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I walked down the steps with a soda in hand. I took a sip and as I did it was taken from my hand.

"What is this?" Myrnin inspected the contents and sniffed it before taking a sip.

"Hey! It's a soda. Now give it back." He licked his lips and took another long sip. He titled his head back trying to get the last bits of drink out of the can. "Ugh I was going to drink that!" He looked at me his head still tilted back and I saw his eyes dilate. "Oh shit." I mumbled and like a shaken soda he began to buzz around. "Woah woah come here." He bounced from wherever he ran off to and was bouncing in front of me.

"We need to work come on I feel so excited and full of energy come on I am almost done. Let's go." He grabbed my hand speaking a million miles a minute. "I believe this is going to be fun come on here hold this." He handed me a wire while he cut and spliced with precision handy work. "Cut that." He said through a mouth full of stuff. I stared at him and cut whatever it was he held out to me with magical scissors that he placed in my hand. "Good good now a little tweek here and a little tweek there and we're –" He fell. Just dropped to the ground like a windup toy that had run out of twist. He lay there with his eyes closed. I stepped over him and looked at whatever it was he had set on the table. It had a square base with what looked like a claw machine in the middle. Blue lights surrounded it and it hummed slightly. There was some sort of field encompassing the claw and there was a switch on the side. I shrugged know it was a bad idea, but he was going to flick it before lights out and flicked the switch. The claw began to spin at a rapid speed and and electrical energy began swirling around the room. My hair was caught in the wind and it was billowing around my head. I felt and odd tugging and the last thing I remember before falling onto his chest on the floor was two gold light figures with an uncanny resemblance to Myrnin and me.


I woke up god knows how long later with a pounding head and still on the floor. I took a breath and instantly I knew something was wrong. I was missing the slight weight on my chest and when I moved my legs there was definitely something there that shouldn't. Worst part I was missing the comforting beat of my heart. I shot up throwing whoever was one me off of me and began to pound on my chest. I stopped when I saw my hands. They were pale and bigger than before, yet slender. I saw a fuzzy outline of a body on my lap and focused past the hands and saw my body on my lap. Or somebody's lap. Who – Oh my god. I screamed. I know it wasn't the brightest idea I had, but it was the one that sounded like the best option. My body stirred and looked up at me. My voice even sounded different. It was deeper, smoother, and almost sultry. I began to hyperventilate and knew if what I thought had happened then in this body I didn't need it. My body looked at me for a long moment then down at my body. They gave a smirk and looked back up. I screamed again.

"Stop that." My voice rang in my ears. "There is no need. I can fix it." They stood up and I wasn't used to the speed as I stood up and was dizzy for a minute. I instantly froze. Oh god I hated this. I hated the lack of chest. I hated the lack of space in my pants for obvious reasons being a man now. I hated that my heart no longer beat and worst of all I was my boss. Suddenly angered flared and my eyes turned a deep red and my new chompers bit down on my lip. I couldn't hurt my own body, so I was going to hurt his. I began to punch his body all over the pain dull and hardly even noticed even with the excess strength. My body turned around and ran to grab his own hands. "What are you doing? Stop that's my body you are beating up."

"Yes and I refuse to beat up my own, so guess who's getting the punishment. You are." I shook my body off and began to beat his body up again. I looked around for a pair of scissors and found some. He looked at me for a moment then screamed.

"No no don't cut my hair I'll switch us back I promise." I gave a manic smile and pulled a lock away from my head. He got on his knees and squirmed. "No no. God no don't. Give me a day I promise I will fix this. Please don't cut my hair." He looked on the verge of crying and I lost my glee. I put the scissors down and let go of his hair.

"Fine, but one day and no more miss nice girl now a guy." He jumped up and then looked out of the corner of my body's eye. He jumped again and a smile spread wide across his face. He kept jumping and giggling. I couldn't figure out why he was so happy until I really looked at myself. While I lost my chest he gained one. And he was acting like a twelve year old. "Would you knock that off? You child." I growled. He stopped jumping, but continued to bounce and the smile on my body's face kept getting wider and wider.

"Who knew these are so much fun." He reached a hand up my body's shirt and I snapped. I flashed forward and over shot pushing my body, but grabbing my hand.

"Don't you dare." I said through clenched teeth. He shrugged and took my hand out of my shirt. Then gagged.

"Oh you're still dating that Collins boy aren't you." That sounded weird coming from my mouth in these ears. If I could pale I did.

"Oh shit." I stepped away.

"Do not use that language in my body." My voice snapped.

"You have to do exactly as I tell you. Oh I am going to – no you are going to be so dead. You need to go home and tell everybody that you are feeling sick and run immediately to my room. Shane might come up to check on you and all you have to say is 'I have cramps'. Do you hear me? Repeat what I just said." I paced. He rolled my eyes.

"I go home tell everyone I'm not feeling well and run to your room. If Shady comes and checks on me I say 'I have cramps'. Why would he go away if I say that? Do you have an illness I should know about?"

"Yea it's called being a female." I urged begging him to get the picture. He looked at me blankly. I held his hands out in front of me in frustration. "Come on you're a scientist you should know this. If you act your normal bipolar self Eve will understand and tell everyone to stay away. Trust me that's pretty much what it's like." I think I saw recognition dawn in my eyes.

"Oh you mean post menstrual syndrome." I growled and hit his hand to my borrowed face. "Okay I can do that. What about classes or if Shay doesn't leave?" My eyes looked at the ground for a minute then contorted in horror and disgust. "What if he persists on kissing me? I will vomit."

"It's Shane and that's another thing you have to get his name right. Okay? Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane, Shane." My eyes rolled.

"Yea yea Shame. Got it."

"'N' not 'M'. Shane." I tried to get him to say it.

"Whatever. We have to get to work on the machine. And why would you let me drink that? It was as though you shot me full of caffeine." I rolled his eyes.

"It was. And you wouldn't let me stop you." I walked over to the machine and my body followed. We sat across from each other and began to analyze and fix our problem.

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