Valkyrie, Merlin stopped and looked around, his eyes glowed allowing him to see everything around him

" There's no one here " said Merlin

" I thought I saw someone " Valkyrie said, Merlin kept moving faster than before, he was afraid of Morgana appearing and him not being strong enough to protect Valkyrie and beat her at the same time, he saw the lake appear up ahead

" Were nearly there " he said to Valkyrie who was growing weaker by the second, he walked on, carrying her closer to the pool, but then he stopped dead when he saw someone move in front of them, they were only in front of them for a second before they disappeared but Merlin was sure he saw a skeleton wearing clothes in front of them.

" Did you see that? " he asked Valkyrie but she had closed her eyes. " Valkyrie? Valkyrie!" shouted Merlin, she didn't open them instead she just groaned, Merlin bit his lip and then tightened his grip on her and ran towards the lake, he ran through the trees, looking around him to check if the skeleton would appear again, he finally then reached the lake and smiled

" Yes " he said " Were here Valkyrie, were here it's going to be OK, everything's going to be fine " he said, reassuring himself as well as her, he layed her down gently and walked to the edge of the lake looking for Kiara, he looked around him and then saw the skeleton again, he had walked out from the trees a few yards from him and Valkyrie

" Hey! " shouted Merlin but the skeleton ignored him and walked to the edge of the lake " Who, What are you! " Merlin demanded raising his hand " I demand you answer me! " he shouted but again the skeleton ignored him and crouched down beside the lake, it ran its gloved hand through the water and tilted it's head before vanishing again.

" He's not actually here " Merlin jumped in fright when he heard the voice, he spun around to see Kiara floating above the water

" Who is? Merlin asked

" The Skeleton " Kiara said " Well, he is here just not here "

" What are you talking about? " Merlin said.

" The Skeleton his name is Skulduggery, he's here but in the future, centuries into the future ". Skulduggery. Merlin thought, he heard that name, Valkyrie had told him about Skulduggery. " I'm collapsing the walls of time between this time and his what you're seeing is an echo of the future "

" Why are you doing this, collapsing these walls of time? " Merlin asked

" I'm sending Valkyrie home Merlin " said Kiara.

" What?! No! " said Merlin " You, You can't she's weak she wouldn't survive the journey! "

" Merlin, she's already dead " said Kiara, Merlin turned around to Valkyrie who was still lying on the ground.

" Valkyrie " Merlin said " Valkyrie!" he shouted running beside her, he felt for a pulse but t was gone and she had stopped breathing

" NO! " Merlin roared and tried to heal her using magic but it wouldn't work " No Valkyrie please " Merlin said, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

" Merlin I can still save her " Kiara said, she waved her hand and a small boat appeared at the dge of the lake " Put her on the boat Merlin and lead her out to me ".

" No! " Merlin shouted " I won't let you take her, I have worked to hard to get her back and I'm not giving her away now! "

" She doesn't belong here Merlin" said Kiara

" She belongs with me! " he roared " She belongs with me " he said quietly as tears began to roll down his cheek, he brushed a lose strand of hair from her face as one of his tears fell on her cheek

" You know deep down that's not true " Kiara said

" Valkyrie! " shouted Skulduggery appearing beside them " Valkyrie! " he shouted again, he was standing in the water calling her name then he faded away again.

" There is someone else that needs her " Kiara said " And he will look after her ". Merlin swallowed a lump in his throat and looked down at Valkyrie

" Can I say goodbye to her? " he asked, Kiara nodded

" Of coarse " and she faded away. Merlin stroked Valkyrie's cheek and smiled

" I'll never forget the day you appeared in front of me Valkyrie Cain " he said, " I'm glad you did you know things were getting boring around here" he sighed and rubbed a tear from his eye " I guess this is goodbye Valkyrie , I've never been good at goodbyes I'm sorry about that so I hope this says it all" and he lent down and kissed her. he then stood up and lifted her and placed her onto the boat, more tears ran down his cheek when he said

" Goodbye Valkyrie ", his eyes glowed and the boat slowly floated out into the middle of the lake, he watched it float to the center of the lake, it begun to glow white and slowly it began to sink below the water.



Valkyrie's senses were slowly starting to return to here, she felt her wound heal and she could fell the icy cold water around her, she opened her eyes to see a gloved hand reach under the water and grab her, the hand pulled her out and she gasped for breath, sucking in oxygen into her lungs again

" It's alright, easy I got you " Skulduggery said holding her.

" Skulduggery! " she shouted and hugged him, Skulduggery laughed and returned the hug

" Thank God your back " he said, Valkyrie smiled and felt tears in her eyes, she looked up at Skulduggery and laughed and hugged him again.



He was old now, so so old, he was waiting for Arthur for hundred of years, waiting for him to return but today he was going to see an old face that he hadn't seen for a long time. He had found the Bentley and was watching from afar with his old eyes when he saw the two walk towards it. He smiled when he saw Valkyrie, she had a towel wrapped around her and was talking to Skulduggery, smiling and laughing. Skulduggery rubbed her head and she laughed, pushing him away and throwing the towel in his face, Skulduggery said something that made her laugh and he got into the driver's seat of the car. Valkyrie walked around the other side to get in the passengers door but stopped and looked up in his direction, he ducked back behind the rows of trees, she stared up at his direction for a few seconds

" You alright? " asked Skulduggery when he saw Valkyrie staring at the trees

" Yeah it's just, I thought- "

" Thought what? "

" Never mind " she said and jumped into the Bentley and it drove away. He watched her get in from a distance making sure he took one last look at her , he was to old now he didn't want her to see him like this, he felt it best for her to forget about him anyway, to make her own way, he watched her get the car and watched it drive away

" Goodbye Valkyrie " Merlin said.