Where It All Started

"I'm sorry Elena. Jeremy. But we can't give you the lives you deserve. They will protect you, love you, and feed you. Unlike us. We tried, but it just wasn't meant to be..." Isobel Flemming told her twins, boy and girl. Elena and Jeremy. She was putting them in an orphanage, but she wasn't alone. Her husband, John Gilbert was standing next to her, looking very displeased with himself and his wife. Whatever, right? They were just babies, and there was no emotional connection. But that was a lie, and they both knew it, but neither of them made enough money to keep them. Hey, they barely made enough to keep food on the table for themselves, much less a big home to fit all of them!

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but the children are now considered under our custody. You have to leave the premises within the next three minutes, otherwise we'll have to escort you out. Please say your goodbye's, and leave. If you wish to visit later on in the future, you must call first and make an appointment. We will let you know once a family has been chosen." A women said, walking up, and then leaving without a trace of her ever even being there.

"This is wrong, we can't do this! These are our children, we created them! Let's take them, we can get second jobs!" John said, cautious not to speak to loudly, so that none of the staff would hear.

"We cannot. We've signed legal documents, John. I know this is hard, but we tried to make this work, and it just isn't supposed to be! Now come on, we must leave, before we are jailed. And make things worse.

Four and a Half Years Later No One's POV

Elena and Jeremy were at the orphanage for four and a half years, because no one wanted to adopt them. One day, three girls came in. One was a nature person, one was all bubbly, and the last was someone that liked to play with medicine. They later found out that the first one was named Bonnie, the second was Caroline, and the last was Meredith. The five of them loved to play and hang out together, and one day, they all became brothers and sisters. Four men, and one woman walked in, and requested a line-up. Of course, they all stood by each other in the following order:Bonnie, Caroline, Elena, Jeremy, and Meredith.

"Them." The girl said pointing at the five of them, keeping her eyes all over Jeremy. The others turned to look and nodded in agreement, meanwhile the five were smiling like Chester cats and bouncing up and down. Before they could think, they were outside a mansion, and were vomiting like their lives depended on how much they could get out.

When 16 Years Old Elena's POV

Ugh, School, I thought, why do I have to go?

I had just finished getting ready, and went downstairs, when I realized I had missed the bus. Dammit! So, I went looking for Kol or Elijah, because I knew Klaus was working, and you don't bother Klaus when he's working. He just gets moody! But when he's not angry or irritated, he's sweeter than...well something that's really sweet. Elijah and Kol have certain aspects of Klaus:Elijah has the more serious part, while Kol is goofy. What befuddles me, thought, is that not only was Elijah the oldest, but Klaus only had the same mom as them, their dads are different.

I walk up to Elijah's room but take off my heels when I hear voices. Yea, cuz that'll help! Walking up to his room, I realize all the siblings are there. Elijah, Klaus, Finn, Kol, and Rebekah.

"We can't tell them until they turn seventeen." Rebekah hissed in a hushed tone.

"We have to! If we don't, they will move on with other people. My Elena, cannot get with another guy! I will take her and move out if I have to." Kol hissed back. At this, Elena smirked. Ah, Kol always gonna be over-protective, eh?

"Oh, and how are we supposed to do that, huh, Kol? Oh, yea we forgot to mention we're the oldest vampires in the world, and you will be our soul mates?" Klaus was whispering, just like the others. During this, I almost gasped, but I got the unshakable feeling that they would hear me. So, I covered my mouth and waited for them to finish.

"Brothers, calm down. We will tell them tonight at dinner, and that's final. Kol is right, and I cannot bear the thought of losing a sibling over a family dispute!" Elijah said, joining in on the conversation.

"Yes, I suppose you are quite right, dear brother, Elijah." Finn said, making the circle of siblings complete. When they finished, I turned on my heel and sped out of the house, crying. Of course my car was being fixed and Klaus didn't have the time to buy me a new one. And Caroline, Meredith, Bonnie, and Jeremy were all gone with their cars. Crap!

So I started off in the direction of school, and took off running, feeling eyes on me as I did so. Once I arrived at school, the rest of them were waiting for me outside. We were the most popular kids, and they couldn't go in without me, since I was the leader. When Caroline saw I was crying she came up to me and wrapped her arms around me, careful not to rumple her designer dress.

"What's wrong?"

"They are all vampires, in fact the oldest vampires. They plan on making us they're soul mates! Care we have to leave after school, all of us!" I said 'they' knowing that she would know what I meant.

"I knew it..."Care mumbled. "Okay, we'll leave. But just us. Not the others, because they'll blow us." I wanted to argue, but it was true. And because I'm the leader, what I say, goes. So, I say, they don't speak a word, and I won't well let's just say I won't. One time, they broke a promise and got me and Care in trouble, so now they know NOT to disobey me. I hurt them, physically and every other possible way. We took our positions that go:Bonnie, Caroline, Me, Jeremy, and Meredith.
The day went by quickly, I realized as we entered our seventh period class. English, with Mrs. Flemming. For some odd, reason when Kol had a heartfelt moment, he demanded that I be in her class, but didn't give me an explanation. Her full name was Isobel Chanel Gilbert. We always joked around that we were related somehow, because we have the same middle name. The odd thing was that, I always felt connected to her and not just because of our middle names.

The period went by just as fast as the others did, and soon, Care and I were driving down the interstate, looking over our shoulders every five seconds. I was getting cold in my thigh-length dress and stilettos, so I shoved my hands into my black cover up and found something. A plant. And a note. The note read:

I know you feel it, too.
And I only just recently put the pieces together.
About sixteen years ago, my husband and myself,
gave up twins. A boy and a girl. You and Jeremy.
Anyways, this is vervain, it will protect you and Care from the Originals. Cut it in half, am each of you swallow the half. I'm sorry, and good luck on your trip away from them. I truly do love you and your brother, please know that.
Isobel Chanel Flemming

When I finished reading, I smiled, it didn't surprise me that she was my mother. What did surprise me was that she left me. She seems like she's doing fine, and her husband, he's a nice guy. So, why?

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