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Daisy remembered the first time she had met Luigi, it was a pretty funny story if you asked her.

It had all started when she first arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom to meet Peach. By then, the girls were on their teen years and since both the girl's parents were best friends back in their childhood days, they decided that their daughters should meet and become friends. And so, Daisy headed towards the Mushroom Kindgom with her father by her side.

It was a shame thoughn that her mother couldn't be here with her. Daisy didn't dislike her father, not at all. But all girls needed the companion of their mother or at least a feminine figure in their lives.

Actually, the tomboy princess needed a girl in her life! It was embarresing enough when she needed some pads, and had to ask his father. Daisy swore after that awkward conversation, she would ask the maids working at the castle for some.

Dasy looked up at her dad, they were indeed really alike as everyone said. But if that was the case, then what aspects did she get from her mother. Daisy pondered on the thought fr a couple of seconds before asking her dad.

"Do I look like mom?" Daisy asked her father, the man's eyes widened but still kept his composure and kept on walking as always, hands behind his back. He would casually greet anyone passing by, but of course, Daisy was patiently (well not really) waiting for his answer.

But Daisy knew better than to keep bothering her old man telling him to answer her. And of course, she was starting to lose that 'so-called-patience'. But by the look on the eyes of the man, she knew he was thinking.

And finally, he decided to answer, but he kept on looking forward, a small smirk appeared when he saw the Mushroom Kingdom close.

"Well, your mother was beautiful indeed. But guess when you were born you only inherited two things from her"


"Your saphire eyes and your stubbornness" Her dad chuckled when Daisy started to protest.

"I'm not stubborn!




"Fine, then how's Peach?" Daisy asked, sapphire eyes looking up once again at her dad.

When the man was about to speak, a gust of wind passed by both of them. When Daisy and her dad looked back, they saw a blonde girl with a pink dress, a crown adorning her hair, screaming a name and saying to help her. Although, the whole picture fit into places when they both noticed the big koopa like dragon thing holding the princess.

Not long after, a short man with a red hat and blue overalls, passed by running. Daisy recognized him as Mario. And when he looked back, he smiled at Daisy and Daisy did the same too.

"Look! That's Mario! He saved me from that hideous alien thing about two years ago" Daisy told her dad.

"Ah! So he is this Mario fella you always talked about... And that was Peach"

"Seems so, why is she wearing so much..."


"Yes, and why do you wear so much orange?"


Daisy and her father turned around to continue their way to Peach's castle, they both knew that once they arrived they would have to wait. But that didn't matter to Daisy neither her dad.

Yet, when they turned around, Dasy heard someone.


And before she knew it, she was on the ground, something heavy on top of her. Daisy wasn't worried at all if her dress got dirty, she was in fact more worried about her dad's temper as of now. For the brunette princess had on top of her a green clad, who was kissing her.

Both their faces were bright as a tomato. Luigi stood up quickly, his blue eyes seemed scared, at Daisy but mostly because of her dad. So without any warning, he ran off. Muttering a small sorry, which Daisy caught.

"Daisy! Are you ok?!" Asked her now angry and worried father. Daisy only nodded and stood up, luckily her dress didn't have any stains. But for once she remained silent the whole way towards the castle.

[ * ] [ * ] [ * ]

After being done defeating Bowser, Peach had told Mario and Luigi that she needed to be back at the castle ASAP. But the only problem was that the only way that they could be there in a couple of minutes would be through the Warp Pipe.

At frst, Peach wasn't so found of the idea. But soon found herself desperate and just jumped on the pipe.

And as the Mario brothers had said, it was true. They were already in the castle. Luckily her guests had yet to arrive.

"Peach! Where have you been?" Asked her father as he hurried towards the three friends.

"Bowser kidnapped me again" Peach replied bored, as she cleaned any dust that had her pink dress. Her father understood and told Mario and Luigi they could stay so they could meet Peach's guest.

So now, both brothers were sitting down on the big living room. One was excited but remained calm, and the other one was actually quite nervous, not to say he was still red. And Mario took notice of this and right away asked his brother what was wrong.

Luigi looked up surprised but still answered hs question.

"Really?! I'm glad you finally got your frst kiss bro" said Mario with a huge grin plastered on his face. That only made Luigi's face get even redder.

"So what girl was it?" Mario asked, rather curious to know what girl had kissed Luigi.

"I don't know her name. But she had saphire colored eyes, she was tan and had short brunette hair. She was also wearing a lot of orange" explained Luigi, and when he saw Mario's face. Luigi got worried.

"Is something wrong Mario?"

"Daisy..." Mario muttered, Luigi was still confused. Soon after both brothers heard two male voices laughing heading their direction. Mario and Luigi stood up.

Luigi's eyes widened when he saw the same girl he had fallen on top of earlier talking with peach, both girls had crowns on their heads.

"H-hey! That's the guy who kissed Dasy!" Exclaimed Daisy's dad. Luigi's face turned red once again and so did Daisy's. Her father then took a nearby umbrella and ran after the green plumber.

Peach's father sat down and told the three teenagers left to sit down and talk. The whole conversation was centered around Daisy (courtesy of Peach). Because they wanted to know what exactly happened.