So yeah I wrote this one because Patricia and Eddie are my favorite and my cousin said I could start so yeah –Aria

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my plot.

[Patricia POV]

I'm sitting on my bed listening to Riptide by Sick Puppies on my iPod when I heard my phone buzz. "What Eddie?" I snapped annoyed, it was the fifth time he'd called me today- it was the first day of school but he was going to be late because he was with his mum in America. "NO PATRICIA IT IS NOT EDDIE!" Amber shrieked. crap, "sorry Amber Eddie's keeps calling me" I apologized. "its okay she said calmed down, "so Subuna meeting tonight in the attic. byyee!" Jesus Christ I was beginning to wish it was Eddie.

I hope this was good and my cousin just sent me chapter 2 so yeah enjoy that to.