Chapter 07 – Phase III (Part 2)

They just left the dead body of the criminal lying on the platform aka battle ring. As soon as the shackles of the next prisoner opened, the convict uncovered his face and part of his body. He was a slim man, brown shoulder length hair, which was covering half of his face, and wore in this moment terrified expression. He did not seem to be an overly physical type of person, if his weak stature was any clue. He walked over the bridge and onto the platform carefully. He was shaking slightly as he looked at the corpse of his prison buddy. He really did not exactly look threatening at all, but he was a prisoner with at least a one hundred year sentence after all. They must have done something really bad to get here even if he looked as weak as her brother. Appearances could deceive as was seen by Accelerator, the strongest of all Level 5 Espers. He looked weak on the outside but could kick everyone's ass to hell and back if he so desired. Brother was just so awesome!

"So who's going next?" Killua asked from beside Misaka. Misaka would now go and electrocute this weakling on the stop!

"Me! I will go!" Gon raised his arm excitedly. He looked very confident, but it did not matter to Misaka at all. Misaka was going to!

"No, now is Misaka's time to shine, yells Misaka as Misaka tries to bring her point across!" They looked at Misaka surprised for a moment before Suit began to turn redder and redder.

"No way in hell, are we letting you go out there! Your brother would kill us, you know, K-I-L-L us all in the most horrible way he could find. So it really does not matter to us what you think, if you really want to pout and be angry at someone, be angry at your scary brother for threatening us!" Suit yelled angrily and Misaka's eyes began to water. No! Misaka would never be angry with brother, since he also told Misaka that when someone screamed at her, she should just tear up and cry. Then all would be good – they would feel bad for making Misaka cry – and brother would later kill them.

"Leorio, you insensitive jerk. Look you made a little girl cry!" Blondie said loudly as he started petting Misaka's hair comforting. He was really a nice guy. Maybe Misaka should call him also by his name.

"That was really not nice, Leorio. Her brother was just worried about her." Gon said reproachfully. He looked disappointed at Suit.

"How low can you sink?" asked Killua from the sideline. "And what do you think would her brother do to you if he knew you screamed at her and made her cry." Suit turned paler and paler. After a few moments he fell to his knees and said,

"I am really sorry, Misaka-san. Please forgive me, but I cannot allow you to go for at least another two or three other turns. Is this okay with you? If we lose now two times, you can be the deciding person and win the whole test… Is this okay?" Misaka thought about this. Misaka did not want to wait too long, but since Killua's match was really short maybe the others were too and then after some minutes she could finally show what she could do. Yep, that was a great plan.

"Okay, answers Misaka as Misaka stops crying." Misaka was after all only mock-crying to get attention and get an apology from the mean one. All four turned their backs towards her and started to murmur. To bad they did not realize she could also hear them.

"We must win the next two or at the latest three games so that she would not have to participate, okay?" Suit whispered to the others. They never wanted Misaka to shine!

"Okay." said both Kurapika and Gon, while Killua answered with, "Roger."

"Gon you go first, then will Kurapika and I will we be the last. There is no way I am letting her get injured. Her brother is far too scary…" Leorio mumbled. They really seemed to be afraid from her brother through. Misaka had to talk to him about not scaring her friends away! Now they did not let her compete because of his scary face and attitude! Once those stupid tests were finished, Misaka would go talk to him! Surely!

"Will be done!" Gon yelled as he crossed the little bridge and walked onto the platform. "What is your name?" he asked his opponent.

"Sedokan and you?" The man asked friendly.

"I am Gon!" he yelled happily in return.

"Now then… As you can see, I am not very strong." Sedokan said with a kindly expression while pointing his hand at himself. "I do not really enjoy fistfights or other physical activities such as running and jumping."

"I do." said Gon honestly. "But I am not too good at using my head." Misaka wanted to hit her face against the nearby stonewall. People usually were not so naïve to tell their enemies their ultimate weakness. Stupid Gon! Misaka would have been far better!

"As I thought. So I came up with a simple game we could both play." Possibly a trick, thought Misaka. The opponent was not physically strong, he could have some hidden talent or weak Nen abilities but she could not feel anything from him. He was pathetically weak. Brother was at least only physically 'weak'. So Gon's opponent had to be intelligent and maybe a trickster since he looked rather confident and had to be able to win against Gon. A scary combination against naïve, honest, little Gon.

"A game?" Gon asked curiously.

"Yes. It does not rely on either mental or physical activity."

"What kind of game?" Sedokan pulled out of the back of his trousers two white candles. Ewh… Just ewh! Where exactly and for how long have these candles been in there? Ewh! Bad Misaka with really bad thoughts! Hopefully Gon did not have to touch them… "We each light a candle at the same time. The one whose candle goes out first is the loser. What do you think?" Say, no!

"Yeah! That is easy to understand." Gon gave his opponent thumbs up. Ewh! He had to touch them too! On the other side Misaka was surprised how friendly Gon was with enemies who could kill him. Well, not exactly this one, but the one Killua killed in the first round.

"Okay. In that case…" Sedokan opened his hands and showed them that one was a long candle and the other was a short one. "…decide which candle you want to use. Press O for the long one or X for the short one. This will be determined by majority rule." Not that again!

"We have to choose one? This is a trap! Normally you would choose the long one, so he must have done something to the long one!" Suit yelled.

"That would be a safe assumption. But it might be a trick and he actually tampered with the short one." Kurapika said thoughtfully.

"It is the exact same like we have before with going right or left. You just do not know, so the only real solution to choose blindly or whatever you believe in, says Misaka as Misaka is strongly remained what happened before." Yep, the same as before. There could be nothing wrong with both of the candles - logical conclusion - the longer one would burn longer. The long one was tampered with and would burn faster than the short one. The short one could be tampered with and would burn even faster than the long one. There were just too many possibilities. Choosing blindly was the best idea. Kurapika seemed to realize this too.

"She is right. Gon you choose! We will abide by your decision! Choose the one you think is best." Kurapika yelled.

"No stress there, I will just sit down for now…" Sedokan said.

"I choose the long one!" Gon said. Misaka pressed her O button as did the others.

"Huh?" asked Sedokan confused.

"The long one." Gon answered once again before his opponent had the chance to do anything.

"Wha-wait a bit, this is all too fast." Sedokan fumbled with the candles behind his back.

"Just throw the long one here." A frown appeared on the other's face for a few seconds, before he threw the long one towards Gon.

"Why the sudden hurry?" asked Gon's opponent.

"Huh? They said I could decide and I did decide. It was easy. I wanted the longer candle because it would burn for a longer time!" Instant decision. Most of them sweat dropped, but Misaka found it okay. Everything or nothing could go wrong. Both torches on the same side of the platform went down a bit. Gon and his opponent lit their candles at the same time, so that no one could cheat. Then they went back to the middle of the platform.

"Normally, how long would it take that candle to burn down?" Killua asked.

"Around five to six hours?" answered Kurapika unsurely. No! So long? Misaka would be absolutely bored! There were no games here or anything and brother had his iPod with him, but he was not here at the moment. Five hours were far too long to wait! Misaka had to do something!

"That is far to long to wait. Gon, can you make it go faster, asks Misaka as Misaka stomps around the corridor like a caged lion. Misaka is already bored!"

"Ah, faster?" Gon thought for a few moments. A strong wind blew from the abyss. Gon's candle flickered.

"Aw… that was close." Gon said as he held his candle tighter.

"A strong wind is coming from below. That means we should watch our step… No time to relax, huh…" Suit said for once calmly. Both candles still burnt. It was so boring, but no, Misaka was not an impatient person.

"If you do not pay attention, your candle will go out." Sedokan told him.

"That is because you are planning to do something bad." Gon said honestly. "Otherwise your candle would go out first." That would be logical.

"I won't do anything, hehehe. After all… I have already taken steps." The flame on Gon's candle suddenly flared and began to melt the wax like crazy.

"Well, that is good. Right?" Gon said cheerfully. Misaka was not sure what was going on.


"I was thinking about ending this faster, but it was a hopeless plan, but now I can do it!" Gon yelled.

"Huh?" was Sedokan's answer once again.

Gon put his candle onto the floor and said, "If the fire is stronger, then a little breeze won't extinguish it." Gon raced towards Sedokan and blew out his candle in the same second. He turned around to see his candle still burning.

"I win!" Gon was jumping around happily.

"Yes!" yelled Leorio, "Now we only need another win! Good job, Gon!" Misaka pouted, Misaka could have done this just as good!

Sedokan left the platform. They could hear the prisoners on the other side murmur something as the shackles on the next opponent opened and dropped loudly to the floor. Misaka could see blue skin. Ewh, gross! That one she did not want to fight. Who would have blue skin - green like Froggy was all right - but not blue!

"All right. I will go next." Kurapika walked confidently onto the platform. Once both of them stood in the middle, the blue armed something uncovered itself and Misaka felt pity swell inside of her. The creature looked horrible – horrible as in 'Brother was in a sadistic mood and drove over its head five times and went to the fridge to get something to put its face back together'. It was pitiable. The others thought so too.

"I am next! Hahaha!" It looked even weirder when it laughed. Its face was also a mess. One eye was swollen shut and the skin surrounding it violet, its nose was missing as were most of its teeth – there were only five left – it had two golden lip slash chin piercings, an ear that looked like a dog was using it as a chew toy, a bandaged head with moos green hair, some kind of grey egg helmet and some scars. Its left ear was covered with a weird cylinder shaped metal object and a blue and red wire leading somewhere.

"That is one freaky body…" Suit stated horrified.

"And face…" continued Killua. Misaka just nodded.

"Look here!" It pointed at the cute little pink hearts on the left side of his chest. "I have killed nineteen people, but it bugs me that nineteen is such an uneven number. I am so glad I have gotten to meet number twenty." It said with an expression that meant to be possibly horrifying. Kurapika looked calmly back while it laughed to its heart's content.

"Now we have a serial killer?" Suit asked. It did not feel like a serial killer at all… Misaka thought it felt harmless…

"I insist that we put our lives on the line. I won't accept some half-assed contest. Blood! Entrails! Agony! Hahaha!" Its laugh was getting more annoying each second. Hopefully Kurapika killed it soon, so that they could go back to brother. Misaka had thought that things would be interesting – they were but after the super boring candle contest, Misaka was bored again.

"Very well."

"Huh?" It looked dumbly towards Kurapika.

"You can decide how we settle this contest. I will agree to your choice."

"O-oh… You got balls." It clenched its fists. "In that case I also propose a death match, where we fight until one of us surrenders or dies. However do not expect me to stop when you surrender and beg for your life!" It pointed its blue index finger at Kurapika and there was this annoying laugh again.

"Very well. I accept." Kurapika tossed the orange, blue colored cape to the side. "Let us begin." he said confidently. It looked surprised.

"Hold on! I forgot to mention something." It held one arm out in a stop position. "No weapons allowed. We will beat each other to death with our fists. After all while I may be hired as an examiner, I am still a prisoner. I am not allowed to carry weapons."

"I see. I understand." Kurapika threw his wooden sword thingies to his funny colored cape. "Anything else? If not I would like to get started."

"Huh?" Standard stupid reply. After a while it started smirking again. It tensed its muscles, making them bulge a bit. Such unnecessary show of strength. Now Misaka was reminded of really primitive men. Brother often compared them to cavemen… 'Uh! Uh! Uh! Looky me muscle, me strong! Me being blue and super strange, but big muscles! Uh! Uh! More primitive cavemen sounds!' It was matching behavior!

"Hey, now. Is Kurapika going to be okay?" Suit asked. "That guy looks dangerous."

"You do not need to worry." Gon said.

"Why not?" asked Suit surprised while all of them looked at Gon.

"Because when I look at him, I do not get chills." Gon answered honestly. Killua smirked at him.

"What does that mean?" Suit asked.

"Misaka can also not feel anything special about this… this whatever it is, explains Misaka as Misaka tries to find out what it is." At least Misaka found something against her boredom! Finding out what it was! Some kind of blue colored alien? Or an experiment gone wrong?

"Time to show you the ace up my sleeve!" It jumped high into the air. "I will see you dead!"

"Here he comes!" yelled Suit. It tried to punch Kurapika who just dodged the simpleminded and straightforward attack. The ground around the impact zone began to crumble away.

"He made a hole in the floor with his bare fist!" Suit said shocked. What a wimp! The others did not look so surprised; they looked more likely bored. It turned its back at Kurapika. There was a large black spider tattoo on his right shoulder. Kurapika froze.

"A tattoo of a spider with twelve legs… Th-that is the symbol worn by members of the notorious band of evil thieves, the Phantom Troupe!" screamed Suit fearfully. Misaka thought about it. Somewhere Misaka had read about them with brother.

"Really?" asked Gon innocently.

"Yeah, definitely. They are famous. I heard about them straight from Kurapika." Leorio explained breathlessly. It turned around again. Blondie stood up from his kneeling position. Ah, Misaka remembered! The Phantom Troupe was the name for a gang of thieves, a A-Class Bounties organization. The group consisted of a total of thirteen members, each with a numbered tattoo of a spider on their body. Although they mainly stole and killed, they occasionally did philanthropic work. There was not much found about them, no faces, no abilities, nothing.

"What is wrong? Cat got your tongue? I am Majitani, one of the Phantom Troupe's four kings! Consider that first strike my way of saying hello. This is your last chance to surrender. I am still willing to…" It stopped halfway in the sentence and looked confused at Kurapika. Misaka did not know what was going on. "Wh-what is wrong with you? Huh?" Kurapika disappeared, reappeared before it, took its yaw into his hand and punched it into the ground after it tried to surrender. Killua whistled after seeing that punch while Gon and Leorio just looked surprised.

"Consider this a warning…" They could hear Kurapika mumble, "First, a real Phantom Troupe tattoo has the member's number on the spider. Second, they do not bother counting how many they have killed. Third, never mention the Troupe again. If you do, I will kill you." Woah! Amazing!

"Kurapika…" Suit mumbled.

"Well, saw that coming from a mile away." Killua said.

"Yup…" Gon agreed. The bridge appeared again, Blondie put his clothes back on and went back to them. And then Misaka noticed. Kurapika had really beautiful red eyes, but sadly they turned back to his normal grey ones when he arrived at their little platform.

"You okay, Kurapika?" Suit asked.

"Yeah, I am not injured."

"Also, is it safe for us to be near you?"

"From the moment I saw him, I knew he was weak. And mentally I knew the tattoo was a fake. But as soon as I saw the spider, everything in my sight turned red…"

"Well, I cannot really blame you."

"Actually to tell the truth… Even when I see a real spider, my personality changes and I enter a frenzy." They looked comically shocked at Kurapika. It was no problem through. If Misaka was near, Misaka would just shock him awake, but before that Misaka would take a few pictures of those beautiful eyes.

"You should have told us sooner…" Suit said.

"But this means that the rage in me remains as strong as ever. I suppose I should be happy." Kurapika leaned against the wall and looked down on the floor, his blond hair hiding his face for now.

"We should keep Kurapika away from spiders." Gon murmured too loud to Suit who answered with a "Definitely."

"Why have not we won already, asks Misaka was Misaka looks around."

"Well, little girl, it was a death match. The fight does not end until one contestant surrenders or dies. He is still alive and he has not surrendered." Misaka heard a female voice say from the other side of the room. Misaka frowned; they had already won. What was their problem?

"Now that is not true, yells Misaka as Misaka gets angrier. It surrendered right before Kurapika nearly punched its face in."

"My, my… You must have heard wrong."

"Okay, if Misaka is wrong, can Misaka at least see if the ugly thing is still alive? I will not need to enter the platform, says Misaka as Misaka thinks about her perfect plan. Is this okay?"

"Hahaha, go ahead girl and do whatever you want to do from there." Misaka just nodded happily while pulling some rusty nails from her backpack. "Huh? What do you…" Misaka shoot the rusty nails into its arms and legs. It gave an undignified squeak and tried to crawl away.

"You did say, you surrendered right, asks Misaka as Misaka takes another few nails from her backpack."

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I did surrender! Just don't shoot more of these nails at me!" It said loudly and over them, the monitor showed now three wins.

"We won! Great!" yelled Suit happily. The prisoners vanished from the exit and now they could walk over both bridges towards the exit.

He watched as all five of them vanished through the hidden doors. He was unsure if it really was a good idea to let his little sister go with them. He knew she was a strong Esper, but if someone managed to surprise her with a physical attack, she would likely be injured. Even through she used her damn puppy dog eyes on him, he was still uncomfortable with the idea. Maybe he should have found a way to go with her... and by extension them.

At least were the other two kids with her. Killua was possibly the strongest out of the four and the most ruthless. All members of his family were assassins, so he was an assassin and that meant he had already killed people regardless of birth, age or appearance for something as unimportant as money. If things turned worse, he would be the one with the highest survival chance.

Gon was physical strong, but far to honest and naïve. He looked like the type of person who would never kill anyone. If things turned worse, before killing his opponent, he would get himself killed.

He did not know anything about the blond and the other through, but hopefully they were not too bad. The blond one seemed to have a huge grudge against someone, but he would only kill that person and no others. Honestly the loud one just seemed to stupid to kill anyone.

He looked around the platform. Now only fifteen people remained on top of the tower. He should make an exit too. He walked over to the edge and jumped of. He changed the vectors of the air surrounding him and landed comfortable on his feet. Now he had to find the entrance into the tower and bust the door open. It was as easy as that.

He walked around the tower until he heard a hissing sound behind him. A door seemed to have opened seemly out of nowhere. He shrugged his shoulders; he would not look a gift horse in the mouth. He walked inside, his hands still inside the pockets of his cloak. The automatic door behind him closed with another hiss and he stood alone in a circular room with many different doors and four torches. It looked rather boring and uncomfortable. He did not want to wait for seventy-two hours here. He was not one of the barbarians.

"Well, well, well… You seem to be the first to arrive here. I have already heard that you somehow managed to cheat through the first two phases with ease, but that will end now. I have a special surprise for you." One of the doors opened revealing three muscular people. "These are prisoners of the Trick Tower. For each of them you can choose a game of your choosing and must win to pass Phase Three. They are allowed to kill you if they so desired. I will release their shackles and then the game will begin." The voice from the speaker said.

Accelerator sized each of them up, a smirk forming on his face as he tried to picture the challenge. Now while his powers were useful, they made things boring during a challenge. At least they looked a bit challenging; hopefully it would be enough to amuse him for a while. He had still more than seventy hours to go until this Phase ended and the next maybe more interesting began.

The shackles hit the floor in a loud thud. "Now, now… since we are finally free, I have an idea which game," the prisoner in the middle smirked at him sadistic, "we should play with our little guest, right guys?" They all laughed dirty. So it had to be an all-out fight, thought Accelerator also smirking back at them, his eyes ablaze with amusement. Let's see how far they would get. The prisoners took the cloth covering their head and faces off and he finally got a good look at them.

The three prisoners were over two meters tall and with his own not so amazing height – Accelerator was just a bit taller than 1,7 meters – they seemed to literally tower over him. They were muscled with numerous scars and one even had only one eye left. Hahaha, he could not wait to cut them apart in a death match and-

"Twister!" shouted all three of the criminals at once. Following that loud statement, a pregnant pause followed that took place during which Accelerator was sputtering and the criminals were wearing a devious smirk. No, no, no… they seriously could not mean what he thought it was. This was impossible. It could not be the same game his little sister urged him to play back in Academy City. They were in a different world now, so twister had to be something else, right? Right? After finally regaining his bearings, Accelerator felt that the statement needed to be clarified.

"Mind repeating that?" He certainly hoped it was not that damned children's game, he always lost back home. What did it matter that Last Order always managed to win against him in it. He was not really flexible, he knew, and had absolutely no patience for it. But maybe he was thinking too much; after all it could have been… Accelerators mind went blank at the sight of numerous red, yellow, blue and green dots lining the room… or this could be the exact same game that exists in his world...

The eye patch-wearing criminal stepped forward and began to go into a long-winded explanation of the history of this apparent ancient game and its rules. Honestly Accelerator tuned him out after a few seconds. He just couldn't get the fact that this game existed here. Sure there were a few things similar to his home world, but to have something so specific and out there exist was just new to him. Zoning back in, he heard the man finish up the rules of the game and begin to stretch.

Are they dumbasses, or what? Did not they see the crutch he had in one hand? He had already healed and could walk just fine without it, but seriously, were they really trying to get a 'cripple' to play twister?

As the three men formed a line, the eye patch wearing man motioned to his two compatriots. "Pick which one you want to go against first. However I doubt you will be able to get past one of us, little lady!" His anger flared. He knew, he looked somewhat feminine, but to throw it into his face like that was just unforgivable. Damned those bastards!

"Are you idiots or what? Cannot you see my crutch, you imbecilic? What does a crutch usually say about the person using it?" he asked the dimwits.

"Are you trying to say, you cannot play twister?" Accelerator nodded as the tick mark on the middle prisoner started to twitch dangerous and his grin started to widen. "Well, there is only one alternative, lady. If you do not want to play twister with us then we play battle royal. How about it?" This could not have ended any better. They were probably trying to scare him, since battle royal meant everyone against everyone and since those three seemed to be prison buddies, they would gang up on him and 'defeat' him. The only flaw in their logic was that there was no defeating Accelerator. Too bad for them.

"Fine by me." Accelerator just said in answer. "A match to the death. You three against me." Accelerator started to smirk.

"You asked for it, lady! We will have so much fun with yo-" Last words indeed. Accelerator's grin turned maniacal as he proceeded to cut them apart. It was just so easy. They could not even touch him.

After a while of playing with them, he was so nice to give them the finishing blow ending their lives. It was a lot more boring than he thought it would be. He looked at his watch, nearly sixty-nine hours to go.

He proceeded to look around the room, except the four torches the room was completely bare and that just would not do. He made a deal with the official head examiner of this tower. He would get a couch to sleep on and something normal to eat if he told him what he did to the prisoners. His answer was met with silence.

"Do you know how it looks like when the direction of the blood flow is reversed?"

After some time – approximately two or three hours – one of the many doors opened. So the clown was the first one here. He had a bleeding cut on his shoulder and of the side of his stomach, but seemed nonetheless rather fine. He still had the same creepy smile. And people back in Academy City said Accelerator was strange… He looked around with a curious gleam in his yellow eyes. Accelerator continued sitting on his couch eating his fair earned chips.

"Hisoka, applicant number 44, is the second to pass the Third Phase. Total time, six hours and seventeen minutes." The voice from the speaker said.

"My, my, you seem to be a rather interesting person, I must say~ Oh so interesting~" said the ecstatic looking clown, Hisoka his mind supplied. It was not surprising that he got to the goal first after him of course. He and the pincushion guy were both clearly stronger than the rest of the people participating in the Hunter Exam, well, except of Accelerator and Last Order, but she went with one and a half weaklings - Killua was no weakling and Gon was only a half one - so it would be logical that she would not return first, second or after… He really hoped she would return, if not he would send all of the participants and examiners in this tower straight to hell.

"Tch. If you think so..." Accelerator murmured slightly embarrassed. What the hell should he have answered? Was this even a compliment? Yes, he thought, it was okay to be embarrassed… a little bit…

"Throughout the whole Hunter Exam I observed the different people and gauged their strengths and weaknesses. I looked for someone worth my time, something like a hidden diamond in the mud and I found some rather attention-grabbing ones~ I cannot really wait~" Hisoka said as a creepy smile – worse than the one of the bastard Kihara, but not by much – appeared on his face.

"Aha, fascination story..." Totally not! Why the hell was he even holding a conversation with this person in the first place? Of course it was boring, sitting here all day by himself, but he liked his peace more than talking to creepy ass people.

"When I see someone I analyze said person and something like a number appears besides them, telling me if the person is strong or has the potential to become strong. It is rather remarkable. The maximal number would be hundred and the lowest would be zero, but with you and your sister - right? – with you to it is different. I look at you and see either absolute nothing. Hahaha~ Normally you should only be as strong as an ordinary civilian, nothing more. But no, you are obviously different. There you are sitting in a room with the bodies of three death row prisoners without a care in the world. Blood is everywhere, except on you. Your clothes are still amazingly white~ You did not seem to have used anything against them, but they are still dead. I would really like to know how you did this~ It certainly would be interesting. Care to tell me some of it~" Hisoka explained to him while smiling. Would he have a mirror with him, his expression would be 'what the hell?' and the clown clearly wanted some answer to his question.

"And what do you think?" Accelerator asked.

"I was thinking about Nen, but it does not change the fact that I can neither read your or your sister's level of strength, which is rather annoying. I may be a magician, but I do not like mysteries that much. Either you are just so strong that I cannot measure it - which I find impossible - or you have something cloaking your aura. Ahaha, I am really not sure~ Maybe I could find out more if I fight against you~" The creep wanted to fight. Was he even allowed to kill other participants in this Phase? Or did he have to wait? He should really protect his sister from people like that…

"Tch. It would be a waste of time..." Accelerator answered with a shrug. Yes, in the end most hand-to-hand combat was useless since he would just reflect it back. They all were no match for him.

"Oh~ And why is that? Too scared of me? Or too scared that I find out your special ability~" Why was he always meeting creepy people? Did anybody have a clue or was it simply bad luck?

"No, not that. It is just that there is just one person who could really fight with me one-on-one and defeat me, but he is not here. All others just lose. There are no exceptions." Accelerator told him seriously.

"Hahaha, how interesting you are~ I will wait for now and do nothing, just observe you and your sister. Maybe then we could fight some time~?" Such a creep, and that was coming from him.

"Maybe..." He just answered and continued to each his chips.

Misaka and co went ahead and through the many different corridors, solving different puzzles and trying to not fall into a trap, but after defeating three prisoners this was only child's play. When they finally reached the supposed last door Misaka had already enough from this whole tower. Now she just wanted to get back to her brother and play around with him. She did not want to be tested again.

The monitor above the last doors stated something like: 'Easy way in three minutes with only three participants or long was with forty-five hours with all five participants.'

Misaka looked around and in the end found all four of them interesting. She did not want to lose anyone of them. She had finally some friends, so she hacked through the electrical lock and opened the door for the short way. She spent the next three minutes laughing madly as they slid down the rather long slide until they reached a stonewall slash door, which opened once they neared it.

It opened slowly and revealed a room painted in blood. Ah, Misaka thought, brother must have been here already. She looked around and saw him, the clown, the bald ninja, the pincushion guy and the mouse eared huntsman playing cards in one of the clean looking corners of the room.

"Last Order, applicant number 406, is the sixth to pass. Killua, applicant number 99, is the seventh to pass. Kurapika, applicant number 404, is the eighth to pass. Gon, applicant number 405, is the ninth to pass. Leorio, applicant number 403, is the tenth to pass. Total time, thirteen hours forty-seven minutes."

"Brother!" Misaka squealed as she ran towards Accelerator - completely ignoring the bodies of the prisoners on the floor - and gave him a hug. He patted her head kindly and looked proudly at her.

"I thought you would only return much later. But it is good to see you okay. Did something happen?" Suit began to pale besides her.

"No, nothing. Actually it was rather boring. We had to…" Misaka began.

Sometime in between her explanation about all the things she went through in the last thirteen hours, Accelerator just turned her out. He really did not need to know every detail of her story and sometime in between even nicked off for an undisclosed period of time. He was sitting with her on the couch, he fairly stole, after finishing the last card game with the group of weirdoes. Hisoka sat not far from their side while Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio talked on the other side of the couch. Over twenty-five hours had already passed and it was just so boring. He wanted to go outside a bit. He discussed this over the last two hours with his other much lazier side until his bored and stubborn side - I want to see the sun right now - won.

He got up from the couch and walked over to the one door he used to get inside. He held his hand against it and used vector change to make the wall crumble. Sunlight streamed through the hole, he made in the wall. He walked outside and enjoyed the warmth of the sun, the sounds of the birds and the wind and decided that he would continue to stay outside until it got dark. He sat down beneath a tree and wanted to continue to nap a little bit, only to be shaken by an energetic Misaka, Gon and Killua.

"Woah! That was amazing" Gon said enthusiastically. "Was this Nen?" he asked and Accelerator just nodded. Kurapika and Leorio also went over to their little group and other participants left the tower for a bit.

"Can you now tell us more about Nen?" asked Killua curiously as their group of five just sat outside of the tower, enjoying the sun. He thought about the pros and cons, but in the end it was so unimportant. Either they would learn about Nen on their own or from close family like in Killua's case - some of his assassin family had to know about this - or maybe meet a Hunter who would explain it to them… it did not matter. Usually it was said that only people who are already Hunters should learn about the secrets of Nen, but the clown figure and the pincushion guy were far far stronger than most of the other participants and therefore clearly aware and trained in the use of Nen, and both of them were not Hunters at the moment.

"Then tell me first what you know and think about it." He would not explain it to them if they did not listened to him the time before since it would be a waste of time. All of them – except Last Order – looked thoughtful.

"Well, Nen seems to be something like superpowers. It has something to do with our life force or aura. There are six different categories: Enhancer, Emitter, Conjurer, Transmuter, Manipulator and Specialist. Am I right so far?" Killua said after a while.

"Killua… When did you learn something like that?" asked Kurapika intriguingly.

"When and after we played the ball game with the old geezer." Killua explained.

"Netero-san?" Both brats nodded.

"Yup. I did not know that there was more than simple fighting. It is so amazing! So can you now tell us more about this?" Gon asked happily.

"I know some things but not everything since we have learned this through different means but I once asked an Hunter and he graciously told me everything he knew about this particularly subject…" They looked at him with wide eyes as if he killed and tortured said Hunter for the information, which he did, but that was beside the point here.

"You must think of this like it is a circle." Accelerator drew a circle with six points in the mud. "When you start from the top and go in clockwise direction…" He pointed with the stick at the top of the circle.

"Enhancers are able to strengthen various objects' effectiveness like for example their fists for punching through stone or iron walls or enhance their speed so that normal people would not be able to see them. Isaac Netero is an enhancer and was the strongest Nen user in his prime. It is said that his punch is so fast even talented Hunters were not be able to see it." They all looked impressed by the information about both the Enhancers and the old bastard they saw just yesterday. His stick went to the next point, the top right one.

"Transmuter can use their aura to alter objects' qualities like you have seen my little sister do. She can change her aura into electricity and can use it to simple electrocute someone and break electric locks etc. Other possibilities would be for someone to change their aura into fire - this person's touch would then burn everything - or maybe water or things like that." He moved to the bottom right one.

"Conjurers are somewhat akin to Transmuters and able to manifest their aura. They can for example conjure swords or spears or pistols or whatever the hell they want. Do you somehow understand the difference between them? One of them mimics the properties of the substance and with Conjurers they turn into a physical, material object. Understood?" They all nodded. Even Gon. He moved the stick to the bottom left one.

"We shortly skip the Specialists and go to the Manipulators. They can use their auras to control objects, substances, creatures and if powerful enough even humans. Of course they must first touch the object or person with their aura to control it, which is also why it is not really easy." Now he moved the stick to the top left one.

"Emitters can propel their aura like projectiles. They are capable of controlling the aura when it separated from the body. I really do not know much about them through." Now he pointed at the very bottom of the circle.

"And the Specialists are those with rare abilities that do not fit in the other five classes. Their abilities are usually seen as rare and rather unique. So that was it for the six different aura categories." And with that he ended his explanation.

"Woah! There are so many! I wonder what I am! Hopefully something cool." yelled brat number three excitedly.

"So what are you?" Killua asked with an interested tone.

"Tch. What do you think, brat? I will only answer once – yes or no – so think before you ask." He would not make it easy for them. Even if they found out that he was a 'Specialist', they still would not know his ability so it was fine. Killua turned around to the others and started talking to them.

"When I attacked you after the game with the old geezer, a shield protected you."

"Y-you attacked him?" Leorio asked shocked.

"That is not the important part right now!" Killua yelled. Kurapika was already thinking.

"So a shield… This was also how the pig died, right? So Enhancers are out. You could have transmuted your aura into something that protected you. The same would go for a conjured shield. I really was not looking that clearly between yourself and the pig. Maybe we just did not see it. I do not think Manipulator or Emitter. So the best looking one is also a Transmuter like your sister." Kurapika explained his thesis.

"He could also be a Specialist." chirped Gon happily. Tch, the most naïve of them was absolutely right.

"So, what do you think?" Leorio asked the others.

"We still need a bit of time to watch you until we state our final answer." Kurapika answered in a calm voice. Not so bad idea, he did not say they had to ask him anytime soon.

"Why not…" Accelerator shrugged his shoulders.

"How do people know what type of aura they have?" Kurapika asked interested.

"The most popular and most precise method is water divination. You have a glass filled with water and a leaf on the water's surface between your hands and channel your aura into it. Different things could happen then. If you are an Enhancer, the volume of the water changes. For Transmuters the taste changes. Emitters change the color of the water. If the leaf on top the water moves, you are a Manipulator. When impurities appear in the water, it means you are a Conjurer and if a completely different change appears, the person is a Specialist." Accelerator explained.

"Woah! Nice! But how do we do this aura thing?" Gon yelled enthusiastically.

"You know~ Water divination is not the only way of finding out~ I also have a good grasp on who could be what~ and it is so easy~ a method similar to the blood type personality test, so to say my own way of using personality to classify aura~ It can seem a bit unreliable but normally I am right~" they heard a voice mutter sickly sweet behind them. They turned around and looked at number 44 who probably overheard the whole conversation.

"Huh?! Why should we trust you, you maniac?" Leorio yelled pointing his finger at the clown.

"My, my, my~ you seem to be an Emitter. They are usually impatient, not really detail-oriented, quick-tempered and hot-blooded. They usually calm down soon after and are people who forget more easily. Of course I have no prove for my claims right now, but if you find out just tell me if I was wrong or right… Right~" Now it would be really interesting to see, if Hisoka really was right. Maybe he would be able to tell in which category Accelerator was.

"And what would I be?" asked Gon enthusiastically.

"Now I would say Enhancer~ Most of the Enhancers are determined, simpleminded, straightforward, earnest and the sort of person who do not hide their emotions and let most of their actions being dominated by their feelings. It suits you rather well. Don't you think so too, Gon-kun~" Hisoka said with a wicked smile on his face. He absolutely nailed it.

"And what are you?" questioned Killua suspiciously.

"Of course I am a Transmuter like her." The clown pointed at his little sister. "Transmuters are fickle, dishonest and whimsical liars. We usually have unique attitudes, and therefore others regard us as weirdos or even cheaters. We rarely reveal our true intentions after all~" It fit really.

"It seems to fit him, but Last Order is well… sorry to say, a little weird, but overall a nice person."

"It suits me far more than her, I think, but you will never know how much she hides in her pretty little head. I also would think that number 99 is also a Transmuter. I just have some kind of feeling about this."

"And what about me?" Kurapika narrowed his eyes.

"You look to me like a Conjurer. They are typically high-strung, cautious, and observant and rarely fall into any traps. They think before they act. I also think that being able to analyze things calmly helps them in their materialization. It is rather matching right? And then we have the Manipulators. They are argumentative and logical people who tend to advance at their own pace. Do you have enough~" Hisoka asked with an eye smile.

"And what about him?" Killua pointed at Accelerator.

"My, my~ He is special as in Specialist, I would say. They are individualistic, independent and charismatic. They normally refrain from being close friends to anyone, but because of their natural charisma other people are generally drawn to them. It probably is also the mystery of their Nen type. The powers of a Specialist could be anything after all~ Right, Mister Accelerator?" Yep, he nailed it. No point in denying it.

"It this true?" Gon asked. Everyone looked at Accelerator.

"Tch. You are right. I am a Specialist." answered Accelerator.

"You see, I am quite good at judging someone's personality~" He hated to admit it, but the clown was right.

AN: Now that was the second part of Phase III with some Hisoka moments. He already seemed interested in Gon back then and would do anything to make him stronger, so I let him help out in finding their aura types. It certainly seemed to fit.

You know, I found the numbers Killua and Hisoka got really funny. I read somewhere that '4' sounded in either Japanese/Chinese/Korean language (I do not remember in which) like the word 'die' and '9' like 'suffering'. Hahaha, I find this really funny…

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