Chapter 00 - Prologue

"Ne, ne, ne, ne, NE, NEE, NEEEEE!" A small ten year old girl with brown hair and a little 'antenna' sticking from the top of her head was running wildly around a slim white haired boy who was presently sitting in an armchair. "Ne, NE, NEEEE!" She started to poke him with her index finger by each 'ne' she said. The mark on the teenager's forehead began to twitch dangerous and after each passing second it was becoming more and more pronounced. "NEEEEEEEEE!" Now he could not hold it back anymore.

"What?!" he screamed at the now pouting girl, arms crossed rebellious half smirk half pout on her face. Ah, sometimes she was just so annoying and after he exploded she would be or act miffed because he screamed at her. At times he just could do nothing right. He sighed loudly and let his hand slide through his even longer white hair. He held the few long streaks he still had in his hand against the light of the sun, which was shining through the window of their apartment.

Since he went to save Last Order from the virus many things just become, well, normal and a little bit boring. Nobody really wanted to challenge him anymore. He was happy to give Last Order a calm and peaceful life and environment, but something inside him was twitching for a fight and some action.

From time to time he would even ask Touma for a fight, which was pretty low even for him and after a while the misfortunate boy grumbling accepted, and a fight he, the strongest of the Espers, would lose most of the time. It was truly sad that a simple Level 0, with the worst case of bad luck and a female harem following him around, could defeat him so easily even if it was only because of his special right hand, his Imagine Breaker. But Touma was the only one he could challenge, nobody else.

Life was just too boring at the moment. The same things each and every day. Waking up, looking after Last Order, being annoyed by Misaka Worst, going every now and then to school, it was not like he needed it anyway, going grocery shopping, training his powers, relaxing, playing with Last Order and etc. No new disasters in or outside Academy City. Even more boring. And he could not even travel much outside the City because of his Esper status and past. So he had to stay there, each day returning with Last Order and the always-irritating Misaka Worst to Yomikawa's apartment and relive the same day on the next.

Everything was just too normal for him. But it was the price he had to pay for his 'little sister', so that she could live a complete regular and serene life like most people in Academy City, but she seemed to be able to read his moods perfectly even though he did not show them on his face. As if reading his mind, Last Order also knew about his discontent with the whole situation and always tried to cheer him up, if that was even possible, while annoying him senseless. Making him go out, training karate with her, getting him to watch movies while she joyfully commentated on everything she saw and other useless things. He yawned.

"Ne, NE, NEEE!" she began again to pock him hard into his ribs, but if he was honest with himself it felt like being elbowed. Ouch! He had learned how to take a punch or more than one and continue to fight even if tons of blood was streaming down his body, but her continuous pocking still hurt.

He looked at her. She was one of the few people who were allowed to do this, to hug him, show affection for him, care for him, to hit him like Yomikawa did once they returned from Russia, and he would show her sometimes his smile – the not maniacal version -, which was rare but she cherished it nonetheless, and other emotions.

She really liked annoying her 'guardian angel', he knew what she called him behind his back but never corrected her or commented on it. If she would say it to his face in front of others, he would probably explode from embarrassment… or rage. He was not sure which. To her he was something like an older brother, a person you could always count on, a person who was always there for her even if he did not want too. Yes, he liked the role of an older brother, a maniacal super-powered angel-class over-protective brother, not somebody normal mortals should mess with. Too bad for any future damned boyfriends of her.

"Tch. What do you want?" he asked her trying to hold his annoyance in. He did not want to get up from the chair, it was just too comfortable and he could continue to think about torture methods to use on her future boyfriends...

"You were not listening to what Misaka said, says Misaka as Misaka pouts cutely." She explained to him. She learned how to speak correctly and normal after no real time, but still liked to speak about herself in the third person and infuriate people to hell, like for example him. But thank god she stopped with the double 'Misaka Misaka'.

"And what about before, brat?" he inquired. He let his head fall back against the head cushion, while looking bored up onto the ceiling. After all this time and all the things that happened, 'brat' kind of became a pet name for her. She did not seem to mind it. From the corner of his eye he could see her still smiling brightly at him with a determinate look in her eyes. No, she would not give up until they did whatever she said.

"How about we go shopping, asks Misaka as Misaka tries to look extremely adorably." Ah, only shopping. That was okay, but he still did not want to get up.

"Heh?" he tilted his head slowly to his right and looked straight at her. Actually… Why would she want to go shopping again? She just went yesterday with her guardians Yomikawa Aiho, the Anti Skill member and sports trainer, and Yoshikawa Kikyou, the scientist who always helped him in the past. Why him? And why the hell again? What did he do to deserve this? Ah, he saved her from certain doom. Even more than once.

"Were not you just yesterday brat?" he asked hypothetical looking back at the ceiling.

"But Misaka would really like it if you would go with Misaka shopping, states Misaka as Misaka tries to look as nice and cute as physical possible." she looked at him like she was expecting something. He sighed again loudly, there was obviously no way out of this. Well, wait…

"And what about Misaka Worst? You could go with her." He cringed at the questions. He should have thought more about a better 'excuse'. In hindsight that really was a stupid question. If he could choose, he would go with that damned Touma shopping before going with her, annoying, cheating, little bast…

"Misaka wants to go with you, nobody else, says Misaka convincingly." He groaned. No way out.

"Okay, let's go brat." He heaved his feet from the table, took his crutch and walked towards the anteroom. If they had to go either way, then he liked to get it over with fast and return to the comfortable chair.

On the way towards the door he went by the body length mirror and looked at himself and his clothes. He was a little bit taller now, but not that much. He had still a slim built even with all the 'physical training' he absolved in the last months. His hair was a little bit longer down to his shoulders and his clothes were the same in white and light grey tones.

Well, maybe he could use some new ones, he thought. Winter would be here soon and he needed warmer clothes for appearance's sake. Thanks to his ability he could block the cold if necessary, but it would look stupid, he only in a thin t-shirt and everyone else in coat, boots, scarf, gloves and cap. And the time could run out and he would freeze to death… They left the apartment with a note that said, 'Am shopping with brat. Will be back for dinner. A&M'

Both of them decided to go the near underground shopping mall to buy new clothes and later some food. The same shopping center where he went to look for Last Order after she vanished for the first time and ran into the girl name Index, which then proceeded to eat his wallet empty. At that moment in time he did not realize who exactly the Touma was she was looking for. Now in hindsight he was feeling quite dim-witted. He could not make the connection between Index's missing friend and the random guy who punched him into his face so hard he lost consciousness, not that easy done.

But he should just forget that that event even happened. Firstly they bought a new light blue autumn dress, with white snickers, knee length leggings and a white fluffy overcoat. Since they started living with Misaka Worst and often visited the original Misaka, Last Order started to wear shorts or leggings under her dresses and skirts and started to practice karate every day. She was becoming more and more like the tomboy the original was. Rather depressing, she was so cute before. And the little brat also tried to use some of her learned karate moves on him. Not that they ever worked.

For himself he bought, of course only with the brat's approval, wide black pants in which he could hide a variety of weapons, shoes and a turtleneck with also a long white overcoat. All ends were in white fur, which gave it the appearance of being fluffy, the brat commented while grinning happily. She even managed to convince him to wear his new clothes right now. He tried to protest, but to no avail. Damned those puppy dog eyes!

After he finally managed to get the little one away from the different clothes shops and from spending anymore of his fair-earned – he had not stolen it from anybody or killed the person who it belonged to - money, they decided to go to one of the better restaurants on the surface.

He sighed as so often these past few days, life just got boring. He would give everything, well not really something, but a little bit for more challenges or any challenge at all. Now it was a peaceful time where killing other people was strictly forbidden, even if they attacked him first.

Without realizing they went along one of the main streets into the direction of the newly opened restaurant. Last Order continued talking to him from a bit ahead, running and swirling around, showing off her new acquired dress, smiling cheerfully. He walked behind her with his crutch, just listening to the sound of her voice and letting her continue to talk.

They turned left and right before them a tall man clad in black came out of the small side alley. Last Order halted in her step and looked wide eyed at the stranger who just appeared before her. He was giving of a bad vibe, which usually meant trouble. He wanted to scream at the brat to back away when the stranger raised his hand and pointed his finger at her.

He activated his power through the switch on his choker and raced forward, manipulating the vectors below his feet to gain more speed and close the gap between them. He had to reach her before that man did something to her..

A beam of light was sent her way and he managed to hug her closely to his body. Whatever would happen, he would be able to reflect it. The beam of light came closer, but before it reached his personal space and reflection zone, the whole light grew in size and encompassed them both in white strange light. It was blinding him even with his abilities activated, so he closed his eyes and slowly the blackness took over him.

When Accelerator opened his eyes again, he was lying in a dirty and small side alley. He frowned, there was no dirty alley in Academy City or in the parts he usually frequented. They generally had those nasty garbage-can-robots which picked everything up once it touched the ground even if it was not garbage. One of them even 'ate' his iPod once, but it did not survive long…

The alley he was lying in was unfamiliar to him. The ground was not plastered, only hard earth and dirt beneath him. There was also plenty junk lying around, some falling from the overflowing garbage cans at the beginning of the road.

But back to the important things, to the strange light. He should have been able to reflect it, but it did not happen. His ability was active and the light beam should have been reflected. Why? How? Nobody would be able to touch him for one whole hour until his battery ran out, but until that happened someone had to have seen the commotion and called Anti-Skill or Judgment to help them, but neither was there.

He looked down at Last Order who was still lying unconscious in his arms. He called out to her. No reaction. He shook her body a bit, trying to get her to wake up, but she continued to sleep peacefully. Tch, the brat was so annoying.

He sat himself up leaning against to beige colored wall and let the brat sleep in his lap. Best way to go was to protect her until she woke up and they could go back to the apartment. Once they arrived at home he would scream bloody murder right into their damned faces. One of their guardians was a damned scientist, who could now track Last Order with her computers, and the other was an elite member from Anti Skill and none of them were here. They would hear from him…

The sun just seemed to be rising, so it was morning… the next day. They were probably searching for them… hopefully… for their health and continued existence. He remembered he left a note at the apartment, saying they would be back for dinner. He would certainly wring their necks a little, but first he had to calm down and look objectively at their current situation.

He looked around more carefully. The side alley was connected with a normal one, but he did not remember seeing any of them. Where the hell was he? Tch, how annoying. Was he transported anywhere else? Maybe. Who knew? For now he should stay low and do not attract attention to him or her. The battery of his choker was empty and he had to somehow find another one to be able to fight. Even though he learned quite a bit of hand-to-hand combat, he still was physically weak. He looked through his pockets, before he realized this were his new ones. Where were their shopping bags? Not here. Great. Fucking great. Not only were they stranded somewhere else, he did not have any weapons on him and was honestly at the moment completely helpless. Damn. But nothing he could change at the moment.

"Uh." he heard from his lap, "Misaka is confused right now, because Misaka cannot find any other Misaka from the Sisters Project here, states Misaka as Misaka searches through their mental connections." The child said quietly while sitting up and looking around confused. No, no Misaka near meant…

"WHAT?!" he screamed. No, that was not possible. They could not be that far away from them. He also needed their connection to use his Vector Change ability, without it he could not calculate his vectors, he was powerless. "Are you certain?" he asked hoping for a better answer.

"Yes, Misaka is 100 percent certain. Misaka does not have any connection to any of the other Misaka sister from the Level 6 Shift, says Misaka as Misaka tries in vain to understand Misaka's situation." She looked up at him, tears in her eyes. Damn, even though he was without his power he would try his best to protect her, even as powerless as he was right now.

"Well, should we take a look around?" he asked her as he tilted his head into the direction of the main road. Last Order looked there and opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted by.

"Lookie look. So what do we have here?" A muscled man in dark grey shorts and red t-shirt came into view from one of the even smaller side alleys, his beard half hiding his malicious smile. Damn. He was holding a massive sword in his hands. DAMN! Why did he have to get into this situation straight away?

"Two foreigners lost in our little village. How sad." said another one, also muscled in tight green pants and an open vest. He had a smaller saber on his hip. Other people entered the alley and surrounded them; all of them were armed with Middle Age weapons. What were those people playing? Pirates? He snorted at them which he really should not, given his current situation. Completely helpless and against a group of muscled and armed idiots. Such misfortune. He now understood that Touma a little bit better.

"Who are you, asked Misaka as Misaka tries to make sense of the situation." came from his lap. Not a really good idea. Why could not the brat for once be quiet? He hugged her closer to his chest, trying to hide her.

"Shut up brat and you," the man with two enormous blades on his back who was probably the person in charge of this poor Cosplay group pointed his dirty finger at him, "give us all your money and we will let you live for another day. Maybe." The leader chuckled evilly and reached out one hand in the typical 'give me, give me' gesture of a five-year old. He had to stay calm and give them his money, because he could do nothing else at this point of time.

"No says Misaka as Misaka tries to look strong." DAMN YOU, BRAT! Since the time he took the bullet to his brain, she elected herself as his personal protector and bodyguard even though he was normally far stronger and did not need her saving.

"Be quiet, child." One pointed his old looking gun at her forehead and fired. The bullet left the pistol in slow motion, his eyes widened. No, he would not let her die. He would protect her. He would protect his family! AND THEN KILL THIS BASTARD!

Before the bullet could reach her forehead, it turned around and went right back. The gun exploded into many pieces, pieces which were now stuck in the man's arm and the others in his near proxy. What? How? His powers had activated? Impossible. His battery was clearly empty. His hand went to his choker and turned the switch. No, nothing happened. The battery was still empty. But how was it possible for him to use it, he had lost the part of the brain he needed to calculate them and coordinate his powers.

Another one looked from the guy whimpering on the ground at him angrily. "You find this funny, huh? Some stupid magic tricks?" he pointed his gun at him and fired like the last idiot. Now he would look more precisely. The bullet came closer and closer, he willed it away, and it turned around like usually thanks his Vector Change ability. No, that could not be true. His lips twitched upwards in an ugly parody of a smile. No, that was not possible. He could not take it anymore.

"Hahahahaha!" he started laughing loudly a maniacal smile on his face. Another guy raised his weapon and wanted to slash him down. It was repelled and the man's wrist broken. Accelerator stood up still snickering creepy, eyes still looked onto the ground. "This is nice, really, this is so nice." He looked at them who began to back up from him. In his red eyes a to-the-smile-fitting maniacal glint appeared, shocking them to their core. No, they would not survive. He looked at his sister who was sitting on the ground. "Last Order, you know what happens now? If you do not want to see, you should close your eyes, brat!" With that he began to destroy his opponents. The stones on the ground turned into deadly bullets, killing most of the men in one shot, others were just knocked out.

Blood was coloring the ground in a beautiful red color. It has been a while since he last saw it. His fingertips tingled with power, he could not believe it, but it was right in front of his eyes. His powers were back, all of it. The Misaka network was the best they could do after the brain damage from the shot, but he lost more than half of his capacity and gained, through the battery he needed to connect him with the Misaka sisters, a time limit. But now everything was back, he felt like he did a year ago. Stronger, better, and even more confident. Incredible. Time after time he was getting a little bit of his old capacity back, but never all. Now he got everything. He could not be happier at this point of time. He would finally be once more able to protect himself at all times. And if he protected himself, he would also protect her.

He looked down at her as she was still sitting on the ground with her eyes wide open and a smile on her face. He should have known that she would not close her eyes. After all she was already accustomed to his killing sprees, she had seen him kill exactly 10031 Misaka clones and she had watched him through their eyes. A bit depressing, but nonetheless true. He was after all neither human nor monster, neither hero nor villain, neither good nor evil, he was just… 'he'. Nothing else. Nobody else. And he would protect the things important to him like his little sister Last Order.

A quickly took a peak out of the side alley to see if anyone noticed the commotion. There was an oriental bazaar or something like that going on and everyone either did not want to notice or really did not realize what happened in the side alley. The language seemed to be the same as they always used, but the signs on the little shops were written in a complete different langue. Damn. There were farther away from Academy City than he first thought.

He went back to where the corpses of the thugs lay and searched through their pockets. He found a map, something that looked like paper money, outdated weapons, a funny decorated card which was on one side red and violet with two black X and on the other side was a picture of the thug's leader and a text written in this weird language. Last Order looked over his hand onto the card he was holding.

"That is a Hunter License, states Misaka as Misaka looks at the card."

"You can read the gibberish?" Accelerator asked surprised. He did not know that she could translate languages.

"Of course, Misaka can read this, because Misaka has some files which let Misaka translate everything Misaka sees, informs Misaka as Misaka looks surprised up at big brother. Can you read this too, asked Misaka while Misaka looks unsure to the ground." and so she did.

"No, I have no idea what the card says." he said truthfully, "Do you also know what this says?" He showed her the weird-looking map he found. Her eyes scanned the surface of the paper.

"This is a world map, but it is a fake. The continents, oceans and everything else is false, reports Misaka as Misaka tries to understand this bad joke." Her stomach made a loud grumbling sound.

"Tch. Of course, you are hungry." He stood up and helped her to her feet. They took everything which seemed to be in any way important even the fake map and started to walk to the main alley and searched for something to eat which looked eatable. No frogs on spits, even if they were panda frogs, he shuddered. He never saw something more disgusting. First something to eat, then they would look at the map again.

After eating something that look remarkably normal, they started to look for a library. Both of them were rather surprised that they somehow landed in a different world through the white beam of light from the man in black. A different world with different continents and oceans, different language and this world was far bigger than their old one. They also learned that there were no Espers or Magicians or Saints or Angels here, just normal people who had the potential to use different aura forces like Nen to fight. Tomorrow they decided they would travel to Zaban City, the next bigger city in their proximity and look for more information.

AN: Well, I was watching some episodes from both seasons of 'Toaru Majutsu no Index' when a new episode of 'Hunter X Hunter' was aired. I got an idea, decided to write it down and once I started, I could not stop writing. My favorite character from TMI was always Accelerator (and Last Order) and I really like kickass stories, so he will be strong in this story, stronger than most characters. After all he has to be able to protect Last Order, because many opponents in HXH universe like Hisoka, the Zoldyck family and the Phantom Troupe are rather dangerous and it will not be only through pure luck or chance like with Gon. (He survived far too many situations in my opinion through it and after a while it just gets infuriating.) I will also give her also a reasonable power boost.

The story takes place a few months after Accelerator, Last Order and Misaka Worst returned from Russia (end of the Light Novel Volume 22) and before anything from 'New Testament' could even start.