Gaze into these eyes and see whats become,

Don't you see what you've done?

Kindling of a thousand suns,

Do you see a tempest flaming on that brimstone sea,

Deadlocked, no escape run,

From the embodiment of avarice that is me,

Do you see Judas in this iris casting a demonic hex,

It should not come as a surprise,

Why do you look so vexed,

By his grinding teeth in these flecks,

Gold and amber hatred,

You no longer have my respect,

You do not see beyond what lies,

Silent agony and burning pride,

To loathe the person I used to confide,

The hatred burned and twisted my life,Created a demon within,

That secretly wanted to die,

May these eyes express without words,

As an everlasting cry,

That bye is truely bye,

These eyes are not yours to see anymore,When they are happy or sad,

They are for the man truely deserving,

My loyal one you wish you had,

Should have had more decency,

But there is no going back,

Go back into your hole of self pity,

You stupid fucking twat.