Hi! This is my first Mario Story!

Anyways, I hope ya'll like it! I'll probably write more about this pairing, because really. They need more attention.

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If it weren't for her being bored in her own room, then maybe Daisy wouldn't be here in the first place. She wasn't actually doing anything at all back in her kingdom so she thought. Oh! I know! I should visit Peach. I mean, there is nothing to do here.

Now, the Sarasaland princess regretted even think about that.

And why is that you ask? because she was now being dressed in different short dresses that were either pink, or... pink.

That was all Peach wore, well... she didn't know if the Toadstool Princess actually wore anything that wasn't pink. maybe her pajamas?

But still, that doesn't mean that she had to be obligated to wear really frilly dresses that were only pink with white. Not that she could jugde her best friend, for Daisy only wore things that either contained yellow or orange. So they were both on the same page, well... almost.

As for Peach and her pink situation...

"Oh! I know! Maybe you should just put on a really long dress. I guess it would suit you just right!" said the girly princess at her tomboyish friend who only nodded, not really paying attention to what was being done to her.

Peach was putting Daisy in any dress she could find, really.

Again, why wasn't she wearing her own dress?

Oh right. Peach spilled coffee on it. So it was now being washed.

Daisy cursed silently in her mind at her friend's clumsiness. She wasn't actually mad at Peach or anything, she was rather upset that her favorite dress would probably be ruined just by some coffee spill.

But it still was her favorite dress.

"Hey Peach, are we done yet?" Daisy asked, a hint of boredom in her voice, anyone in the scene could easily see that the Sarasaland Princess was bored, anyone really. Except for Peach who was now staring at Daisy with really big sparkly eyes. Daisy knew that probably Peach found something that they would both love.

But then again, this was Peach. and any dress she saw. She bought.

No wonder why her closet is so big, Daisy thought as a small giggle escaped her lips.

"Daisy! Look at the dress, isn't it pretty?" Daisy heard Peach say, in fact. the girl wasn't even going to bother to look at her reflection in the mirror that was placed in front of her, but that was until she saw the orange dress she was wearing.

Sure, it was really cute and since it was orange and not the damn color pink. Daisy thought about it before giving Peach a thumbs up and smiling sheepishly.

"Yay! Now wait here, I'm going to go look for some makeup" Peach Chirped up who only caused Daisy to grunt out a reply.

Now, even though Daisy knew this was really rude. She quickly grabbed a nearby piece of paper, some tape and a pen. And quickly wrote down something before leaving the room, looking for a Warp Pipe in the castle. She sighed in relief when she found one. Looking around, Daisy hoped in and was soon gulped down by the green pipe.

Peach came with at least twenty small bags in her hands as she looked around the room waiting to find her friend. Of course, she couldn't find the orange girl but she did find a small piece of paper taped to the mirror. Peach dropped the bags in her bed and walked towards the mirror to read the note.

Dear Princess Peach.

I had to leave due to important issues at the kingdom. I will drop by later by Mario's house to pick up something.

So don't worry for me.

Yours Truly.


Peach sighed but gave a silent nod, it was the fifth time this month. But duties are duties, and Peach knew how hard it is to run a kingdom.

Sighing the blonde picked up a red lipstick that was near by and hoped to see one of the toadettes around the halls, when she didn't. She did find a Toad walking by minding his own business. Peach smirked and walked towards the Toad. Who greeted the royal girl before asking what she was about to do with the lipstick. When he saw her face, he knew he should run. But he couldn't since the Princess was already walking him towards her room. There was no escape as the door closed behind them.

Another Toad nearby watched the whole scene before he spread out the news. Everyone locked their doors or hid at some place.

This happened every time Daisy would leave, leaving the Princess to just catch someone and give them a makeover. The ones that had passed through that said that it was a nightmare.

In the Mario household the two brothers bid their farewells as one left the house and the other stayed back to take care of their home.

The green clad kept on waving until his older but shorter brother was out of sight, he closed the door and sighed. He would finally get some peace and quiet.

It wasn't that Luigi Mario hated his brother's company, in fact. He enjoyed it! But there were some times were the red guy would just keep talking and talking about a certain princess who had twice confused him with Mario.

I mean! they weren't even alike!

Anyways, Luigi's afternoon consisted of only one thing: Relaxing.

It wasn't that he didn't like to take adventures or anything, he just found himself enjoying the thing more when he was doing nothing at all. He wasn't lazy, he just wasn't... heroic like his brother.

Luigi walked over to their couch and lie on it. He shifted a bit before finding a spot he liked and then he drifted off to sleep.

Daisy sighed as she popped out of the Warp Pipe. It had sent her to many worlds, and finally she got the locationg she wanted.

The Mario House Hold.

Or as she liked to call it:

The Playground.

Why the name? easy. It was really fun to tease the green clad when she had the opportunity, sometimes Mario would be home, sometimes not. She actually enjoyed it when she had Mario by her side of the game. Cheering her on, while he made his little brother blush by telling Daisy different humiliating things about him.

Oh how she loved the twisted relationship they have.

Daisy is described by Mario as a dominant type of girl, outgoing and not really shy.

While Luigi was another story. But that was what made the game fun, right?

There was no way he could swap personalities and be a whole different person.

After Daisy cleaned any dirt she may had acquired while traveling. She started to make her way towards the house. She knocked on it and said that she was here to play. After getting no response for what seemed like forever, Daisy sighed and then decided to knock down the door.

She'll pay for it later.

Daisy walked back a little before running as fast as she could, she jumped and kicked the door. Finally landing. She examined her work and then walked inside. Only to see that the house was empty. Well she thought it was until she saw a familiar body spread out in the small sofa that was nearby. A smirk appeared on the girl's face. Silently she tiptoed towards Luigi's sleeping form.

She started to poke him in the arm, he only moved a little but continued sleeping.

"Weegie… wake up" Daisy said again, as she poke him harder this time. Still no effect.

Getting a little frustrated by her not working attempts, Daisy grabbed a nearby Wii controller (Because, why not?) and smacked Luigi with it.

She smiled and said a small apology when she saw that Luigi started to rub his head while muttering something inaudible under his breath. Daisy waved at him and said hi.

She hoped to be greeted by a pair of deep blue ocean eyes, but instead, found herself staring at silver eyes and a smirk that couldn't belong to the timid plumber.