Helga probably should have been more upset as she was. She was just glad that she wasn't going to be living with Olga. That probably would have been more than she could handle. And her grandmother, though Helga rarely saw her, lived close enough that she could still see her friends (or friend more like) after school and on the weekend.

It was hard to believe that Helga was taking her parents' death so well. They never really noticed her anyway. Not that anyone ever really did. She carried the last of her boxes down the steps of her house, only to collide with an unknown force, sending her last box of books flying. She shook her head and rubbed her neck.

"Gosh, watch it." She snapped, not bothering to look at the person she'd run into.

"Sorry Helga." Arnold said, climbing on his feet and reaching down to help her up.

He was surprised when she actually accepted his help before bending over to pick up the books that had scattered all over the sidewalk. "Don't worry about it, football head."

He kneeled down to help her collect the scattered books, impressed with what he saw of her library. Little Women, The Jungle, The Art of War, A Picture Of Dorian Gray, and many more. All of them were worn out with bent spines and pages almost falling out. "I never realized you liked reading so much." Arnold mentioned as he helped her put books back in the cardboard box.

"Well I got news for ya, hairboy, there's a lot of things you don't know about me." she said as she held a pair of books apart, giving Arnold a place to put the pile of books he'd gathered.

"Really? Like what?" Arnold challenged playfully.

"I am Russian spy." She replied with a thick Russian accent that had Arnold doubled over laughing.

"Well everything makes sense now." Arnold chuckled.

Helga smirked and shook her head, slipping the last book into its place. Before she could lift it, Arnold had it in his arms. She opened the back door of her car, a rundown purple Plymouth. She actually loved her car. It was the only thing her parents had given her before they'd died. Arnold shut the door after managing to slip the books into a tight place.

"Thanks." Helga said, rubbing the back of her neck.

Arnold shrugged. "Don't mention it…are you ok?"

Helga shrugged as well, "I'm just peachy, why do you ask?"

"Well…your parents did just…well, you know." Arnold answered nervously.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She answered, almost too quickly. "We were never really even a family anyway so it's not like I'm missing much." Helga's body tensed as her phone vibrated in her pocket. She took it out and rolled her eyes. "And the old crone is calling." She sneered at the phone.

Arnold raised an eyebrow at her, "Who?"

"No one important. Welp, I better get going. See ya." She walked around to driver's side of her car and watched as Arnold walked away. She was sixteen now. Far from the lovesick nine year old girl that kept shrines of him in her closet. Still, there was that unyielding desire she had to be his, and for him to be hers. She gnawed on her bottom lip as she watched him walk away, hands in his pockets and head hanging.

Before she knew what had happened, she had sprinted the distance between them and embraced him firmly from behind, burying her face in his shoulder blades. "I'll miss you, football head." she said softly before releasing him and rushing back to her car, starting the engine and peeling into the street, wiping tear from her eyes and refusing to look in the rearview mirror.

Though if she had she would have seen him staring after her, looking sullen and distressed. He waved weakly at the back of her car before he continued his walk to the boarding house.


Helga arrived at her grandmother's house, a big place just outside the city. There was no point in sugar coating it. Helga's grandma was rich. She'd cut Miriam off when she decided to marry Bob, much to Bob's dismay. The butler, a man named Miles, quickly came out to assist her with unpacking.

At least the butler was fun. Always quick with a joke, witty, sarcastic. He was like an older, passive and British version of her, dark hair aside. Helga was surprised when he showed her to her room. It was at least three times as big as her room back home had been, but it was a little soft for her taste.

Miles began helping her put her library on the bookshelf and he made a joke about at least one of Helga's three cases of books to contain nothing but Night Light and Helga gagged. Night Light was a ridiculous book that was poorly written, had a droll story line, and centered around a klutzy girl named Stella that falls in love with a vampire named Edgar, who reads minds and sparkles in the sunlight. Helga had read the first book of the series, simply to get her friend Phoebe to shut up about it, and she'd spent the few hours it took to finish it either writhing in pain or laughing at how ludicrous it was.

Helga and Miles were nearly done when Helga's grandmother entered, a young woman with dark hair and hazel eyes over a pale complexion following close behind. Grandma Millie looked just like Helga remembered her from years ago, silver hair over deep wrinkles, yet she was still refined and proper as ever. Helga cringed at the sight of the skinned winter fox wrapped around her grandma's shoulder's but she managed to turn it into a smile.

Millie widened her arms and strutted towards Helga, taking the teenager into her arms. Helga almost choked on the scent of mothballs and fancy French perfume. "Oh my dear grandchild, left alone in the world with only me to care for her.

Helga hadn't seen her grandmother since she was a child, but the strong disliking for the woman's overbearingly 'proper' way of acting, speaking, dressing, and all-over being was enough to drive Helga bonkers. "Yep, just me. I'm fine though, really. Ready to start at my new school tomorrow." Helga tried sounding optimistic, despite the fact that she wasn't looking forward to the new school at all. She'd be new and all alone and it was no easy task for Helga to open up to new people. She foresaw the rest of her high school days hidden in the corner listening to music and writing poetry as a social outcast. If she developed a breathing problem she'd be a female version of Brainy.

Millie laughed lightly, "Oh no, dear. I'd almost forgotten. This is Julia." Millie motioned to the young woman in the doorway, who curtsied politely. "She'll be your governess."

Helga's eyes went wide and her heart almost stopped. "G-g-governess?" She finally managed to spit out.

"Yes, dear. Your governess." Millie answered

"But governesses haven't been around since like…the eighteen-hundreds!" Helga argued. Her parents were dead, she'd been ripped away from her friends, and now this? Homeschooling?

Millie's eyes narrowed. "Young lady, I grew up with a governess."

"At least she's got the timeframe right." Miles stated as he dusted Helga's already spotless nightstand.

Millie turned and glared at Miles. "Why have I kept you around all these years?" She snarled at the butler.

Miles shrugged innocently. "I honestly don't know, madame."

Helga would have normally found Miles' comment humorous, but she was too concerned with digesting the idea of home schooling. Helga didn't know her grandmother very well, but it wouldn't have surprised her in the slightest if Helga were to be cooped up in her grandmother's giant house until college.

Her spirits sank and she peered out the window, toying with the end of one of her pigtails, which hung low on her shoulders rather than being placed higher on her head like they had been when she was back in PS 118.

"I'm in hell." She whispered to herself, clenching her hands into fists and resisting the urge to break her window.

So I got the idea of this story from the Cinderhelga fanfic by iKarexx, kinda. If you haven't read that one then give it a whirl, I loved it. Anyway, I knew it would be dumb of me to try making another Cinderella is Helga fanfic, but then I watched Tangled (I'm a Disney kid…grown up…you can still be a kid at 21) and I got the idea to sort of combine the stories in my own little way. (for those of you following my other story, this is the one Ryan may appear in depending on if people want her or not.) By the way, sorry it's kinda short. Let me know what you guys think!