P.S. :Told from meto's POV, ^^ Enjoy! ~sorry for the errors~

This was really the highlight of our day, being surrounded by guitars, and the other musical instruments that defined us. Well it's our new release, i'm pretty happy about that but...My train of thought was quickly cut off when i felt Tsuzuku pat my shoulder quite firmly and flashed a quick smile. I lowered my eyes and blushed, damn i hope he didn't see that. Guessing my luck, he probably did. I bet after this Koichi and Mia will find out too and i'll be tormented for the rest of my un-natural life...

I felt his warmth breath glide past my ear as he put his lips to my skin and whispered," Hey, Meto can i talk to you for a minute, out back?" Tsuzuku's hands squeezed my shoulders, my body tensed and i felt as if i was going to pass out. I gave a fake smile and stuttered, " Sure, Tsuzuku..." I shakily placed my drumsticks across my black drum set and nervously made my way to the back door, feeling his presence behind me, his eyes piercing my back like knives. He had the whip from earlier in his hands and glided his black leathery gloves across the spiky strands. I sort of ran down the hallway and into another room as he quickly followed me and shut the door tightly, slammed it actually. I jumped a little bit. Right now, i felt like i was being pinned into a corner and about to be murdered. I was hot, tired, my curly black hair was all disheveled and my make-up, including my lipstick, was probably running down my face.

I squeezed my teddy bear's left arm that was gripped tightly in my right hand to my side. " Meto." He said softly, which was odd because he usually yelled or just spoke in a loud, really loud tone all the time. His dark brown hair glistened and he looked angry, well he always did. My body was trembling and i just couldn't reply, but i wanted to admit it so bad, that i like him, no, that i love him, but i don't- suddenly my thought was cut off by," You know you're my favorite." I gave a half smile, with my head low and i could tell there was a devious smile in his voice. My heart raced, i'm his favorite?! " But, honestly what the hell is wrong with you! You're acting all weird today. As if you can't even concentrate. Are you sure you're not sick or something?" He spoke loudly. I didn't respond I couldn't tell him, not now... "Whatever, I think I have some medicine at my house that you can take. It's that extra strength crap that's in all those pharmacies today." I heard his voice cease. "You're trembling...Meto?" He spoke a bit softer now and i could hear him move closer. I closed my eyes as i felt his hands firmly embrace my body and bring me close. "you're coming home with me tonight... It's mandatory." he whispered in my ear.

My stomach wrapped in knots as i began to realize my fatal reaction.I should have refused, even told him no, that i was okay... And now, I was going to be going home...with him,which meant, at his house, with him! Tsuzuku was obviously my friend, but his personality was the most hellish and sadistic spirit anyone has ever witnessed. I mean, sure, there are those moments where he can be sympathetic but most of was masked with anger, seriousness, crude humor, or down right ignorance. Now, i really cherished those rare moments of sympathy.

He wrapped his arm around me teasingly and whispered," Don't worry Koichi and Mia wont give harass you, today..." His arm tightened as he pulled me closer as we walked out the door, down the hallway, and back onto the barren set. I didn't feel myself anymore and suddenly as we entered the stage doorway Koichi jumped out and shouted ," Who's ready to carpool! I call driving the bus this time!" I tried to squirm out of Tsuzuku's tight grip but he only held tighter and i finally gave up as my teddy bear hit the ground. I watched in horror as Mia popped out behind Koichi and said," I'm ready! Let's go!"

I was surprised, no vulgar attack, or even humorous gangrape- more of a horrible pig pile or group hug, in which they both attacked me or sat on top of me. I breathed nervously and Tsuzuku shouted," Have fun driving the bus with no keys, idiots," as they raced down another dark hallway and kicked open the door, running outside to the van. Most of the time i was pretty relaxed and just went with the flow of things, but today i couldn't even focus on anything, my body still trembling.

Once Tsuzuku had given Koichi the keys we both sat in the car, he turned to me and asked," Didn't you forget something?" I looked around frantically, not only trying to avoid eye contact, but looking around his car as if i remembered what i had lost. Just as i was about to speak, he placed my teddy bear on my lap and i looked up and tried to smile or make any face really, but my lips wouldn't move and suddenly i stated," Thank-you..." He gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter, grinned and said," No problem." Almost as if it was painful for him to drove a black car, similar to a JEEP but i couldn't really think of the name, i never really took interest in cars. The car ride, so far, was silent and i fumbled with the frilly red edges of my black dress with visible imprints of skulls on the top upper half.

During the car ride all i could think about was the constant stories that Koichi and Mia told about Tsuzuku's house. Koichi and Mia both agreed that Tsuzuku never allowed anyone in his room, ever... They also agreed that Tsuzuku was somewhat of a genius at manipulation so that i should watch what i drink and possibly keep a bat at my side when i sleep. Mia explained that when he visited his house one time he witnessed a strange bottle on his counter, which was apparently never to be seen of again. Even after he raided his cabinets one lonely weekend when Tsuzuku was off on vacation, he still found nothing. Then, when Tsuzuku questioned us when he got back Mia told him," Awww, gee Tsuzuku, that's too bad. It must have been those crazy fans... They'd do anything to see you in your house. What other logical explanation is there, am i right?" Mia then ended with a nervous laugh in which quickly after, Tsuzuku replied with," Oh shut up Mia, i know it was you. By the way did you have any luck finding what you were looking for?! How many frigging times do i have to tell you! It's not an addiction, it's a condition! A damn condition!" At the time i didn't know what they were talking about until Koichi eventually explained to me that Tsuzuku likes to buy a lot of rice flour... A lot. And even in the car Tsuzuku argues that all those stories are untrue and he has no recognition of any of those several events what-so-ever. I would've believed him if i wasn't there to witness those events and watch Koichi record them on his phone, and possibly never invited to his house in the first place.

The rest of the car ride was silent. I tried not to look at him, but i could feel my eyes wander to his face and then scan the rest of his humane perfection. What am i doing? I thought to myself and quickly forced my head to stare out the window into the darkening sky. We pulled up into a rocky driveway and i gazed at a two floor, average-sized creme colored house with dark shutters of black on the several windows which accompanied the complementary black door. My heart began to race... again. Tsuzuku got out of the car and i heard the door slam shut. I didn't want to get out. My heart was palpitating violently and it felt as if my breath was getting shorter and shorter. I looked down at my bear. " Oh, what am i going to do, he- he brought me to his house..." i stated more to myself then the bear, as i pulled it up to my face. I heard a knock on the window and jerked my attention to the sheet of glass. "Oh, sorry!" I said and he opened the door. I nervously got out of the vehicle. My legs began to buckle and i felt myself began to fall. " Meto...Come on, you're acting all funny and i didn't even get to spike your drink yet." Tsuzuku teased and embraced me. I gabbed hold of his jacket uneasily and i was pleading that he couldn't feel my body shake. "Tsuzuku!" i said urgently. What am i saying?!I panicked. " I-I-I love you!" I cried in silence. My cold breath finally escaped my lips and i continued. " A-A-And i'm not kidding this time- I mean it!" I said and lowered my head and my stance became rigid, waiting for the one i love to shove me back and refuse me.

Suddenly two firm hands embraced my face and pulled me closer as my eyes shut tight. His lips passionately intertwined with mine. I moved back in shock but he gripped me tighter and then slowly let me go. I replied in a breathless pant as my face reddened and i looked down. " Meto..." Tsuzuku said softly and gripped my left arm. I swallowed hard and forced myself to meet his contacts of pale blue eyes. " You don't know how i long i've waited to hear those words from you..I love you." He breathed.

"Come on inside, it's getting dark out." He said and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as he walked with me inside. Oh,crap... I'm done for. I thought frightened as he shut the door and i could hear it lock. What torture awaits me, now? It's official, Tsuzuku and I were in a relationship, but how serious? I tiredly dragged my feet into what was his living room and looked around in amazement. His house was normal, probably too normal, but i was too tired to care and sat down on the couch. " What do you think you're doing." I heard Tsuzuku state loudly from an open doorway that was attached from the living room to the light wooden floored hallway, followed by a spiraling staircase. "N-Nothing!" I replied embarrassed and stumbled to my feet. He grinned and walked over to me and grabbed me tight. " I hope you understand that you won't be sleeping on this couch tonight." My eyes widened at his words. " I'm not?" I stupidly questioned and he interjected with," No, you're sleeping with me because that's what people in fun-loving relationships do, right?" An unholy smile reached across his face as he led me towards the door down the long hallway. Oh, dear god i prayed and i heard the door slowly creak open.